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External hard drive

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by secrets002, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. secrets002

    secrets002 Member

    If this is the wrong place to post this the mods can move this post to the appropriate section of this message board.Is getting a 4tb external hard drive for storing JAV a good beginning? How much JAV can I store in a 4TB external drive?I don't want to store JAV on my computer, I just want to watch it on my computer. I am new at downloading JAV.
  2. Lodestar

    Lodestar Member

    A 4TB drive will give you roughly ~3,700GB in space.

    If you're taking blu-ray discs out of cases and ripping them onto the drive without compressing the size of the video file - a rough estimate might be 150-250 videos.
    An average blu-ray rip can be anywhere from 15-35GB but my experience on file size is more with movies than JAV and I would expect an average non-compilation JAV to be on lower end of scale: 15-25GB.

    If you're looking at videos that have been reduced in quality to make them a more manageable size, you can store a lot more. But again file size varies greatly depending on quality of the picture, length, etc... Most files will fall between 500MB and 6GB.
    So that puts it anywhere from ~600 to thousands.

    All you're going to get from us is estimates. The question here is: how much do you value visual quality in your JAV?
    The more you value it the smaller the # of JAVs you will be able to store. We're still talking hundreds of videos bare minimum (assuming you're not ripping blu-ray discs and keeping them in original format) which should be thousands of hours of footage for you to go through.
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  3. secrets002

    secrets002 Member

    I want to store JAV from torrent / download sites.
  4. Lodestar

    Lodestar Member

    OK lets use the first page of JAV Torrents on this forum as an example then. In GB (roughly):
    6.64 - average size of 12 videos (1080p - good quality)
    3.69 (or 1.00 if you choose the smaller file)

    So throwing that in excel we get 31 videos at roughly a size of ~4GB per file. A 4TB drive would store ~900 JAV videos.

    But as you can see there is a variety in file size from ~880MB to 6.64GB.
    So lets assume for example the package of 12 videos in 1080p (good video quality) at 6.64 was only 1 video at 6.64... that shoots up the # of JAV videos you can store to 1,500.
    This should give you an idea of how video quality impacts file size which can impact how much you can store.
    Ultimately I can't tell you how much you value quality or what types of videos you like or what's available.
    If you're not hellbent on always getting a 1080p quality that ends up being 4-6GB then you could store thousands of videos. If you need that higher quality then you can store hundreds of videos - which is still a lot.
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  5. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Completely agree with @Lodestar (very good explanatory posts, by the way!). It really comes down to what your quality tolerance is. If you’re okay with the < 1GB fare that is currently making the rounds (you know, the ones with the horrible yellow watermarks) then for starters your 4TB drive will take quite some time for you to fill. Which, of course, also depends on your appetite for acquiring titles. The faster you grab the faster you lose space.

    Back to the main concern that drives space: Quality. I won’t repeat what Lodestar said, he is dead on correct. Along the same lines, since you will be watching on your computer and not a TV you can get away with slightly lower quality because you can always view your titles in a standard windowed media player. Not in fullscreen, in other words. As I’m sure you know a decent SD rip of a title looks alright in a 720x404 display in a windowed media player. Play it in fullscreen and you start to see quality issues because of the picture being blown up. We’ve all seen it. Point is your main method of viewing (PC/laptop, TV, VR Theater) will be coupled with your quality tolerance to determine how far 4TB will take you initially. Like most at some point you’re going to grab another 4TB drive, that’s for sure. Once you find your equilibrium for consumption you’ll be able to gauge your requirements.

    Click HERE for a brief write-up on my reason why I stick with good quality SD titles these days. FHD on my monitor looks pretty much the same as an SD title in my GearVR
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
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  6. secrets002

    secrets002 Member

    Is it better to store your video files on google drive or use an external hard drive? If I purchase more space on google drive and choose 30TB would I pay $299.00 a month or just once?
  7. Lodestar

    Lodestar Member

    That would be cost per month.

    Ignoring cost? It seems like it would frustrate me to download something only to upload it to the Google Drive only to have to download or stream it from Google Drive to enjoy it again. With an external drive I can just download directly onto the drive and access whenever I want without an internet connection and at a much faster speed.

    Google Drive does have some advantages. It's probably slightly safer for storing things because the chance of data loss is lower (because they likely have redundancies and backups whereas if your external drive is failing you could be screwed even if you realize it and save as much as you can). But I have drives that are very old and one I dropped 5 feet that still functions. As long as you're not treating it terribly or forcing it to overheat then you should be fine.

    Ultimately external drives are much cheaper/cost effective. They're easier to use and access. And drives these days are pretty good and have a low failure rate so you shouldn't worry about your drive suddenly not working one day.
  8. bigloser0

    bigloser0 Active Member

    Like what you mentioned, external drives are cheap nowadays. If you are afraid of losing data, just buy another external drive for backup of all data. Do note that if you hear sounds or starts to have faults after three to five years, it is time to change to a new external drive.
  9. bigloser0

    bigloser0 Active Member

    just buy a few external hard drives. download to your computer and transfer to your hard drives. this is more cost effective. Unless you want to share with your friends, then google drive is your solution. goggle drive should be a continuous payment. if you don't pay, will be back to the standard 15GB.
  10. secrets002

    secrets002 Member

  11. Lodestar

    Lodestar Member

    That's a pretty sweet sale. 8TB should last you for a while assuming you're not constantly torrenting/DLing. And even if you are, it's going to take a while to fill.
  12. Arkillo

    Arkillo New Member

    Can't really tell from the pics but it looks kinda big (physically). I recently bought 2 maxtor m3 portable 4tb external hard drives and they are great.

    Also as for the sizes, which people explained above; I'd like to speak my mind as well. It all boils down to how many external hard drives you can afford and handle. Most files without watermarks being shared around are usually around Bitrate: 4000Kbps-5000Kbps, which is rougly 6gb on a 2h duration file. And they also happen to be in MKV format.

    So in my experience and the devices that I use to view those files, I noticed that downgrading from mkv 4000Kbps (6gb) to H264 1500-2000Kbps (1.5-2.5gb) is quite enough, there's of course some loss in quality (color, pixels) but it's actually quite worth it since everything is actually pretty good looking.
    What I said above is mostly about 2010 and after JAV files. Pre 2010, the quality is worse and I prefer to downgrade down to 1000Kbps (1-1.3 gb).

    So benefits: More files, H264/mp4 files are more accessible, you will save money on external hard drives, less hard drives laying around, due to file size they are also easier to share with others (upload somewhere for example).
    Downside: Loss in quality (imo minimal loss)

    But that's just what I prefer and works best for me.
  13. bigloser0

    bigloser0 Active Member

  14. LoliKing25

    LoliKing25 Active Member

    just wanted to point out, that you get 4000Gb (not 3700). If you are using windows, then it is measured in GiB, not GB. That is why it will show up as 3700GB, when it really means 3700GiB (4000GB)
  15. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    When you say downgrading you mean grabbing the 2000kbs titles instead of re-encodong the HD titles, right? :eek: