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Jun 5, 2009
So I found this site called a.gogouset.com and found at.binaries.teenfem.nospam.nonude or something like that and WOW!!!! I saw the most beautiful girls on there, thousands and thousands of pictures of the type of stuff I like to look at, nothing hardcore just very sexy looking girls and teens, I wanted to get a membership and collect the pictures I liked the most!

Previously I had received a pre-paid card offer in the mail but I ignored it and stored it away some where. Since I could not find it, I go to RITE-AID and purchase myself a mygreendot prepaid VISA .... paid $4.95 + $20 for the loading of the card. I activated my card and the balance was $20 simple! I was so excited that my fingers were actually trembling in joy, earger to get in and start browsing this paradise of images.

To my surprise, the transaction declines? WTF?!!??! I entered all the information correctly and I loose my patience. I then later find out that gogousenet is based in Russia and then make the discovery that my temporary greendot card does not allow purchases from other countries....FUCKING A!!!!!! I was so pissed!!!!! That is the most ridiculous shit I've ever read about......I would have to wait for the damn card to arrive in the mail and that was 3 to 7 days from now.......I couldn't wait.

I searched my entire apartment for the other card and figured.....well maybe I can just load the balance from the greendot card into the accountnow card. So finally I found the piece of shit and activated it.

I then proceed to add funds to the card, I was excited now! After entering the information from the greendot card to add funds to the accountnow card, the transaction goes through and I say "YYYYYYYESSSSSS!!!" Then a fucking message comes up saying, A FEE OF $14.95 HAS BEEN COLLECTED FOR YOUR ACTIVATION! I'm like what!?!?!?? what?!?!!? Now the balance on the greendot card was $5.95 and the balance on the accountnow card was $0 ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!! BASTARDS, I'LL KILL THE MOTHER a#^#^yweryw!!!!

Complete total fuck up and 100% EPIC FAILURE!!!! $25 gone to waste, I wont even bother anymore attempting to get a membership! Not until I open up a bank account and actually get a real debit card I can use to make purchases with my earned money.

Happy new fucking year to me....stay away from those stupid prepaid debit cards....most of them make their money from activation fees and monthly charges and they are so full of shit when it comes to their rules, its better to just keep your money in your pockets or use a real legit debit card from an actual bank!

I rest my case.


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Sep 14, 2007
Yea, that'd be some http usenet reposting service. They're a waste of time to be completely honest with you. They just index a usenet group and charge people to access it. Usually far more than it would cost to just get access to usenet yourself (some ISPs offer usenet for free, though the retention tends to be minimal, sometimes text only).

If you want access to the entirety of usenet (including alt.binaries.teenfem.nospam.nonude) then you're best getting a real usenet account.

Astraweb give the best deals on price, speed and retention at the moment with their $11/mo deal.


Then just get yourself a usenet client (sadly the best ones are non-free, such as newsleecher, though grabit is a good mostly free alternative)

Here's a totally decent guide to getting you started with usenet: http://www.slyck.com/ng.php


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Jul 23, 2008
Dude..your dick lead you down that road.

Well, chalk it up to "Goodbye old fucked up year":furious: and "Hello (hopefully) Happy New Year!!" :grassdance:

I hope it's is a good one for you. I know this past one has been way over the top in the fucked up-ness department.


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Jun 5, 2009
:furious: it was definitely my dick alright! lol oh well, I've still got akiba-online.