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Do you delete your rewatch your old jav collection?

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by iceking786, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. iceking786

    iceking786 Member

    So do you ever rewatch any jav from your collection or you just delete after finshed watching it??
  2. darksider59

    darksider59 Akiba Citizen

    I keep most movies I download. First, because I watch the movie trailer before so I'm 90% sure I will like the movie. Next, it's movies from the actresses I follow, so I keep them to rewatch them later (and also because JAV movies tend to be difficult to find few months after their release, no seed on torrent and dead ddl links).
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  3. rice12345

    rice12345 Member

    I keep the ones I fap to the most. Some I just fap once or twice then it gets deleted.
  4. iceking786

    iceking786 Member

    Agree with you some jav just simply hard to find after some times.
    darksider59 likes this.
  5. Handsome Pete

    Handsome Pete New Member

    I keep the really good ones, especially if they feature favorite idols. Some I've been watching for over a decade.
  6. supersam

    supersam Loves Bukkake, Loves Long Tongues & Loves Gokkun!!

    Yup I keep the ones from my favourite actresses and others which have great scenes. Also the rare JAV's that are hard to find as mentoned before, i'll keep.
  7. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    I keep almost all that I collect. But I collect not that many vids. Sometimes I go back to watch an oldie. Often the old favs give me a much harder hard-on than the new ones.

    On the other hand, it so hurt my eyes to look at the old SD and sub-SD vids. Hard to believe some of my best fappilious vids was 320x240. So actually I often take a quick look at the old favs to remind myself the story and hotties. Then instead of watching the crappy lo-res vids, I close my eyes and "upgrade" the vid in my own head. LOLZ
  8. rice12345

    rice12345 Member

    I do this too, sorta, but I replace the actress with whatever Gravure/Celebrity I feel like fapping to, then I shoot it all over their face.
  9. ionmu

    ionmu Fellatio, Irrumatio, Gokkun and Bukkake fan

    I hoard JAV until I no longer can save anything. When I reach that point, I start scavenging and choosing what to purge. When it becomes really difficult to purge anything, it's time to buy more storage lol. So yeah, I rewatch them. Sometimes I like to just shuffle my library and see what feels the best ATM. I also occasionally upload some of my favorite videos privately on YouTube so I can watch them anywhere.
    Casshern2 likes this.
  10. pikuseru

    pikuseru Well-Known Member

    I download video without watermark only. Around 100 SD files taking up around 160GB at one time (all SD files, mostly converted from HD files; HD files are backed up on external drive). Downloading new vids means purging old vids. Because computer is for more than just porn, right? And there's only so much time and only so much one's body can handle. There's no point keeping every single video. Some videos are worth keeping, some are not.
  11. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Interesting idea.
  12. Lodestar

    Lodestar Member

    I have external drives of everything including JAV and IV. Occasionally if I feel like I'm getting close to my limit of space on my drives JAV is the first thing that gets cut and I'll quickly go through and delete some stuff.

    I think I probably have a hoarding problem. I tend to download TV shows I like even if I have access to them via streaming. It's silly but yeah, I always seem to have this fear if I don't buy it or download it then it will disappear and I will not be able to get it when I want it.

    My JAV collection isn't as large as many of the other people I've seen post rough estimates... my big space killers are TV shows and movies (like say the 10 seasons of Stargate SG1 or the 9 seasons of Scrubs).