damn snow! tire spinning, transmission popping, car messed up!


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Jun 5, 2009
So over here in Pennsylvania we had a massive snow storm or actually, snow falling on top of snow that was already there! I spent 3 hours cleaning my car and then as I went about my things through out the day, I actually wasted a whole tank of fuel just spinning my tires!

I mean, my god, I just hate it when you get stuck in the snow, you spin your tires back and forth, sometimes you get desperate and you shift gears too quickly and you feel the gears slam from 1st to reverse or from reverse to 1st, ouch. But you go back and forth, back and forth and you manage to get out the darn snow that puts your damn car side ways and pulls you in more to the bad side.....uughhhh!!!!!! I hate it!!!

To make matters worse, there were kids and people on the street and oh yeah, they are so smart they take the snow from their damn cars and throw it on the street?!?! I'm going up this hill to get to my place and notice the retards ahead are cleaning their cars and have deposited the snow on the street, this street being a rather steep hill, I was going up fine until I hit the loads of snow they dumped on to the street.....my god, you've got to wonder what are these people thinking?!?!

At points I saw grey smoke coming out of my tires while going up hills, and for the most part my engine was always revving at around 3000 to 4000 RPM while it was just spinning its tires trying to get throw these dangerous streets.

Finally, when the day was over, I found my tranmission to be shifting very harshly, as a matter of fact, I put it on reverse and ended up spinning my tires, when the tires caught traction, I heard a devastating sound, clak! thump! crak! then reverse kicked in....my guess is as the tires spun, they finally caught some kind of traction and the gear engaged roughly....damn snow just fucks up your transmissions!

Also, due to the high revving all day long battling my way through these streets covered in snow, my exhaust melted at the bottom, the check engine light came and later found out my O2 sensor got over heated...also the transmission input speed sensor went out and the car was stuck in 2nd gear (Hyundai fail safe).

I spent about 4 hours digging out a parking lot with a tiny shovel outside 16F, fucking "A". I was so anxious to go home that I couldn't even fill the cold anymore, I just kept digging and digging and finally got my car in. However, everything in the engine compartment sounds all fucked up.....I know there was be some damage....I popped the hood and found the engine was working like a champ, not strange sounds, just running peacefully...however the exhaust developed a leak from the constant high revving, some stuff got broken, front bumper and the power steering pump is shot, the only reason I could steer in the snow is because the snow allowed the tires to turn freely.

Its been a hell of a day and I'm really unhappy with my car....Hyundai sucks. I've put Toyotas through worse torture and they were ready for more the next day, my car is just simply a piece of shit now, I'm just going to finish fixing it up and selling the bastard.

comments welcome, let me know how your snowy days work out for you.....in my case, we had lots of snow....28 inches over there....well actually, its so high it reaches the windows in my apartment....when I opened the door, I had to force my self through the snow.....thats just how bad it was.

Sorry, but I needed to bent, there is no way, I'm going out tomorrow and I don't have to worry about street cleaning tickets because street cleaning is obviously out of the question.


Oct 25, 2009
Sorry to hear about your bad day. Snowstorms can be a real bitch, especially if your area of the country just isn't prepared to handle that kind of thing.

Was it last year where the pacific northwest got slammed with storms? I remember seeing news reports where cities were more or less shut down because the amount of snowfall was so unprecedented. Sidewalks were all fucked up because nobody owned shovels! They had no idea what to do! (curious...same situation, opposite side of the country)

If it makes you feel any better, here in the midwest, that shit is par for the course. I actually had to run a blow dryer around the edges of my car door yesterday. The damn thing was frozen shut! It took nearly a half hour just to get in the car. I was just about ready to take a crowbar and rip it off the damn hinges! :stress:

I hope your car isn't royally messed up. I wouldn't worry about being ticketed for cleaning, but keep an eye out for plows in the area. Every year out here I see at least one car (usually with out of state plates) with the tell tale signs of "getting plowed", so to speak.

You've got the right idea, in a bad snowstorm just wait it out at home. As long as your internet is still working, you shouldn't go too crazy. :dizzy:


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Oct 28, 2008
And this is why (living in a snowy area) any vehicle I get will have 4 wheel drive.

We didn't get it too bad with this round of storms, we only got about 12" of snow. It snowed from Tuesday afternoon to early Wednesday morning, so by the time I left for work at 8 am the main roads were already cleared and they were working on the side streets, and by Wednesday evening they pretty much had everything cleaned up.


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Feb 24, 2009
well living in England our road workers have barely any expericence with snow which why when it suddenly started to snow quite heavily the entire country slowed to a crawl and no-one seem to know how to drive on ice i spent half the pushing cars of the pavement and taking a hatchett to ice outside my house . some guy didn't even know his car was rear wheel drive so we ended up dritting his front wheels and his backwheels just started spinning haha


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Jun 5, 2009
They just sort of cleaned up the mess over here but I just came back from the mechanic. AS I suspected both my O2 sensor and transmission input speed sensor became over heated for some reason. The exhaust also has a leak at the bottom.

You guys ready, here is the worst part. Both drive axles on my transmission are shot, completely damaged and the differential spider gear is blown up but some how still works. Also they said there is a possibility that with all the high revving the transmission over heated and clutches and bands inside might have been damaged...its really shifting hard now......I can't believe this is happening =/

I spent $2000 getting repairs done on my car last year.....I had the front wheel bearings, replaced, front disk brake rotors, all knew four tires and rims, timing belt, water pump, all multi v-belts were replaced, new radiator and new battery...the labor cost of getting these parts on was insane....I know how to do it myself but I don't own my own garage anymore and in this cold us weather, I'm not too much into being an Auto Mechanic, I can't even do an oil change myself because id rather not get under my car in these cold temperatures and wait for oil to come out.

They said the engine was fine but the transmission is not behaving as it should anymore, it shifts erratically with thumps and clunks......they WARNED me to replace both front left and right wheel hubs, get new drive axles left and right and get another used transmission from a salvage yard because I did too much damage with the chaotic driving in the snow.

A used tranny from the salvage yard will cost about $150, I had a used one installed on my previous cars and it was great for years so I'm confident i'll find a good one, just have to aim for low mileage on it. However, the front left and right wheel hubs, those things are $105 each !!! and so are the drive axles!!!! .... not to mention the labor cost, i'm looking at spending another $1000 thanks to my reckless driving....so unhappy right now...the car still works but the tranny shifts like a piece of junk, it does all 4 gears.....yeah its an automatic .....the 4th gear is over drive......it normally on reaches up to third gear on the high way but if I want to go faster like say over 90 mph you will feel the over drive gear kick in to give you enough boost to reach those speeds but id rather not drive at those speeds!

I've have taken my car to 130 and trust me, thats scary! All it takes is one tiny move to the left to make the vehicle go left.....one harsh left or a right and you can roll over or over control and crash!

Anyway, i'm screwed.....next time it snows......i'm just gonna leave it in the snow and not drive. But right now, i'm debating rather to fix my car or just get a new one.....I dont' have money for a new one....so what do you guys think? The engine is working like brand new, no problems......should I go with the tranny swap, new drive axles, front wheel hubs? What would you guys do in this scenario...its a lot money to get all that stuff changed out let alone to purchase them!