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Aug 28, 2013


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Dec 20, 2013
I've been searching all over Google and Bing but I just can't seem to find this "Internet" of which you speak. Guess I'll never see a naked Caucasian girl on my computer. :(
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Nov 20, 2008
Is there a site like this for Caucasian girls?
For Caucasian girls only? I do not know if such a thing exists.But there is vipergirls.It is somewhat similar to this site but mostly with caucasion girls. Just like this site there are some discussion sections but those are only visible to members. Just like this site they sort of have a jr- idol section, except its called a no-nude section and they youngest no-nude girl they allow is 13 y.o.There is celeb section. There is no organized model/porn star threads like there is here with idol,jav and jridol model threads that discuss the model and new upcoming videos.There is a celebrity section in which is similar to those jav,idol and jr idol model discussion threads but it mostly pictures,short bio, and very little discussion. The site has a free image downloader program that downloads images from a thread so if for example you want all the images from the Sofia Vergara thread or Hayden Panettiere
you just copy the thread link and past it into the image downloader program.

There is also planetsuzy and pornbb.
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