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Nov 22, 2006
Hello akiba-online members,
It has come to my attention that there are many of you that would like to know more about a special someone that you've come across somewhere online. It's also very clear that some of you will get to know that person better & some won't. Therefore I've decided to help you out before you ask for it. There are a few things that you can and should do before consulting the members here at akiba. A little bit of knowledge and preparation goes a long way.
There are of course many different sources online for Japanese adult, idol/image & junior image & video content. Which many of you visit and find interesting things. I'm not going to list any as a simple google search will do that for you however once you've found that someone special you need to keep this in mind to get to know her. After all we need to know as much as possible to be able to ID her. This includes…
  1. A complete image or video her.
  2. A clear image or video of her.
  3. The source web site where you found her.
  4. Any other information that was provided with the image or video.
  5. Multiple references if possible.
  6. Original language or text when available.
  7. Titles that provide detail & or are interesting.
I Understand that some of these requirements are, sometimes totally out of your control. Other times they are and you make it harder for yourself & for us to ID her by altering them.
A few examples are as follows that address these mentioned points.
1: A complete image or video is the difference between getting lot's of help and no help.
The following image was cropped on purpose, taken exactly from the cover of the DVD I want to find to emphasize this point. It shows the actress well enough however there are far to many ladies for any one person that happens to read your ID request to know. When in fact the original image clearly provides more than enough information to accurately & quickly find the requested information. If you have a larger/more complete image, do yourself the favor and please provide it rather that a cropped version of it.

The same applies to video. If you have a full length video and you crop out 5 seconds of one scene that shows the actress, you've shot yourself in the foot. Provide that video in it's entirety and you're more likely to get an accurate response. If you're providing a link to an off site video file like some have then the same applies. However I would recommend asking the uploader of that video on that site for information before coming here.
2: A clear image will help greatly in the chances of you finding out who she is. Image size will also help but the two are independent. Her you see 2 images of the same actress in the same scene but the 1st image shows us little to go on. It's pretty hard trying to see who she is in the image but a clearer image of her shows us who she is.

3: Many requests are simply an image or video that is more often than not hosted off site. While I prefer that the files be attachments here at akiba there are some videos that are much easier and quicker off site than here. Using an image host is less likely to turn up an answer for you than providing the original site address.
Image Host
Original Address

4: As explained in the previous example the original address is already much more information than the other hosted image. This includes items that look like actress names, Company names, product codes, release titles, and dates.

Is not much to go on… (but enough for me)
Including the following increases success exponentially.
Japan Media Supply

5: If you've seen an image or video of the same girl different places let us know and provide that information. It's very likely that someone knows who she is but hasn't seen a particular image or video yet.


6: Some of you can't & don't read or write in Japanese. Therefore your searches are limited to the English results that are available. This can be frustrating for some of you but the same applies to non English speakers in other situations. Some English speaking sites and forums post electronic translations of titles and actress names. Thus making it harder for you and us to find the original source. (なお) Nao is a very common name and turns up many hits on searches. With some images of an actress there is more than enough information in Japanese. You just don't posses the ability to get the info from the image. These are by far the easiest and fastest IDs to complete.
Nao Oikawa - Dream Woman 5

7: I often check the ID forums to help those of you that I can and I'm sure there are others that do so as well. However when I see…
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I'll most likely not even look. Although when I see…

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I'll most likely look and be able to help the person requesting it.

Finally a few words about the process. Before you post a request you might just find the answer to what you're looking for with the information that you have available to you already. Try to ask the uploader if possible on the original site/forum. If no luck, I would strongly recommend a search on akiba, it's possible that the actress/idol you're looking for is here already. If you've searched and came up empty then a request is fine but please do so in the proper sub-forum there are now 4 places to ask for ID requests.
Akiba-Online > JAV Idol Club Forum > JAV Idol Club > JAV Idol Identifications Specifically for Japanese Adult Video Actresses.
Akiba-Online > Gravure Idol Club Forum > Gravure Idol Club > Idol Identifications Specifically for Gravure Idols. Sometimes nude never intercourse.
Akiba-Online > Jr Idol Club Forum > Jr Idol Club > Jr Identifications Specifically for Junior Idols.
I will as of now begin to close threads that have been successfully IDed and place IDed in the thread title along with the requested ID info.
Please note that excessive bumps will be deleted and possibly the thread itself.
Thanks for your continued use and support of akiba-online.
Finally, please DO NOT request the a DVD, photo book or video with your ID request. Your ID request should be for information only, not files.


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Sep 19, 2012
I suggest giving automatic infractions for posting JAV ID requests in this forum, I'm heavily pissed off by seeing them so frequently. Hell, maybe you bad guys start posting them in U-15, if forum choice doesn't matter???