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AMWF Movies Ideas (Where i can send?)

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Mr.Matsumoto, Jun 28, 2020 at 10:35 AM.

  1. Mr.Matsumoto

    Mr.Matsumoto Mr Matsumoto (AMWF Producer and Addict)


    Me and some friends use this profile (Mr Matsumoto) to search AMWF videos, because we amateur sumo wrestlers and this forbbiden in Japan

    Well, we know some japanese businessman, the real mr matsumoto, and he can invest some money to produce this videos

    We have a lot of ideas to this, but we dont know where show this and we dont can meet the producers in japan because we can lost license to sumo

    Someone have contact with the movie company as a email, instagram etc?

    If interested we can write here the ideas, maybe someone like...
  2. Mr.Matsumoto

    Mr.Matsumoto Mr Matsumoto (AMWF Producer and Addict)

  3. Mr.Matsumoto

    Mr.Matsumoto Mr Matsumoto (AMWF Producer and Addict)

    We want contact Mr. Saburou Hollywood the best director, or some company who make AMWF movies...

    Because this movies about old japanese man and hot white girls or fat japanese man like sumo wrestlers

    Please dont despise our ideas because in America they make movies to fat or old people, so we think asian people deserve this too, with hot white girls