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akiba resident JAV subtitlers & subtitle talk★NOT A SUB REQUEST THREAD★

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by desioner, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. desioner

    desioner Sustaining L.I.F.E. Staff Member Super Moderator

    More and more demand grows for JAV with English subtitles. here you can find a list of akiba-online members that are willing and able to help you finally understand what your favorite JAV actress is saying in her outstanding roles.
    Examples of their work can be found here.
    They should be contacted via PM for proposals as they don't all follow this thread.
    Breakdown of information if know as follows.
    @desioner : Native English speaker. JLPT2 Japanese certification. BitCoin, Ether & Google Wallet. $90 ~ $125 per hour.
    RETIRED@bonekace : Native Malay speaker. JLPT2 Japanese certification. BitCoin & PayPal. $70~
    @EroJapanese : Native Spanish speaker in conjunction with Native Japanese speaker. Team of 6 total!
    • Over 400 Subtitles in Our Catalog and Counting - More than 200 subtitles with at least a 44% discount, always! (Email us with the subject: "subtitles" to find out how to purchase our subtitles).
    • Multiple Subtitling Rates Available - Visit our Quotation Calculator at http://bit.ly/2pIKXAj to get an idea of the cost of engaging our services according to the movie you wish to translate and subtitle. Just add the length in minutes of the movie you wish to translate and subtitle in the yellow cell.
    • Crowdfunding for All - Reduce the cost of translating your movie with our Crowdfunding for All program (Email us with the subject: "crowdfunding for all" to find out more).
    • Get a free subtitle! - Sign up to receive our bi-weekly newsletter at http://bit.ly/2I7GRYf and get your coupon for a free subtitle.
    • We have discount coupons, reward points for your purchases, and many more goodies. Sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter at http://bit.ly/2I7GRYf to find out more!
    Questions? Contact us at: erojapanese@gmail.com or PM here
    RETIRED@fyfiul : Native English speaker. JLPT1 Japanese certification. BitCoin. $1 ~ $1.50/min
    RETIRED@JAVtoENG : Native English speaker. JLPT1 Japanese certification. $100~
    RETIRED@jaystak : Native English speaker. Advanced Japanese. PayPal. $50 ~ $100

    If a member retires or is inactive they'll be marked in gray. If there are new or other active members please notify me via PM.

    Finally any garbage posts about requesting subs for this and or that will be deleted. If you're seriously interested in obtaining subs contact one of our subbers and or other members to help fund it.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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  2. sapikebomainan

    sapikebomainan New Member

    may be they are to focused with their regional market..... and when watching JAV movies, i guess subtitle is not much of use, since we are already focused on something else....hehhehehe....
  3. jlontong

    jlontong New Member

    I don't care what language they use, sex is same as music, it's a universal language ^_^
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  4. ryuuga

    ryuuga みうみうの恋人 Super Moderator

    There's a lot of JAVs which subbed in chinese language. But there's hardly got english subbed. Only one reason. Simply becoz most of the JAV torrent makers are chinese. If they ever want to sub it, of course they will sub it in chinese instead of english.
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  5. hitman007

    hitman007 New Member

    Seriously, like many people I care more about JAV ladies as true human being, this might be revealed in some interviews before and after the movie.
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  6. Amerikajinmusume

    Amerikajinmusume ヽ(´ー`)人(´ω`)ノ

    What exactly do you need subtitled? 99% of what they say is some variation of iku/ika (to come or go), sugoi (nice, great, etc.) and maybe a hayaku (faster) or matte (slower) tossed in there somewhere. Actually, I think I just subtitled every JAV in existence right there.

    Example of dialogue in a JAV:

    Plot/Intro Scene:

    Girl: "Kono rabuhoteru okii wa ne~!!
    Watashitachi no hayai wa doko??"

    Next 30 minutes of footage:

    53 mentions of "iku" variations.

    Ending scene:

    Guy/Girl: "Sugoi na!"

  7. I love Jgirls

    I love Jgirls New Member

    I wish JAV had English subtitles. I am interested in the dialogue leading up to the sex. Plus, I'm interested in knowing the girls better. These things make it easier to get into porn. JAV deserves a bigger market in America. Most American porn is lame and lacks creativity and originality. Plus, JAV girls looks far better than American porn stars in general. Maria Ozawa and Tina Yuzuki are hotter than any Hollywood celebrity, but Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks are unappealing to me.
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  8. Amerikajinmusume

    Amerikajinmusume ヽ(´ー`)人(´ω`)ノ

    I totally agree with you about the creativity and originality present in JAV. US pr0n may be uncensored, but most of what you see are just full on penetration shots 90% of the time with little variation. The censorship of JAV forces the director and actors to be more creative, so you see more unique positions/camera angles in JAV than you normally see in US porn, as well as other incentives such as actor interviews, stories, etc.

    I think that JAV is the only type of porn I would actually label as "tasteful" when it comes to its presentation. There is some really crazy/sick fetishist JAV out there of course, but your average JAV is a lot more tasteful than your average American porno.
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  9. desioner

    desioner Sustaining L.I.F.E. Staff Member Super Moderator

    Let's not forget the bottom line, Money. That's all nice and well and if I didn't have extensive sexual knowledge in Japanese I'd like to see some subs too. However these companies are all about making the dollars. There simply is not enough demand for them to hire a translator, editor, subber, etc… to make it that little more enticing to English speakers. Most JAV I've seen really lacks even the most basic dialogue as well.
  10. vincent_z

    vincent_z Low Angler

    Look deeper

    I respectfully submit you have not done enough exploring. :notice:
    "Tokyo Angel #9: Love Train" [1995?: Japan. Director uncredited. Run Time: 9' + 67' + 9' {previews}]
    Featuring: Maiko Hiroko
    Mr. Shanshan

    This is a video with another jaw-dropping scene of a female being “molested” aboard a train in metropolitan Tokyo. And; someone was caught. No, it wasn't our performers on the train: It was the executives at Oriental Dream Pictures. Thanks to the bookkeeping regulations associated with 18 U.S.C. §2257, Oriental Dream had to admit that this VHS videocassette released by it in 2001 had been produced before 3 July 1995.

    This is an uncensored Japanese Adult Video. These are technically “illegal” in Japan, because they clearly display genitalia. But if you spend any time at all there, especially in Tokyo, even gaijin you will find a purveyor offering these videos (now on DVD). [If you espy a folding sign on a sidewalk or a street reading "DVD - VIDEO - BOOK", that's the shop with the UAVs.] They are poor values for smut connoisseurs, consisting of 60-minute videos at 12 / ¥10,000 - cash only. In the UAV shop, you would find any number of releases from Oriental Dream.

    I have to again stress that in these “chikan” videos, everybody on camera is aware what is going to be attempted. Our first episode has Maiko Hiroko. The defense for the actions aboard the genuine train is a human curtain which will appear around the part of the car where the video is being lensed. Oriental Dream went quite far in this video as far as what was done on the genuine train. When you recover from the shock, note when the action shifts from the genuine train to its studio train. This video has English subtitles. You can read what our cameraman is saying to the performing male (and his responses).

    The second episode here is astounding. Mr. Shanshan was called in on short notice and told to pursue someone on a train. He zeroed in on a high school girl. He got physical with the girl. She rebuffed him. She got to her stop and exited the train. Mr. Shanshan exhorted his cameraman to follow him as he exited the train there and continued his pursuit of the schoolgirl through the streets. You can read his conversation with the girl, and her replies. She arrives at her school(?), and goes in. He can't go in. He telephones the male from the first episode and asks for help. That male appears, with Maiko. We cut to later. The schoolgirl reappears and is again set upon by Mr. Shanshan. Our other couple are buffing down Mr. Shanshan's rough edges. The schoolgirl finally accedes! They wind up in an apartment where everybody gets naked and has sex (with trade-offs). If she is an actress, it is a phenomenal performance. If she isn't; we're viewing on-screen female orgasms. :happy2:
    Our third episode is a featurette in which Mr. Shanshan instructs you on how to perform oral sex on a female. (It is again the schoolgirl.) Because this video was only 67 minutes, Oriental Dream added 18 minutes of trailers around it.
  11. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    I don't think anyone said that there weren't any JAVs with english subtitles. But by and far most of them just don't. It makes sense that this example you provide is urabon since it's legal audience is actually international and the resulting high price of the content (since it's domestically illegal) would more easily offset the cost of paying for a translator. It's also produced in lower volume (fewer titles), so you wouldn't have to hire many translators.

    For the most part, hiring a translator to translate the dialog for regular censored JAV just doesn't make sense because 1) the DVDs are sold at a relatively cheap price compared to urabon; 2) you would need to translate lots of DVDs since they are produced and sold quickly (think about how fast porn is made); 3) your primary audience is domestic and doesn't even care about an english translation; and 4) the majority of your international audience is probably going to pirate the DVDs anyway because of laws in place that prevent the sales of adult content outside the country (you can't order adult DVDs from Amazon JP, DMM, etc). Translation also adds to the time it takes to produce a DVD, which just increases your expenses and lowers your profits.
  12. raitoryuulk

    raitoryuulk Member

    about the subtitle...

    why don't we establish JAV fansub forum? si there any present?
    some of the javs really have a good story. for example : ann nanba in miss suffering, megu anrai in ayu cos, and aya koike in live coverage of nakedness.
    the last one is the best i think, aya plays as a news reporter in some tv station. when she was reading the news as usual, someone unknown called the station and announcing a threat that he has planted a bomb on that studio. the only way to prevent him ignited the bomb is to make his request fulfilled.
    his requests are aya must masturbate in front of the camera, undress herself, and get her body oiled by her colleague, give a blowjob for them, and finally get fucked. the great thing is, aya must do all those thing while continuing her job reading the news, so it's like a worldwide live sex and news show.
    jav is not only about moaning and sughoi/hasukashi/oppai/manko/iku/motto/hayaku/matte stuff! we'll surely enjoy the javs more if we understand its story...
  13. I love Jgirls

    I love Jgirls New Member

    A JAV fansub forum is an awesome idea. JAV is so much more than mere fucking.
  14. barba

    barba we all make mistakes

    how about dubbing ?? i'd love to hear an overdub in accented english with a cute manner saying things like, 'thank you, sir, for allowing me to receive a load of your sperm on my face.' i try to get my girlfriend to say that, but she treats me like a dog.
  15. cattz

    cattz (◣_◢)

    Yeah, don't get where this comes from. With the exception of the uncensored stuff, it has very little to do with overseas viewing to begin with for them.

    I mean, 95% of the makers and shops refuse to ship outside of Japan to begin with. Sure there's lots of reasons why they don't, ranging from the costs, to the whole aspect of the material in them, but yeah..

    Anyways, the engrish/nonsensicalness of the subs would be quite bad to begin with even if there where eng sub tracks in the dvd's. Something that becomes very apparent in most low budget stuff from japan, av or not, that includes it. Usually keeping with the subject-object-verb order, leaving you with gibberish almost.

    I mean seriously, it's like saying "Oh my god, back door sluts #493859348 isn't subbed into xxxx!!!!" No french? No kanji? No Blissymbolics?!?!

    It's kind of, what do you expect..
  16. weamer

    weamer New Member

    i think there are some title got subtitle from "tsunami7"(forgive me if i'm wrong). once i see this in scanlover forum. I never got the chance to download it though. but one thing i'm very sure of is having to understand what the actress (or the idols in this case) and the rest of the cast will undoubtly enhance the experience in viewing the video. And seriously make the idol seems more cute (include perv smile here LoL)
  17. montiman

    montiman Enjoyer of Asian Ladies

    Very good discussion:

    Here is a link to the same subject that I started (because I didden't know that this one existed)which also has a very good discussion.

    Maybe I should have done a search by subject, but thanks to "hitman007" he gave me the link to this post.
  18. ryuuga

    ryuuga みうみうの恋人 Super Moderator

    I remember I watched a porn video once which is dubbed in chinese, long time ago. Without thinking twice, I deleted it after I watched half of it, with no regret at all. It gave a me a kind of creepy feeling coz it sounds so fake. I prefer to the original sound.:snicker2:
  19. hitman007

    hitman007 New Member

    Though I've never watcheda dubbed AV, I'm sure it will sound weird. Hopefully, more English subtitled JAV will come out, particularly those with interviews with idols.
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  20. fr0stbyte

    fr0stbyte Member Former Staff

    I wonder when will have a JAVDB website? Some of you may already be familiar with AniDB. They also list/index fansubbing groups there. I doubt we'll have such a website for JAV soon but I'm just day dreaming anyways. :D
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