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  1. kjamc1982

    Selling some IVs and JAVs

    I have a couple of DVDs of Jun Amaki for sale codes are LPFD-318, FTBD-001. The two are of Sora Aoi one Blu-Ray and DVD codes are PXV-080 and ONSD-654(Blu-Ray). PM for prices and pics if wanted to prove I have the items. USA Only please. Adding a Yuri Shibuya DVD LCDV-40588 that is still in...
  2. みゃーっつEYE

    Here is a movie of Saaya in it.
  3. kjamc1982

    Shizaki Hinata (志崎ひなた)

    Name: Shizaki Hinata (志崎ひなた) DOB: 1997-01-21 Measurements: T172cm B93-W59-H95 Bra Size: IH Cup Hometown: Gifu, Japan Twitter: Blog: Instagram: She has released four Idol videos so far...