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  1. kjamc1982

    Any movies where guy kiss girl with cum on her face?

    TMRD-449 Akari Hoshino last scene
  2. kjamc1982

    Anyone knows of any Japanese dramas similar to Shimokita Glory Days?

    I would not call this light hearted but it is a jdrama called Jyouou 嬢王 Here is the opening credits for the second season, Jyouou Virgin. There are three seasons that I know of that were made. First season is Jyouou, second season Jyouou Virgin, and Jyouou 3 Special Edition. I have copies of...
  3. kjamc1982

    Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

    I will also be interested in it.
  4. kjamc1982

    Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

    I thought this PB was only going to be released to the people who fund raise this PB. Also the the top tier is already sold out.
  5. kjamc1982

    Cum sharing between girls

    Here is another one of my favorites MIGD562
  6. kjamc1982

    Cum sharing between girls

    This series was a good to check out. MVSD-148 with Rio Hamazaki and Hitomi Kitagawa, series is "Sperm Lesbian"
  7. kjamc1982

    JAVs with NG/Candid scenes

    SSNI-853 has some between each scene.
  8. kjamc1982

    Any movies where guy kiss girl with cum on her face?

    SOE-941 with Aika Yumeno last scene with Taku
  9. kjamc1982

    Selling some IVs and JAVs

    I have a couple of DVDs of Jun Amaki for sale codes are LPFD-318, FTBD-001. The two are of Sora Aoi one Blu-Ray and DVD codes are PXV-080 and ONSD-654(Blu-Ray). PM for prices and pics if wanted to prove I have the items. USA Only please. Adding a Yuri Shibuya DVD LCDV-40588 that is still in...
  10. kjamc1982

    Any movies where guy kiss girl with cum on her face?

    DWD-080 Riko Miyase end of the first scene only. Easily found on some sites if you like taller Japanese women.
  11. kjamc1982

    [Info] JAV actresses comeback from retirement

    She always had that weird smile, you are just seeing it in HD now.
  12. kjamc1982

    Any movies where guy kiss girl with cum on her face?

    Saki Okuda in SSNI-690 at the 2:20:00 it is just a quick kiss.
  13. kjamc1982

    Tomoe Yamanaka 山中知恵

    Got this perfect screenshot. Another screenshot
  14. kjamc1982

    Can anyone help to identify this JAV and the actress in this gif?

    Kirara Asuka HODV-20500 It is the second scene in the video.
  15. kjamc1982

    Any movies where guy kiss girl with cum on her face?

    Emiri Okazaki in IPTD-910 1:17 Facial obviously them quick clean up blow job followed by some kissing. Then another clean up blow job and then some more kissing. I found the scene on Pornhub but don't remember the link.
  16. kjamc1982

    Who is she? ID MILF

    Mayuka Okada TEK-043
  17. kjamc1982

    Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

    You can get her latest digital photobook here
  18. kjamc1982

    Leaked (unmosaiced) vids listing (first post will be updated ad infinitum)

    The Ruri Saijo was the first one I think the number was 1311005 however, it is already no longer for sale. I did see the preview and it was her E-Body release. The second leak was Eririka Katagiri from her SOD release don't remember which release.
  19. kjamc1982

    Dualingus, fucklicking, double barrel blowjobs, double titfucking, and double vaginal in JAV

    Yua Mikami did it in SSNI-644 around the 2:25 in the copy I have of it.
  20. kjamc1982

    Mayumi Yamanaka 山中真由美

    Highly doubt it since that picture is from the idol video coming out in December.
  21. kjamc1982

    Did Aizawa Hitomi相澤仁美 really start in a jav movie?

    If it is the video scene in the back of a van or car there's not much to see. You don't see her topless only fellatio on a dildo.
  22. kjamc1982

    Looking for idol name/video recommendations with big/huge boobs

    You should check out Yuuki Chika, Saaya Irie, Hikaru Aoyama, and Saya Kataoka. For some idols that have a nice boobs and booty I would suggest Aya Hazuki, Suzuki Fumina, and Nanoka.
  23. kjamc1982


    You know that is just a placeholder picture of RaMu. If you look at the back cover of LCDV-40820 you will see the same picture.
  24. kjamc1982

    Does Rina Nagai have the best butt in gravure?

    Aya Hazuki has a nice butt.
  25. kjamc1982

    Tomoe Yamanaka 山中知恵

    Yes, she is back.
  26. kjamc1982

    Rina Nagai 永井里菜

    I do have a physical copy of the five disc set that I could sell.
  27. kjamc1982

    Chika Yuuki 結城ちか

    Some screenshots from the APRI-053
  28. kjamc1982

    Please help her ID

    This took a few minutes to find it is JAV code ARMD-540. There are three ladies named on the video, however I do not know which lady that is.
  29. kjamc1982

    What's the ID of these lesbian JAV

    Number 2 is GAR-280 Number 3 is DVDES-245 I only know one of the ladies in the first video, the one with the shoulder length hair is Wakaba Onoue.
  30. kjamc1982

    5 Actresses (any or all with movie ID)

    Number 2 is Meguri(Megu Fujiura) in SOE-321
  31. kjamc1982

    Help ID the movie please

    I know it is Akiho Yoshizawa just don't know which video it comes from. Hope this helps you find the ID, please if you do find the code update the post.
  32. kjamc1982

    Titles of these Lesbians JAV

    The first one is JAV code MIDD-619 and the second on is with Megumi Shino in JAV code of ZEX-038
  33. kjamc1982

    Mayumi Yamanaka 山中真由美

    Well she is officially a member of Ebisu Muscats, and most of the ladies are AV idols. I do not think there is much to this tweet.
  34. kjamc1982

    Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

    found the link do not know the password
  35. kjamc1982

    Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

    Post 390 is the video you are asking for there is not a video with Flash it was with Friday Dynamite. It is somewhat of bad quality IMO but I will try and rip my copy this weekend.
  36. kjamc1982

    Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

    Hope, is all we have for a photobook of the pictures from the Friday magazine
  37. kjamc1982

    Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

    At around 20:42 is a great shot.
  38. kjamc1982

    Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

    They finally have it for preorder on Amazon Japan. They also have an updated description of it saying it is her last image. Maybe a native Japanese speaker can make sure that it is her last IV. Here is the text from the Amazon Japan グラビア界のトップを走り続け、伝説の美少女から大人の女性へと成長した"紗綾"のラストイメージ! ...
  39. kjamc1982

    Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

    You can find the rest on 2Ch
  40. kjamc1982

    Marina Nagasawa 長澤茉里奈

    It looks like it was filmed the same time as she was shooting the photobook that was released. So it should be better than the last video that was released.
  41. kjamc1982

    Marina Nagasawa 長澤茉里奈

    I know what you mean, just pre-order this video and also ordered her photobook. To think she is in her early twenties.
  42. kjamc1982

    Mayumi Yamanaka 山中真由美

    Ayaka Tomoda in the second row on the left. Hopefully, Mayumi will be able to make it.
  43. kjamc1982

    Saaya Irie 入江紗綾

  44. kjamc1982

    Ai Sayama

    I would check video code PPSD-051 in this one she did kiss some of the other ladies in this harem maid video.
  45. kjamc1982

    "Guess who the JAV star is" game

    Maria Ozawa before the tattoos.
  46. kjamc1982

    週プレPV Weekly Playboy Commercial

    It is an ad for Shupure restaurant in Japan Here is a twitter message for the ad