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  1. jugulear

    School bullying by lesbians in JAV

    . Hello, Maxik84; allow me to refer you to a thread I cooked up long ago... Posts in particular, this one, and this other one on the first page. (There may be other goodies interspersed throughout.) In addition, another thread that touches on similar themes, although not necessarily of the...
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    Insecure connection

    . Worked like a charm. This problem has been plaguing me for a week, I spent hours trying to overcome it, and who would'a thought it would be a fine member of Akiba-Online to come up with the solution. (In fact, Pikuseru, I paid attention to what you wrote in your prior post. I searched for...
  3. jugulear

    Can anybody ID her, please?

    . Oh, I know that feeling... usually with my big mouth, I can spend all the time in the world composing my answer, and then right after I've posted it, I get beaten to the punch. It has happened to me a million times. But in this case, there's no "bummer." Your amazing legend has grown...
  4. jugulear

    Can anybody ID her, please?

    . (Another stream for this: Here is an I.D. thread where someone asked the same question, and two provided the reply: Rie Tachikawa One posted this picture. Looks like an excellent resemblance to me. Here is Rie in...
  5. jugulear

    Insecure connection

    . Ah! See, I just prepared to make a post about this subject, and I see good old Pikuseru was on top of it. This may be more than a coincidence, perhaps, given that more than one person has recently run into it... so there may be more to this than first appears? I have not been able to get on...
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    Photos That GRAB Your Attention!

    . We love beauties, but we get especially tickly when there is a bevy of them... as we see above. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Hello, kitty! We Found Schoolgirls With Big Asses Stuck in Elevators and Piston-Fucked Them 2 - Full of Embarrassing Pranks [RCT-667], starring Satomi Nomiya, Yuzu Miyama and...
  7. jugulear

    ID from IENE-637

    . Hello, @liuano ; the reason why you have not have received an answer was probably because you "piggybacked" your question. Always a good idea to begin a new I.D. thread, for a new question as yours. The woman you are asking about appeared in the first scene of this movie: The cast list...
  8. jugulear

    Please Help:D

    . Welcome to Akiba-Online, Micgti. Always a good idea to put up frame grabs as you smartly did on this other I.D. thread of yours... and as I helped you with yet another of your I.D. threads which (thanks to teamwork) led to the identification. The video or GIF link should be provided as a...
  9. jugulear

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    . Don't know about the rest of you, but how thrilling that Mr. Mago is back with us (at least for the time being... after an absence), to work his magic. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ With thanks to Blah13, today I received the unhappy news that Reiko Sawamura has called it quits. The news has made me...
  10. jugulear

    "Japanese MILF Teacher Brutally Violated in Park..."

    . One of the first JAVvy things I was exposed to was a scene entitled, "Japanese MILF Teacher Brutally Violated In Park By Maniacs." (The video link.) I see it has been reproduced in a million other sites under that title. I happened to run into it again, and got a curiosity as to which movie...
  11. jugulear

    Photos That GRAB Your Attention!

    . (Thanks to @Radaogapgap ) .
  12. jugulear

    Need help identify this movie

    . It's the amazing Mr. Mago! .
  13. jugulear

    JAV Idol name?

    . I bumped into another "Braless Neighborhood Wife When she Took the Trash Out" series with "I Bumped Into A MILF With No Bra At The Dump - Nailing Her In Such A Filthy Place Got Me Strangely Excited"...
  14. jugulear

    Hey guys, thanks for identification last time. Need some help again please.

    . Title begins as, "Alone With a Good-Looking Guy in a Semen Collection Room! A Middle-Aged Nurse Was Caught Off Guard ..." and that made me stop. Lady above is "middle-aged"?? Hello, TehAznDork; I see from one of your past I.D. threads (about a year ago) you had Gentleman CodeGeek reveal the...
  15. jugulear

    Actress or movie name

    . Hello, Goliah... valuable long-time Akiba-Online member. You've only spoken up a handful of times in eight years (why, about one post per year, actually), and only in the "Identification" section, it seems. At least you have given a hand to others, too, and I have given you your first...
  16. jugulear

    Stream DOWNLOADS

    . Dear X-Man, hello! And what a kind thing for you to have written above. It was also very generous of you to offer JUC-951 for me. I looked at my notes, and noticed I did get the movie at one point. (I see I was begging for it back in 2013!) One of the great friends of this thread (who rarely...
  17. jugulear

    Help the Young Lady to Come Out of the Closet

    . Waxaxa, what a privilege for you to have extended your acute brain waves to this mystery, at least momentarily. As I read what you wrote about the "pattern," Electromog, where the "pose" comes at the very end and only lasts for seconds... I realized I could have easily missed it. So I dug the...
  18. jugulear

    Help the Young Lady to Come Out of the Closet

    . Thank you so much, Electromog! As I began reading your (as always) helpful post, from the recesses of my memory came a JAV where I dimly recalled a girl in a locker... I remembered, because the actress was Eiro Chika, someone I like very much. Well, wouldn't you know the movie you referred...
  19. jugulear

    Help the Young Lady to Come Out of the Closet

    . ... Or out of the locker, to be more precise. What we are after is which movie this is from, as well as her. Domo, helper-san. .
  20. jugulear

    Cum and Die!

    . In appreciation of Hans_Kowalski (A.K.A. "Mr. Yo")'s last fine contribution, inasmuch as what follows is not a JAV. "You Better Cum or I will Blow it Off" "I have a surprise for you. Guess who stopped by this evening after I came home? Your girlfriend does not have a watch. She does not...
  21. jugulear

    Anybody know tall Jav actresses(182cm++ / 6ft++)

    . Ding73ding's gigglestick-gobbling shot of Mayu Uchida (from 2010's 182cm Volleyball Player Mayu Beach Volleyball, RCT-232; another picture of her from the same movie is above) reminded me of this: . . (Mirror) (Source) While not from a JAV and while the blond actress is not...
  22. jugulear

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    . Following up with "Page Two" of the Jukujo-club site's actress directory... see prior post. So I am going to tell you who I liked, and maybe you will do the same. Akari Asagiri ... (First Row) Akari Asagiri is an actress I definitely know, and I love her. (Thought she was...
  23. jugulear

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    . Marina Matsumoto changed her name to "Mizue Okuda"?? Why did she go and DO that... doesn't she know we all know and love her as Marina Matsumoto? (Good find, BDrake!) I see this other alias is on record with Minnano-AV... perhaps this name change is not all that recent? In addition, I...
  24. jugulear

    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)

    . Otakuckoo SHKD-726 Have you seen this actor? Half the time he wears eyeglasses, and when I first saw him, I was reminded of Urchin... AP-396 ................................ WANZ-592 ........................... HAVD-949 ........................................ SW-463 Seems he...
  25. jugulear

    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)

    . Roughneck SHKD-726 He gives Tough Old Feller a run for his money. EDIT: Just came across what appears to be (did not check) Roughneck's Kimomenav page. The provided name is 石橋豊彦, which dirty translates as Toyohiko Ishibashi. .
  26. jugulear

    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)

    . A fun character actor... do you recognize him? NSPS-167, SBNR-260 ... FPJS-014...
  27. jugulear

    Help me to id these actress from NNPJ165 and SDMU356

    . Hi Radaogapgap; you know, you led me on a brief merry-go-round because when I searched for "SDMU-036" that movie had a different cover... I later checked your title and caught on we needed to look for "-356." As an aside, Sougouwiki listed four character names for NNPJ-165: "(Mana) /...
  28. jugulear

    Can someone help me identify this Momoka Nishina vid?

    . Hello, Tachitonk... hopefully you'll branch out here on Akiba-Online and begin participating in the other forums as well. The movie you are looking for derives from: Amateur Participation Plan! Shall Momoka Nishina Give You A Cherry Boy Graduation? [WNZ-277], starring, of course, Momoka...
  29. jugulear

    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)

    . Hmmm... who is this guy? He is the bad man from Pitiable Secretary Who Was Violated [RBD-660], with Kokone Mizutani. He's got the grey hair... but that's the trademark of Grey Woof. He's got a little meat on his bones, as well. His credit: Hope he does not turn out to be...
  30. jugulear

    Last Mother of No Mercy, GDHH-002

    . Just came across this movie again and found myself wondering, who IS that lovely lady playing the mama in the third and last "chapter"... and then I found myself wondering, Did I not create an I.D. thread about this question? By golly, so I did. .
  31. jugulear

    MIDE-399 - Who's the other woman at the end?

    . Wow! I was previously so engrossed with reflecting on Crazykiss' contribution that I didn't pay attention to the puzzle... thinking that one of the two gentlemen above must have gotten the answer. Yet when I noticed you did not consider Radaogapgap's solution, Harveysrabbit... (that is, I took...
  32. jugulear

    MIDE-399 - Who's the other woman at the end?

    . Thank you for speaking up more often, long-time member! And a crazy kiss your way for helping others with their I.D. questions, it is so nice of you. (In this case, do not know if you were correct, given Radaogapgap's comment to the contrary... but at least you are making the effort, much to...
  33. jugulear

    Another Teacher Blackmailed

    . (SOLVED) This video link (464 MB)... ... Has been mislabeled with a different DVD code. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the real movie! The movie has a title: The movie has a lead actress. (Yes, really)...
  34. jugulear

    Confounding Cuckold Story

    . (SOLVED) These Asian Screens screen shots have been wrongly ascribed as belonging to NKKD-018. In all likelihood, the movie is from the JET Video studio. I put these images through an image search, without results. I looked through the thumbs of a few "cuckold" series put out by JET...
  35. jugulear

    Who is she? (sdmt-479)

    . Hi, Tan. Out of curiosity, I clicked on your link, but the only online movie they offered (below the cover for SDMT-479) was for a Western porno. ("All internal cum inside pussy and ass..." available in different sizes, 720, 800 etc.) (A minor correction; I had written "The faces have...
  36. jugulear

    Who is she? (sdmt-479)

    . I am sorry, Tancredi56; you have been waiting for a year, and no substantial answers have been forthcoming. I just checked Sougouwiki, and what Nagaura reported is still the case. None of the women appearing in this movie has been identified. I am afraid the only way you will get an I.D. is...
  37. jugulear

    Please help ID or Actress name? (This men called wataru)

    . Hello Marcopolo61, and welcome to Akiba-Online; may your journeys and explorations in this land be adventurous. She is a fine-looking lass, and I hope someone will come up with an identification. Male actors do not usually come in handy as clues, unfortunately, because their comprehensive...
  38. jugulear

    NHDTA-924 first girl in kimono (or yukata)

    . I reckon she is ... Nanako Tsukishima (月島ななこ) ? HND-224 Four actresses in this movie, I take it? If so, according to Sougouwiki the other three are: Ruru Aizawa, Runa Mizuki, Ryu Enami. On the other hand, the same resource tells us "Total 4 people + 18 people in total," which could...
  39. jugulear

    NHDTA-940 Third girl in sport outfit

    . Kanekiken was too much of a gentleman to take you up on your offer to pay him, but if you are feeling generous Dgg32, I ain't proud. I was impressed by Rumi Kodama myself not long ago. What a thrill, by the way, to have you speak up. For such a long-time member, you do so rarely and mainly...
  40. jugulear

    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)

    . Girly-Boy GRCH-164 GRCH-054 GRCH-4416 Kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson, with that wide-eyed, lost-in-the-woods look. Many of his movies are from the GIRL’S CH line, which obviously caters to female porn fans. His name is Takuya Watanabe ( 渡部拓哉 ); his Warashi page, as well as...
  41. jugulear

    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)

    . Paparoach408 first shed light on this actor on Nick_Wells' male actors thread almost five years ago; while I rarely caught him in anything (or didn't pay attention when he showed up), I always thought he had a very interesting face... there are elements in his face that make me think of...
  42. jugulear

    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)

    . Here is an actor I was definitely aware of. I recall thinking not long ago, "Who IS he?" when I saw him in yet another JAV, terrorizing a heroine, given my knowledge of how prolific he has been. I've thought of him as particularly effective (in villainous roles) because his eyes are a little...
  43. jugulear

    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)

    . While investigating this next actor (whom I knew nothing about), I was determined to get some great, clear shots of his face because he has been in a million JAVs (after apparently beginning in 2008). I rely on the screen shots provided by DMM/R18, and I've got to tell you, I must have clicked...
  44. jugulear

    The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)

    . I never was consciously aware of this actor, but now that I've learned about him, I can see he has been a minor JAV heavyweight in his own right... he has had a share of big roles. JUX-531 He seems to have a smart-ass air about him, so let's call him... Sassy JBD-188 JUX-637...
  45. jugulear

    Help ID on her

    . The photo you have added... she looks like the lady with the short hair and the pink sweater. I was making a distinction between her and the lady with the long hair, and the ring hanging down her blouse. Then we are to presume they are both the same woman? If so, that would make her the last...
  46. jugulear

    Idol identification?

    . Ohh, boy. This may be a tough one, given that we only have that one picture to go by. On the other hand, our puzzle-solvers have at times been known to work miracles, with only the flimsiest of things to guide them... so let us keep our fingers crossed. I've noticed several posts of yours...
  47. jugulear

    i need help, who can read japanese? please identify the woman beside from aoi tsukasa. SSPD-130.

    . Great work, Bro! (And of course you needed to provide the answer — including any other relevant information — for your own thread if you came up with the answer, because we must always assume there are people who would want to know.) My God! I LOVE Nana Aida. No wonder she looked so...
  48. jugulear

    Help ID on her

    . Hello, Kruznik02; how nice to have such a long-term Akiba-Online member as yourself speak up, once in a blue moon. Boy, the title of this movie must be the longest one in JAV history. Next time, consider embedding your photo instead of providing them as attachments, to save your...
  49. jugulear

    iene560 actress name

    . You are new here, Polu8401... but do not pollute this board with identical I.D. threads. It is against the rules, and rightly so; what if everyone created multiple threads for the same question? If the moderators do not...