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  1. jugulear

    "Japanese MILF Teacher Brutally Violated in Park..."

    . One of the first JAVvy things I was exposed to was a scene entitled, "Japanese MILF Teacher Brutally Violated In Park By Maniacs." (The video link.) I see it has been reproduced in a million other sites under that title. I happened to run into it again, and got a curiosity as to which movie...
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    Help the Young Lady to Come Out of the Closet

    . ... Or out of the locker, to be more precise. What we are after is which movie this is from, as well as her. Domo, helper-san. .
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    Another Teacher Blackmailed

    . (SOLVED) This video link (464 MB)... ... Has been mislabeled with a different DVD code. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the real movie! The movie has a title: The movie has a lead actress. (Yes, really)...
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    Confounding Cuckold Story

    . (SOLVED) These Asian Screens screen shots have been wrongly ascribed as belonging to NKKD-018. In all likelihood, the movie is from the JET Video studio. I put these images through an image search, without results. I looked through the thumbs of a few "cuckold" series put out by JET...
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    Do You Know "Nozomi"? [GBSA-003]

    . Adultery Trip - A Sexless Married Woman Goes to an Immoral Secret Place Nozomi (Stage Name), 26 Years-Old [GBSA-003] .. 825 MB EDIT: It looks like there is a series of these sexy, nerdy ladies (nerdy, thanks to the eyeglasses); here's another one who struck my fancy, and I would...
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    Bet'cha You Will "Get" the Ladies of GETS-016!

    . (SOLVED) The reason why I think that you will "Get" the ladies is because I recognize all of them! Only trouble is, I have trouble retaining names... but I bet'cha you would be better at that than me. ('Cause, who isn't?) So we have three women who appear in... My Lady Boss Is A Hard Assed...
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    She's an Angel!

    . (SOLVED) . . What a sweet face. Question is... whom does it belong to? Only two actresses from Girl Attacks Girl! Female Director Haruna's Lesbian Molester Bus Case [LZPL-015] who have been identified, at least as far as I could find, are Asahi Mizuno and Megumi Shino. I believe...
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    Who Is "Cheekbones"? (From IBMA-036 )

    . There is this amazing lady who appears at the end of Mothers Who Are Friends! First Cosplay Squirting Pickup [IBMA-036] More screen shots, as the above. .. 1.5 GB Stream DOWNLOAD. My mother does not thank you... but I thank you. .
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    "Japanese Businesswoman Forced To Take It From Behind"

    . Reproduced in plenty of tube sites as "Japanese Businesswoman Forced To Take It From Behind," such as here. Tenant's the villain. Thanks. .
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    Take Apart This ATTACKERS!

    . (SOLVED) The villain is the Creep, and the heroine has a screen credit: The movie. Thanks for your trouble. .
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    Cover Girl Captivation! (Easy One? YLW-4303)

    . (SOLVED) The captivating cover girl from My Friend's Mother Toyed With My Cock 16 Mature Girls, Four Hours [YLW-4303]: Reason why this may be an "Easy One" is because a cast list has been made available, and she is likely among the ones listed. I clicked on each of the names but did not...
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    She's Not Too Pretty! (HMD-02)

    . (SOLVED) ... ( thinks) ... But sometimes looks aren't everything. Don't get me wrong, it's not that she is unattractive, but the reason why Member Blah13 and I have curiosity is because she has that elusive je ne sais quoi quality. She appears for around ten minutes beginning about an...
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    Ideas on Tall & Busty Mom?

    . We are hoping to get to the bottom of the second mother from Mother-Daughter Combo Abused Simultaneously Achieve Climax Thanks to Aphrodisiac 2 [HAR-039]; the first pair of ladies in the movie: Yuri Momose (Mother) and Aya Miyazaki. The daughter of the second pair is played by Yukari...
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    Subservient Skirts

    . We've got threads such as Looking for JAV Where Woman Get Raped But "Desperately Try to Act Tough" (ici) and Actresses Who Convincingly Convey Consternation (aqui); what about the opposite? You might be saying, the reason why the mentioned threads above are special is because women who...
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    Pitfalls in Marrying a Porn Actress / Arrested for Employing Teenage Actress

    . These are old articles, but ones that still offer interest. I particularly liked the first topic, even though it hardly offered the deeper look I was hoping for. Potential Pitfalls in Marrying a Porn Actress By Kazutaka Shimanaka on October 13, 2011 Here comes the hooker, er, bride. Will...
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    Good Wife

    . (SOLVED) This movie I.D. may not be too difficult. I know the actress... but can't come up with the name. You'd probably recognize her right away; I'm sure she has been around. Second potential clue is that the uploader of the movie from here:
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    Second Woman, DANDY-212

    . What If Gave a Deep Kiss to a Virtuous Widow of Longing [DANDY-212] stars Miku Hasegawa in the first segment. The one from the fourth segment is Sumire Tokuzawa, and the one from the fifth and last is Chisa Shihono. We are trying to pin down Lady #2: Screen shots, R18...
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    Yumi Kazama's Worst Nightmare in [JUX-876]

    . (SOLVED) Just wrote about: I Thought I'd Love My Husband No Matter How I Might Be Humiliated [JUX-876] Mirror: ... In this post. Please check it out for more photos and info. The young lady who torments Yumi Kazama has a non-sexual role; I am curious who she is...
  19. jugulear

    Mother and Daughter Hodgepodge!

    . I just discovered a fairly new series ... four titles so far ... called "Amateur!! Mothers And Daughters Picked Up and Creampied," from the Graffiti Japan studio. I like it! Trouble is... reference is SCARCE! (Not even listed on JavLibrary, it seems.) What I'm going to do with this thread...
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    Last Mother of No Mercy, GDHH-002

    . She is the third and last of the mothers from How A Wicked Teacher At A Famous Private Girls School Used Dirty To Score A Threesome With A Mother And Daughter! [GDHH-002]. The first two credited sets of mothers and daughters appear to be: Scene 1. Nao Mizuki, Kanae Ruka Scene 2. Haruna...
  21. jugulear

    UGUG-093 Lady No. 2

    . (SOLVED) My Sweet Mother Was Held Hostage By My Bad Boy Friends In A Toilet And After Making Her Expose And Piss Herself Silly, They Made Her Their Shameful Sex Pet [UGUG-093] (Sougouwiki: a bust.) (Don't mean this kind.) First actress is Minako Kirishima. Who's the second? (Maybe you...
  22. jugulear

    Middle Mom from NHDTA-165

    . (SOLVED) Any ideas on the middle mom from Classroom Visitations Molester [NHDTA-165]? Above, when we first see her as the unsuspecting mother, doting over her son, played by Nerdy. She kind of reminded me of the actress Catherine Keener... ... From THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN; not...
  23. jugulear

    RBD-663 Side Ladies

    . There are two side ladies in Teacher's Butt, Anal Oppression After School [RBD-663], with Reiko Sawamura; I'm mainly interested in the second side lady, who is so attractive, and compellingly sad-looking. But we might as well throw the first unknown one into the mix as well... why not? First...
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    Japanese Donald Trump Commercial

    . .
  25. jugulear

    Lady from LADY-011

    . Lesbian Bus Molester - High School Girls That Attack the OL [LADY-011] (2007) Stars: Minaki Saotome Azusa Nagase Our wench is the third of four victims, appearing around the 1:11 mark; screen shots. I was drawn to her because she looked like a young Hitomi Enjoh. (And I should...
  26. jugulear

    Blown Away by the Beauty of a Babe from SHE-278

    . (SOLVED) Was watching a trailer at the end of another movie, and when this woman from A Son Who Swore He Couldn't Possibly Get a Hard-On From His Mother is Given a Show in Which She Reaches Orgasm. If He Gets a Stiffy, His Penalty is to Cum Right Inside of Her! [SHE-278], I paid stiffy...
  27. jugulear

    Akiba-Online's Worldwide Popularity

    . Thanks to Member Ghostbird who made me aware of: I felt some of the results were fascinating. I recently read a post written by one of our wonderful moderators (it was either CoolKevin or Desioner), mentioning that most Akiba-Online members...
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    Wondering About Userporn

    . I've made no secret of praising Userporn through the years, what with their very user-friendly service (click and go, with no pop-ups and no temperament; good for downloading only, as membership is required for online viewing), as well as the fact that many of their links stick around for long...
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    Three: 1) U.S. Asian Clubs Racist? 2) Pick Up Asian Chicks, Clubs 2) U.S.-Asian Club Girl Behavior

    . (DEAR MODERATOR: Will you please change the last number "2" in the title to a "3"? Then delete these two lines? Thank you.) 1) Asian Nightclubs: Exclusive or Racist? An Asian nightclub in Manhattan is accused of turning away non-Asians. Is exclusivity the same thing as discrimination...
  30. jugulear

    Four-Hour "Orgy"-ish, Followed by "Hidden Camera"-ish?

    . (SOLVED) Those Chinese pirates who rip off JAVs so that they may put on their decorative advertising watermarks got a JAV mixed up. Is that right? I mean, if you can't trust a pirate, whom can you trust? (More screen shots may be viewed on the JavLibrary ']page[/URL] of the movie this has...
  31. jugulear

    Misidentified Molesters!

    . (SOLVED) I am hoping you will help me get to the bottom of a bus molesters chikan movie; it was misidentified as RDD089 (a "Drunken Couple Boyfriend Fell Asleep" thing), as you might see in the heading of these screen shots: The instant the movie fades out, this end credit appeared in the...
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    Dark Side of Japan's 'Schoolgirl Culture'

    . A Japanese woman has bravely revealed the dark side of the country's schoolgirl culture after she was recruited to go on 'walking dates' with adult men - before being coerced into prostitution as a teen. National obsession: Schoolgirl culture is wildly popular in Japan, and there are...
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    Try Your Hand at the Three Humiliated Politicians' Wives of UGUG-094

    . Yes, we are going for all three of these lovely ladies... here is your chance to show off your JAV chops. (Don't thank me.) The movie is Politicians' Wives Quickie Gangbang Humiliation Video Not Allowed To Pee While Sitting at the Banquet [UGUG-094] LADY ONE: LADY TWO: My...
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    JAV Ladies on the Side

    . I've been meaning to begin a thread about the unsung ladies of JAV. These are the actresses who we see from time to time, moving the plot along, as side characters. (What we might call "character actors.") They are often, but not always, cast in non-sexual roles. I just ran into these...
  35. jugulear

    ...Backdoor View of Japan's Porn Biz

    . On an old (2008) thread called "How Much JAV Get Paid Per Movie?" I noticed two links Akiba-Online Emperor Chompy pointed to, both of which are now dead. The second one was reproduced at another porn forum, and I thought it may be good to reproduce the article here as well. While outdated...
  36. jugulear

    Servicing the Boss Under His Table

    . Scenes of an office lady (or equivalent) so backed into the corner by her creepy boss that she must fulfill oral job requirements under his table... are sexy. Best when she is naked; nice touch when others pay a visit into the office and are none the wiser. Example: Obscene Promotion...
  37. jugulear

    Three: 1. JAV for Elderly 2. Amber Rayne Dead 3. Anime/Manga Rape Restrictions

    . 1. 'Silver Porn,' Starring Elderly Japanese, Finds Its Footing In aging Japan, around 32 million people — a quarter of the population — are 65 or over. Thanks to a low birthrate and growing longevity, that proportion is expected to rise to 40 percent by 2060. With statistics like that, it's...
  38. jugulear

    Japan: No Safe Country for Foreign Women

    . Japan: no safe country for foreign women A Tokyoite reassesses her view of Japan after another violent encounter is ignored by passers-by, police .
  39. jugulear

    Akiba in JAV

    . I've been a member here on Akiba-Online for what has been over four years, which I find a little depressing... and I never stopped to think what "Akiba" means. Do you know? Urban Dictionary: Akiba-kei literally means "Akihabara style," referring to a district in Tokyo filled with stores...
  40. jugulear

    Surrendering to the Point of Voluntarily Getting Filmed

    . I love it when a victim capitulates to the point of voluntarily getting filmed or photographed... especially while flashing the "V" sign. This is in contrast to the victim objecting to her photo getting taken (although those are great, too. Ever notice how such objections are usually...
  41. jugulear

    Blackmailing Lesbian's Feet Licked

    . (SOLVED) Know the movie? I have a feeling the one playing the victim (with her characteristic nose) may not be hard to pin down; once determined, the I.D. of the movie could follow more easily. Thank yew. .
  42. jugulear

    Movie ID..?

    . (SOLVED) Movie title Actress name? Thanks. .
  43. jugulear

    Same Named JAV Actresses

    . It's confusing enough when a JAV actress has three hundred different monikers, but what happens when the same name is shared by more than one actress? Why do JAV actresses want to make our lives so difficult? So for absolutely no reason whatsoever, I thought I'd begin a thread that lists Same...
  44. jugulear

    How Come in Some Members' Profiles...

    . ...We can learn the last activity... and in other members' profiles we cannot? While I've got you, here's something else I've been curious about for a long enough time... some members restrict the viewing of their profiles. Why would they do that? (I can't think of one single reason...
  45. jugulear

    Religion in JAV

    . I was reading Dagu's "Christian Symbols in JAV Movies" and was impressed with the intellectual discussion; I contemplated adding to the enlightenment in an intelligent way, but then my brain started to hurt and then I thought about doing the next worst thing. Why don't we provide examples of...
  46. jugulear

    Western Porn Bringing JAV to Mind, and How Well They Succeed

    . We are not allowed to speak about Western porn at Akiba-Online, unless it's in relation to JAV. That is the emphasis of this thread. Three years ago, I wrote (and it was such fun): JAV = 1, U.S. PORN = 0 I began: "...I’m a stickler for 'reality,' as silly as that may sound, given that most...
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    . Looks like the threads here have been growing; so be careful. Go to Desioner's "Sticky" for the correct section(s): Do Not Use This Forum Shortcut links: Adult Video Identifications Gravure Idol Identifications .
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    JAVs a Notch Above

    . Do you know of JAVs that are A Notch Above in execution? Ones with extra punch, a dab more brilliance? The kind that Stand Out in a Crowd, as it were? Well, why have you been keeping them to yourself, for heaven's sake? Hopefully, you will now enlighten the rest of us. Something I've griped...
  49. jugulear

    Glamorous Cover Girl MMV-293

    . (SOLVED) Very appealing. Naturally, I'm curious about who she is. We do have a cast list from Sougouwiki (1.加納瞳/2.新尾きり子/3.高島かぐや/4.花村いづみ/5.永井智美/6.芹澤美華), and I went about the process of elimination. These are the known ones: 1. Hitomi Kano 2. Kiriko Niio (I don't think so) 4. Izumi...
  50. jugulear

    First Female from UGUG-068

    . (SOLVED) Unfit Mother. It's Decided She's A Slave. The Mothers Who Can't Fight Their Sons' Whims Screen shots 445 MB download Thank you. .