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  1. finiz

    Help to find her ID

    Hello folks, anybody knows her name?
  2. finiz


    Hello everyone, someone knows if she is retired or something? [/IMG] Thanks in advance :D
  3. finiz

    ID of this girls

    I don't know if this request is well here but here we go...i need the id of this girls and if they have videos too
  4. finiz

    Kawaii face

    [/IMG] Hello, someone know the id of the cute girl in the middle? Thanks in advance
  5. finiz

    Best actress of the year in your opinion!

    Today I will make them a question, What is the best actress of the year so far? give your arguments and that the fight begins!!!!
  6. finiz

    Miyuki Alice

    A story that did not like their fans, Miyuki Alice will be out of the industry in january of 2016
  7. finiz

    New jav stars vs old jav stars

    Well the idea of this post came I read that aino kishi goes to retirement, for me Japanese porn industry is passing the estafeta a new generation but honestly, and from my point of view, the new generation of actresses not fill the shoes of their predecessors (Rio,Miyuki yokoyama,Sora aoi...
  8. finiz

    identify manga

    Hello can you help me to identify the follow manga? I wanna know the name of the old Man cover manga..
  9. finiz

    Akane Morino and Rio

    Hiall,aquestion... anyone know what happened with these two actresses(akane morino and Rio)?,they have not released a new DVD since the last month...akane morino no longer appears on page of Prestige and Rio only has released BEST collections...I hope that they have not retired because they are...
  10. finiz

    ID please :D Hello, can you say me who is she please?
  11. finiz

    Missing idols

    Anybody knows what happened with the idols Miyazaki Airi, Shiraishi Yukina and Sakurai Yuzu?
  12. finiz

    Complete set

    Hello, anybody have the complete set?
  13. finiz

    Another retirement of Maxing label

    The actress Shiraishi Yuukona announce her reteriment the last january 10, with her now are 2 actresses who are announce her retirement from that label.
  14. finiz


    Any body knows what happened with this manga?
  15. finiz

    [IDed]深川鈴 Rin Fukagawa

    Hello everyone, anybody know who is she? She is from this page that i never saw before
  16. finiz

    Found new page

    Hello, anybody can tell me whats its about this page?
  17. finiz

    Miyuki Yokoyama Retirement

    Today i see that seems bad news for much of us, the retirement of miyuki yokoyama :c What do you think about it, i think that she still Young for retirement but she have her reasons :D
  18. Corpse Party

    Hello!!! Can anybody reupload the corpse party manga saga please? :3 i can't find it anywhere
  19. finiz

    Id of this girl

    Hello everyone anybody know the name of this girl? [/url][/IMG]
  20. finiz

    Urumi Narumi

    Hello everyone, somebody knows what happened with the idol Urumi Narumi?...she didn't appear the page of
  21. finiz

    Do you have seen this site before?

    Hello everyone, surfing the net I found this curious site.It's rare for me because I did not know that there were subtitles for the jav
  22. finiz

    Id of this girls

    Guys i have a hard request for you...identify this girls, i found this pictures in a "japanese versión" of Xvideos. Please help me, thanks in advance :)
  23. finiz

    Aino kishi squirts

    Anybody knows if exist a video where you can see her squirting? [/IMG]
  24. finiz

    Saya Fujiwara

    Hello, anybody knows about others DVD's of Saya Fujiwara? I know she has 2 (YRH-050 and WHX-008) and wanna know if she appear in another. Thanks in advance :) Is she if you don't know her
  25. finiz

    ID or names of this three girls

    Hello Akiba community! can anybody knows the name of this girls, i know that they are amateur but maybe one of them become an AV idol at last.
  26. finiz

    ID of these 3 girls

    Hello, someone know the ID of these girls?:ohgosh:
  27. finiz

    Yuna Innoue

    Hi all, can anyone tell me what happened to the actiz yuna innoue? She have not released any new DVD :kiddy: