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  1. lordsuperjesus

    VOMIT THE THREAD!! for all gero, vomit and facefuck lovers.

    so i was in another thread and the topic of vomit play came up or maybe i saw some one bring it up and i just jumped on the chance to start talking about it. so i thought to myself "why is there no thread here about the vomit play?" so here i am to solve that problem. i like vomit play. i love...
  2. lordsuperjesus

    [R]SDDL-019 ザーメンゴックンシリーズ 第2巻 & SDDL-006 射精饮食和射精精液系列1相川百合子

    i lost my HHD some time ago and now i'm trying to rebuild it. now i'm trying to get one of my fav series back. i had all the vids that were in old the Semen Gokkun Series but lost them and i'm looking for SDDL-019, SDDL-006 and any other vids in the Semen Gokkun Series . i know those vids are...
  3. lordsuperjesus

    trying to id the girl from [MM-05] Suki Suki Superuma.

    hi all! i love the girl fron MM-05 Suki Suki Superuma and would love it if you guys knew her name and maybe could point me to some other gokkun movies this big lipped goddess has been in. i love this girls face and lips. this vid is a old one from the early 90's. i can post a torrent of this...
  4. lordsuperjesus

    jav with open mouth cum swallowing

    so the thing that i'm really into at the moment is open mouth cum swallowing. i am a gokkun fan and i watched dje-043 and YFF-013 both have great open mouth cum swallowing scenes. it's my new fav thing now, so i've been looking for vids with open mouth cum swallowing and can't find many. i know...
  5. lordsuperjesus

    Request for gokkun vids JS-01, JS-18, JS-26, JS-41 and JS-13

    i'm a big fan of the JUNK SHOP vids and i'm looking to round out what i have. if you guys have or know where i can get those vids, it would be rad. JS-01 JS-18 JS-26 JS-41 JS-13 ~superjesus~
  6. lordsuperjesus

    so i just joined the site and i wanted to ask... whats your fave gokkun Label/actress?

    so, i love gokkun. i mean its the only kind of jav i watch. so whats your fave gokkun Label/actress? some of my faves are Hoshikawa Maki, Shizuka Kanno just found out about Abeno Miku and Tsukushi. Tsukushi is one of the best cum catchers i have ever seen. but by far...