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    [LCDV-40864] - Idol One Cure × Rina

    The Subyshare links all appear to work. Can't you use them?
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    Rui's latest. Would love to see it.
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    [SBVD-361] Saki Yanase 柳瀬早紀 - Overflowing thoughts Saki Yanase

    Overflowing is right! Much thanks for this and all your posts!
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    [CMG-071] 海波あやな - 「eyecatch」 (avi)

    The last post is three years old. Surprised?
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    [PB]Saki Yanase 柳瀬早紀写真集 Goddess!!

    Release date 2017.10.20
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    [TSBS-81056]Saki Yanase 柳瀬早紀 – 甘いふくらみ

    Release date 2016.09.23
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    [SBVD-0361]Saki Yanase 柳瀬早紀 – 溢れる想い

    Release date 2017.06.30
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    [FTBD-013] Saki Yanase 柳瀬早紀 – ずっと笑顔で (2017.09.17)

    Release date 2017.09.17
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    [IMKD-2001] 水樹たま – 一期一会

    Release date 2016/04/22
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    [BFAA-001] Tama Mizuki 水樹たま – ぽちゃぷにボディ

    Release date 2018/05/25
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    [MMR-AK136] Airi Igawa 伊川愛梨 - Airi Igawa with glitter

    Somehow I just knew you'd get this to us. A thousand thank you's! :cheers:
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    [MMR-AK131] Yui Kudo 工藤唯 - Yui Yurari Yui Kudo

    You continue to astound. Much thanks! :cheers:
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    [LCDV-40959] Rui Kiriyama 桐山瑠衣 - Idol One Glamorous J Rui Kiriyama

    I've reported this post. :awas:. Because it needs to be stickied. And because I think you deserve a medal for posting it. :cheers:
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    [MMR-AZ054] 青山ひかる Hikaru Aoyama - 無防備な誘惑 (2.89 GB , MKV)

    If the screencaps are from the vid he actually posted, then no it's the correct cover. Wrong dvd code. Should be MMR-AK054 in the subject line.
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    Yui Kudo (工藤唯)

    And what a double whammy! Thanks a million, for sharing these! :kenyang:
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    FileJoker Exclusive [LCDV-40868/LCBD-40868] Airi Igawa 伊川愛梨

    Same filesize as the non-blu ray rip?
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    You missed your anniversary.

    You missed your anniversary.
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    Alright, where in the heck are you? Are you just on hiatus, or did you eat a bad waffle . . . ...

    Alright, where in the heck are you? Are you just on hiatus, or did you eat a bad waffle . . . . or what?
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    Are you back?

    Are you back?
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    [MMR-AK114] - Legend of Pretty Girl Mokitate Iiri Airi Igawa

    Once again, a huge thanks for all you share here. I love this gal! And thanks for the Subyshare links, as well.
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    [ENFD-4194] 伊藤菜ノ香 - 同棲生活

    As an alternative to bumping old threads asking for re-ups, you could always try doing a Google advanced search, using the catalogue number of the video. I found working links for every one of these vids you've just requested, and most of them on just one blog. You'd probably get them a lot...
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    [MMR-AK109] - Pretty Sister Legend First Kiss Kudo Yui

    Found this elsewhere, highly recommended. Thanks!
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    [LCDV-40899] - Idol One Konno Shiori Rainbow Color Bookmark

    If I could like your post more than once, I definitely would. Thanks for sharing!
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    [BFAZ-006] Tsukasa Kanzaki - Tsukasa's Delusion Yuushi Shinkansen

    What a way to end the year, with a large dose of YUM! Getting this, and thank you! :demam:
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    Burrito_Cat . . . . . . . ou est?

    Burrito_Cat . . . . . . . ou est?
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    FileJoker Exclusive [THNIB-023] Akari Hoshimiya 星宮あかり - The Stains Of An Innocent タイトル未定

    This is me, liking your post. Of course, that "your post was blocked 'cause it doesn't contain any Filejerk links" prevented me from simply using the like button. :rolleyes:
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    [TSDS-42273] - Summer · Breeze Sato Reimi

    Blu ray version here.
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    [BFAA-010] Mayumi Yamanaka - Can I always make your maid?

    All Subyshare links are showing 404 - File Not Found.
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    [OGY-024]Ayaka Fukai 深井彩夏 - 甘美な指先

    It seems nowhere in the video is she shown wearing the outfit she's wearing on the cover. Little bit disappointing, 'cause that's the scene I was most looking forward to. Thanks, as always.
  30. The Prisoner

    [MTN-01] Koharu Nishino 西野小春 SWEET ANSWER (2013.05.31)

    Please consider sending uploaders a pm requesting new links, rather than bumping old threads. Thanks in advance!
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    FileJoker Exclusive [REBDB-282] Rion Izumi 泉りおん - Flowering of a Small Bud 小さな蕾がふくらんで (MKV/2.97GB)
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    FileJoker Exclusive [REBDB-234] Matsuri Kiritani 桐谷まつり - Happy Summer Fest はっぴーさまーふぇすた (MKV/3.46GB)

    I tried to click "like" for this post, only to have a box pop up saying my post was disallowed because it doesn't contain any Filejoker links. But, thanks for this.
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    [ENFD-5549] Ai Kita 喜多愛 - ふたり暮らし

    It's the same encode that was posted here. Took about five minutes to download, with the link you provided. A huge thanks to you!
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    Been a year since you've been on here.

    Been a year since you've been on here.
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    [ENFD-5549] Ai Kita 喜多愛 - ふたり暮らし

    I thought I had this, but as it turns out, I don't. So, if anyone can re-up . . . . . . :cheers:
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    Anyone using Perfect Dark?

    I tried using it a few years ago. If you're looking for idol material, there was surprisingly little of it to be found, at least back then. I found exactly one iso, and very little else.
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    [OMGZ-096] 大森遥香 - HなMILK

    Again, another premium only link?
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    FileJoker May 2017 Contest Winners

    So, how do you win? By having the most files that get deleted?
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    Nothing is going unwell, so I guess that's an affirmitive. Thanks for stopping by.

    Nothing is going unwell, so I guess that's an affirmitive. Thanks for stopping by.
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    Come back!

    Come back!
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    FileJoker Exclusive [MMR-AZ051] 森野朝美 Asami Morino - Asamist

    The filejoker links are premium only, and no other choice of download host has been provided. That is agains the rules. And this isn't the only post of his that lacks any free download links.
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    FileJoker Exclusive [MMR-AZ051] 森野朝美 Asami Morino - Asamist

    He is correct. Premium only links are not allowed.
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    Willing? Yes. Just unable, I'm afraid. This is the best I can do.