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    Request SSL encryption for Akiba online

    A nice idea, but SSL increases server load and this site already likes to show 503 Service Unavailable messages as it is. I do recommend HTTPS for the staff members though. Enable HTTPS on the server for staff and then use the HTTPS Everywhere add-on to automatically rewrite all normal links...
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    More colours for fonts

    Wikipedia has nice color samples here:
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    Non-English Thread Titles

    I personally would be happy with just the actress's name in English. Google Chrome makes it fairly simple to machine translate every page on a site and I have used this function on Russian sites but I have not tried in the mixed environment here.
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    This website is from which country?

    Because we don't want the server to be hungry, or cold, or lonely... we need to know it receives ethical treatment and has a safe working environment.
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    Kim Dotcom says Mega offer free 50 Gb per user.

    I figured it out. I use Linux and Adobe stopped releasing new version of the Linux Flash plugin a while back. Mega detects the old plugin and complains. Google releases new Flash versions for Linux bundled with Chrome, but they use a different plugin system called PPAPI that the other...
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    Windows XP support ends one year from today!

    Microsoft will not release any security updates for Windows XP after April 8 of next year. If you or someone you know is still using XP, it's time to think about moving to a newer operating system... unless being part of a botnet sounds like fun. :pandalaugh: What are the options? 1. If the...
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    The Slow Adoption Of Windows 8. The Next Version Of Windows. Windows Blue. Soon ....

    I got to work on a Windows 8 computer recently and I was surprised how Microsoft was willing to release something with two different UIs stapled together like that... it feels very hackish. I was able to install the free Classic Shell add-on and get the computer to boot to the normal desktop by...
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    Kim Dotcom says Mega offer free 50 Gb per user.

    I actually saw Mega links in a thread here yesterday but I admit I can't find it. In any case this is what you see if you click a Mega link and aren't using Chrome. :scared:
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    Kim Dotcom says Mega offer free 50 Gb per user.

    Too bad Mega has decided to treat everyone not using Google Chrome like a moron. Websites that work in only one browser are so 20th century. :gayprance:
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    movie in is totally fake ?

    Yes, everything on that blog is fake. Here's the other fake sites I have found:
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    Suggestions for a JAV noob (Currently A Julia fanatic)

    Pretty face and big boobs... what else do you need. :) Check out these girls: Airu Oshima 大島あいる Ria Sakuragi 桜木莉愛 Rui Akikawa 秋川ルイ Chichi Asada 浅田ちち Rin Aoki 青木りん Fuko 風子
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    Japanese Tsunami debris hauls invasive species across Pacific to US shores

    I've heard Godzilla has quite an appetite... :scared:
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    Kim Dotcom: Megabox is Not Dead

    He almost like a martyr now, isn't he? Best of luck to him with the legal morass that will surely drag on for years... Maybe someday I can upload to MU again. :)
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    ORON slow as hell now?

    The problem is... as soon as money is involved, community and courtesy take a backseat. People post what's already been posted, people start using a robot to make posts, people stop paying attention to rules about allowed content and hosts. Sites like Megaupload and Mediafire were always nice...
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    Use Mediafire for backup files

    Actually, it must be a mistake. A blog that isn't trying to make money? Unpossible.
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    Who do you think is the most beautiful JAV idol?

    To my mind, one aspect of the word beautiful is a certain sense of maturity or adultness. I'm much more likely to call the gals with a very youthful look cute rather than beautiful. The JAV babe who best fits that definition for me is Julia. She's got a figure with very broad appeal and her...
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    Hosts to Upload to

    And DepositFiles is limiting me to 5kB/s now... :brucelee: So of these hosts I now agree with Wupload as the best.
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    Megaupload Shutdown Fails to Slow File Sharing

    Sure, there's a huge amount of people out there sharing one or two things at a time on random sites or in chat programs... they would using MF due to its qualities. When you frequent forums or blog with lots of "professional" uploaders, that's when affiliate programs suddenly become the most...
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    Use Mediafire for backup files

    When you upload through their webpage, they actually have your machine do a virus scan on the files to be uploaded. I had trouble in Chromium (Google Chrome) with this because the scan would take up some crazy amount of memory (maybe equal to the size of the files to be uploaded?) and sent my...
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    Japaneses Amazing Bustiest Hotest Adult Stars

    I see Minka and Fuko in there. They've both done hardcore.
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    Hosts to Upload to

    I'm not sure where the allowed host topic is here, but Depositfiles seems the nicest host still running right now.
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    Have fun here at Akiba and don't be too shy. :pandalaugh:
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    i think im being sued for downloading porn

    Seems to be a lot of heat on Cheggit at the moment. You may want to hang out somewhere else for a while. Check out PornoLab and have some fun with online translation in the meantime. :)
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    Megaupload Down

    I used them... free account with ~285GB in it. On to the torrents!
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    Kim Jong-Il? Nah, it's Kim Dot-Com!

    He's a jerk, of course... but that's just the same as every other CEO, isn't it? :exhausted:
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    What are you listening to right now?

    rcwcxBf_fTE sooooo 80's! :pandalaugh:
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    "Requires Premium Membership" posts

    I can see allowing a user to post both premium and free links in the same post. Anything else sounds like a lot of work. People paying for premium ought to be using some sort of download manager and I don't think one versus many links will affect them. That said, on my board we don't allow...
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    Sharing links from other forums

    Posting the other person's links is more of the ripoff, IMO. What if the links go dead because you posted them here? Admittedly, people who get download rewards probably don't care about their links being spread around... :scared: You should reupload because it's your post and the work...
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    Why it takes lot of time for people to Upload new JAV fileserve/filesonic etc

    This just goes to show how few people are really responsible for the videos that are eventually found all over the net. The best way to strengthen the ecosystem is to start uploading yourself. :pandalaugh:
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    What's the deal with this JAV link site/blog

    I have also fallen for some of these link scam sites... if you are willing to sign into Google you can hide them from your search results. :notagain:
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    Here's another explanation for uncensored movies

    I would assume Japanese prison is very different from American prison... surely less violent just as their society as a whole is?
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    Why do sharing sites add watermarks to videos?

    Adding watermarks to a work you did not create is an act of profound hypocrisy. It it trying to claim ownership of something you have no claim to. It a selfish statement: do not copy this video, even though I myself copied it... The classic "do as I say, not as I do". It is childish...
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    DMM.R18 region blocked now?!

    Thanks for the fix! :hero:
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    Which JAV idol that has the best Areola?

    I came to say Julia, but you already know about her... :gayprance:
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    Glad to hear there are still some people who start uploading to give back to the community, rather than because they heard you could make some m-o-n-e-y. :exhausted: Greetings and Welcome! :cheer:
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    Anyone can help me about upload file

    It's the tradeoff between posting in public places to get more downloads/money or private places for longer file life. You have to decide which is more important, because you can't really have both.
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    upskirt technic

    Exactly the right tool, considering the smoothness level displayed by most of the posters here. :gayprance:
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    OT, but looking for american girl sites like akiba

    For a public torrent site, there is I haven't used it in quite a while, bit I think it's was/is pretty decent for a public site.
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    How to make purchase from

    Willing to share this info? :evil: EDIT: Nevermind.
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    moderators need to have a non-moderator account.

    Moderators have better things to do than fiddle with having a normal user account. The main use of staff having normal user accounts is for security/permissions testing, and that is done by admins, not mods. In your case it was a simple misunderstanding. Being a staff member doesn't give you...
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    Do you mind your partner "boob size"?

    We all accept some compromise in how our significant others look, but the notion that you can compromise massively and still have a good relationship is illusory. Sexual attraction is what makes an intimate relationship intimate, rather than just a friendship. Looks matter! It's not shallow...
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    Most Women Are BI or Lesbian: Can I say 80 percent?

    Seems you have earned that red rep bar... :pandalaugh: It certainly seems to me that the natural orientation spread for women is more varied than for men, and there is a biological basis for this(that is to say, this difference is not merely because of different social standards for men and...
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    Sick of chronic rule breakers

    Those posters are mostly interesting in getting rich one penny at a time. :evil: Clicking on the rules thread doesn't give them any money so they don't do it. :exhausted:
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    other site

    I took a look at the torrents on that site, and they include something like 100 different public trackers... Do you have DHT turned on? Are you connecting to any peers?
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    Do you still download JAV ISOs?

    I have a friend who does a lot of JAV importing and he commented on this. Many importers actually get stock from South Korea rather than Japan and these are often DVD5s where the original would have been DVD9. Of course, buying the original is much more expensive. ISO implies "original"...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Opeth - The Devil's Orchid G1pi7Dn87mY I was hoping they wouldn't do another Damnation type album... because if I wanted progressive rock instead of progressive metal, I wouldn't be listening to Opeth. :notagain: My theory is that Mikeal can't do his death vocals the way he used to, based on...
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    Your favorite JAV sites, blogs, forums?

    Google is my main JAV site anymore, really. :scared: Search for the DVD code and you can almost always find what you want unless the video is pre-2009. Sometimes it also shows you the extent to which people copy links... there will be lots of results on many different sites, but they all point...
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    Rio Hamasaki is retiring :(

    That's sad news! :notagain: She is one of those girls who every guy would love to have some fun time with... universally appealing, I think. Best of luck to her! I have about 25 videos of hers, there's still plenty to download even with no new output. :piripi:
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    OT, but looking for american girl sites like akiba

    Assuming you want torrents, there are two big private trackers to check out: (site is in Russian, use Google Translate or similar) :tea: