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  1. OscarLewis

    Ameblo: Comments without double-byte characters cannot be posted

    Just wanted to cheer up some people on, but not knowing JP and with them not wanting any English, no can do. At least I can still follow the blogs.
  2. OscarLewis


    It appears the forums strips out emojis. Wrote some in here, if you don't see them, then yes.
  3. OscarLewis

    Performers should change names after changing their visuals

    Once I decide that a performer isn't that much attractive, I ignore her totally. Sometimes these women change for the better: they go to the gym, get implants, change hairstyles. The only good way for me to notice that is if she appears under a different new name. I don't know any that did...
  4. OscarLewis

    [Video] Why Does 4K Look Better on 1080p Monitors

    I read that Japanese have or will have a 8K TV system, meanwhile 1080p is still the most common format for videos online and, I guess, for displays. This video shows that higher resolution can still mean better videos for the ones stuck on old displays - albeit you may still need a better...
  5. OscarLewis

    Database of Resolved Shortned/Redirected Links?

    I have a list of links protected by a link shortener/redirector service which ask for a captcha to be resolved ( in this case). I wonder if there is any kind of database made by users that is used to collaborate and share the resolved links. Just like people share ad-blocking lists, I...
  6. OscarLewis

    Anime in Virtual Reality (VR) Format

    News of released anime made to be watched with virtual reality devices: planetarian VR Video Debuts With 5 Episodes I haven't watched any, but I wonder if they are all going to be computer generated in a similar way to Knights of Sidonia (which, for me, had an okay art, but was really...
  7. OscarLewis

    Book Suggestion: The End of Cool Japan.

    "The End of Cool Japan" is a collection of articles about how Japan's "cultural exports" intersect with other cultures. Sold as a book, but the articles stand on their own. I found it by searching for the term "Candy Doll". One of the articles talks about that studio and its popularity in...
  8. OscarLewis

    Father in Japan on Reddit Worries About His Teenage Daughter Modelling

    Found this thread on Reddit made by a dad worried about his daughter modelling in Japan. He would like to go with her to make sure she is safe, but the business that is hiring her does not want that. Some jerks are making fun of him on another thread. Anyone who watched the documentary Girl...
  9. OscarLewis

    To Uploaders: Video Info as Text in Every Post

    Please, include the resolution, bit-rate and frames per second as text in every post. Example: Resolution: 1920x1080p Bit-rate: 6000 kbps FPS: 60 fps Some already do. Those who don't, please, start, as it is very helpful.