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    can i change my username?

    i starting to think using my real name is a bit much :scared: since i might need my real name for other use:sadomaso:,can admin or moderater help me and change my username to NOSIHC please :please: and thankyou
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    what user-group do we need?

    it might be another idea to talk in user group insted of indivual title supportXD anyone agree?:moe:
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    sub forum sticky the lastest volume

    from the Hentai Manga Magazine Torrents i think is might just be a good idea to sticky a "index" of the vol and and lastest
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    join us User-Group of futanari ふたなり :hypno: oops,wrong URL sorry
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    open a futanari home?

    :shy::shy::shy::shy: hopeing to see more futanari (manga)side