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    can i change my username?

    i got a new name ,wow is not just about akiba online(is about a few other (adult etc )site within these few year i register so i just clean up my name a little bit from the dark ) :exhausted: akiba are one of the few main i attend so shouldn't be too bad to change the other i think anime forum...
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    can i change my username?

    sorry,it does take long for me to ,now i have to :study: do a search and begging for admin to change it
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    can i change my username?

    i starting to think using my real name is a bit much :scared: since i might need my real name for other use:sadomaso:,can admin or moderater help me and change my username to NOSIHC please :please: and thankyou
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    RMVB and WMV - Why?

    agree you at our age..watching anime rmvb is our god life saving(it cope with download speed) (them baby never know how everything come with a reason):attention::attention::attention::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno:
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    What is your Megaupload download speed (with premium account)

    i get used to old age downloading megaupload free download 200k is more than extremely fast to me.w.happy
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    Anime Coloring Book

    thank..keep it up but at the end... if you direct trace ...that still sort of in it copyright stage bit hard to use for display..signnn
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    Why do Americans find tatoos, fake breasts, and anorexia attractive?

    in hong are only for gangster only very small fraction for men will have it...don't evern mention women have tattoo but in seem to more of an art thing personal i get used to gangster system so dislike tatto (sort of trouble)in natural
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    ~:::Hi japan and hi japanese:::~

    surely this forum were not build for leraning japanese...xd so.if you actually want to talk to japanese.use google japan..99%japanese by then and maybe give a search on keyword "learning japanese forum",i'm quite sure you'd be getting much better result..they are also far used to teaching
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    Eden of The East

    otaku armydo little instead of thinking of an solution but phone-lady did the last most important bit.. but the lady run thought naked shoppiinghall was an interesting event..XD
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    oekaki sites

    buy some proper training book... promote youself a little outside so you never bore but if you want to learn all from oekaki's artist are better talking to more time to go to the orignal than the third party... try them all out!!
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    Browser Opera

    firefox all the way...anything just not IE
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    Hi some one have the forum list like this site (akiba-online) please PM me

    SEARCH ON AV TORRENT you will soon end up will a few site but akibaOnline is more than good enough anyway
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    Rape fantasy experiences?

    definity not a easy play... highly complex in both action and mind XD.
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    Naked Japan major nabbed with women's underwear

    that is a bit too much to lost a job for saying that? = hero
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    Slot machine 'hunt' for fugitives

    the photo quility are too high?almost make me think of a filmstar or something seems interesting...wait and see what effect it can bring!!
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    Photos from Japan

    felt a bit like a family live album... ^W^ interesting~keep it up aquamarine
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    new releases January + February 2009

    XD,i'm sort off interest to see what come up next~
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    help in buying magazines in japan

    japanese buying J-mag have never being difficult... but actually scanning 40 magazine say 300page each required lots of times and patience to fap the page,scan ,save,and convence files,upload... scan one voloume of comic require around half a days of work... and some scanner even have to...
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    help me navigate

    i heard amazon ship item out from japan cost a hell lots... but i do not know the prize some unrelative artcle of amzon...
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    join us User-Group of futanari ふたなり 

    xd... is a bit hard to get people involve in know... i'm glad more ppl join up^^
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    Action Anime is Dead

    whenever the artist feel overcowrd of a type of anime,the will change to other market^^ and also a lots of action manga not being pick up worry
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    61-year-old woman gives birth in Japan

    if grandchild meant her daughter cannot give birth within reason i think is OK to wants to keep the blood... all green to me,althought i don't think i wound want to look at any picture
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    What did you do with your life?

    sounds like a extreme otaku
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    Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony - An Analysis

    xd...just needs to tell you that you are in china...xd is a show i guess...
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    Sex Doubts and Myths

    thanks prophet320,you are great just wants to perpare for the future for my lady i hope the aggressive can become part of the women charm... LOOKs like Sakunyuusha asking for something high-tech XD good luck.w.
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    Sex Doubts and Myths

    i was wonder how aggressive can a women become during period... thanks .
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    why do east asian do those things?

    there are lots of "wrong" fetish around,where most normal citizen can't accept...(even open country) still,the world are huge,as long as is not any crimral eg"kill" then there are alway some an interest to do something new,after new...then it become "normal" of someones preference...
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    Yet another landmark

    100000member yeah^^
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    about the word "anal hole" in japanese

    MANGA got everything you can name accepted, i remember some say 肛門 for nurse-play,still very usable xd never a never^^
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    Ideas to humiliate/degrade/have fun with my “pet”

    but on the street will not accept in the public in most country.w.
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    what user-group do we need?

    it might be another idea to talk in user group insted of indivual title supportXD anyone agree?:moe:
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    Groups don't show on profile

    i check on your avator and Group Memberships (1) User-Created Social Groups: * Akiba Girls it work fine to me....???
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    I wana know how many girls are in this forum lady^^ don't forget to join this user group ^^
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    i am longtime collector jukujo age40+ mother mature woman!

    ....... welcome...winmxfun
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    Girl or Genre- which matters most to you? **re-read, question clarified**

    genre ,nothing specific get what i see and like at the times
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    Time Spent on Akiba Online.

    more than 2 hour a day...
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    One thing I never understood...

    never do child porns in real ! ! or rape or anything,Manga are not real,do you think all the artist have a crimeral record keep it clear,what are wrong and right then you'll be fine
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    hi fetish otaku and ok? (oh and im new)

    go around and see the world firstXD most of every majority type of fetishes are around here you have to know yourself first^^ welcome by the way
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    sub forum sticky the lastest volume

    .x. don't worry,is a suggestion,meant to be improvement,if it not ,say it i sometime see people "download them all" and thank the lastest first and backward to the oldest...XD
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    sub forum sticky the lastest volume

    from the Hentai Manga Magazine Torrents i think is might just be a good idea to sticky a "index" of the vol and and lastest
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    Help Set a Guinness World Record

    One million (1,000,000) 1.6m=1,600,000 Total Downloads Region Downloads 2,446,427 well over^^?so i can sleep now with no worry?
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    join us User-Group of futanari ふたなり 

    cool looking forward for futa-lover to upload some image..XD uploaded some image^^
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    What would you do with geass

    only kai-ren and zero lover wounld have ask that.w.
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    Help Set a Guinness World Record

    far far from it...w. will firefox make it to the top^^?
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    Help Set a Guinness World Record

    how much do they need? Total Downloads 3,002,824 for now
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    Tsutomu Miyazaki, the "Otaku Murderer" is executed

    go to hell him, this is all wrong to do things like that...
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    Uhmmm... hello?

    hi there ^^applebread
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    the main agument is mainly of fact topic like"science","history" the concent is that student use wiki for homework ,and then ,the wiki don't match the textbook "that will make an incorrect answer...for exam-board" education problem:attention::attention::attention::attention:
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    Hello everyone

    hi there,talk talk talkXD seems to be just a character taken from anime.w.graphic to make a good banner
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    Watermelon Sells for Price of 15 PlayStation3s

    a happy girl with a group of mid-men:shoot2: