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  1. Jackdee

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    I live close to Tokyo and have been tempted to go a few times, but I’ve resisted for a few reasons. First it costs a lot of money for a short period of time, but that’s not really a deal breaker for me, I’d pay up if i really wanted to. Mainly I think it would be totally underwhelming, the...
  2. Jackdee

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    I think so. I don’t know if she officially retired, but she had a lot of compilation movies out now and that’s usually a sign. It’s a shame because she is totally awesome.
  3. Jackdee

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    As long as you speak Japanese well enough I don’t see a problem with a foreigner getting in and having a good time. You’d have to call ahead I guess and they’ll lay the rules down on you lol.
  4. Jackdee

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    Natsuko Kayama is now the mama (leader) of a high end girls bar in Tokyo. They employ some pretty high end mature AV actresses including Emiko Koike (my favorite), Hirayama Rieko and Maki Hojo in the Sendai branch and many more.
  5. Jackdee

    Asking this raped porn

    Nice work. Movie looks terrible though, lol.
  6. Jackdee

    Why Japanese women are thin?

    Have to agree with this. I’ve lived in Japan for years too, and the average lady in the street isn’t necessarily thin. It can’t be denied there are more skinny people on average compared to many other places, but Japan has more than it’s fair share of shapes, especially middle aged women.
  7. Jackdee

    i can buy videos from gcolle and other japanese sites

    I have lived in Japan for many years and have been a proxy provider before for people living outside Japan (not through Akiba-online). Always pay by PayPal goods and service or equivalent until rapport is built. Best of luck Kanr3r3g. I am sure your services will be appreciated
  8. Jackdee

    GColle registration.

    My kids go to Japanese elementary school so I recognized the pattern ( id never have gotten it otherwise lol). If you aren’t in Japan, someone around here offered to be a proxy.
  9. Jackdee

    help ID this movie maybe Hitomi Aizawa?
  10. Jackdee

    help ID this movie maybe Hitomi Aizawa?

    Yup it says Aizawa Hitomi on the front.
  11. Jackdee

    Anyone know this actress in GS-1961

    Kimura Shino (木村志乃)
  12. Jackdee

    Chubby mommy ID please

    Thank you
  13. Jackdee

    Chubby mommy ID please

    Hi. Any ideas? Many thanks
  14. Jackdee

    Japanese Fuuzoku (adult “services” shops) Discussion

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree that most places are prejudiced toward foreign customers, especially walk-ins. And the open accepting ones will be way over priced or low quality service. As I mentioned in my first post having Japanese skill and doing a little preparation goes a...
  15. Jackdee

    Maria Ozawa, life after porn.

    Escorting in Okinawa?
  16. Jackdee

    Teacher and student

    Yeah she doesn’t seem to have many credits anywhere sadly
  17. Jackdee

    Teacher and student

    That’s great. Thanks.
  18. Jackdee

    Teacher and student

    Any idea who the pink glasses is? many thanks
  19. Jackdee

    Japanese Fuuzoku (adult “services” shops) Discussion

    So, seeing as paying for dick-vag intercourse is illegal in Japan, all kinds of niche shops/ services are available for basically any fetish people have (maybe as a result of the imaginative JAV genres). You can get anything from a shy young lady watch while you jerk off, to a madam shoving a...
  20. Jackdee

    Who is this in seifuku uniform?

    Nagai Luna
  21. Jackdee

    Name this video please

    Try the Jav idol identification forum down below
  22. Jackdee

    Help to Find Some JAV Movies by Story

    Try asking in the Jav idol identification forum.
  23. Jackdee

    ID this movie

  24. Jackdee

    Hello, I need to know what video is this? Thank you!

    You need to ask in the Jav Idol identification thread.
  25. Jackdee

    What Happened to...

    Sorry to jump in. I agree with it being worse than official retirement due to the fact that you aren’t aware what has happened to someone you are a fan of. Perhaps she is ill, passed away, has mental or physical problems. Maybe the person suddenly wants to be off-grid and start a family or have...
  26. Jackdee

    GS-396 (Actress Main Picture on the Right)

    The cast list is- 如月夏希 Kisaragi Natsuki/朝日しずくAsahi Shizuku/希望光 Nozomi Hikari Yoi have better luck posting in the Jav Idol Identification forum, it’s more active
  27. Jackdee

    BANK-036 Actress

    舞奈みく Maina Miku You would have better luck posting in the Jav Idol Identification forum, it is much more active than this one.
  28. Jackdee

    done Code/actress?

    Itsuki Karin 樹花凜 (Nanase Fuka 七瀬風花)
  29. Jackdee

    The Ultimate Incapacitated Thread (Time Stop, Sleeping, Doll, Hypnosis)

    If no one mentioned it already. A useful Japanese phrase for this genre is “無抵抗” muteikou, it literally means “non-resistance “. No one seems to have had trouble find ing what they need, but I thought I’d chime in a see if it helped. There is a delivery health shop here in Tokyo called...
  30. Jackdee

    Old. Uncensored. I have no idea.

    Thanks very much
  31. Jackdee

    Old. Uncensored. I have no idea.

    Can anyone help with this one??家庭訪問する女教師 thanks
  32. Jackdee

    who have a smallest dick in this business

    That one is hilarious
  33. Jackdee

    Fake ejaculation leaked WTF!!!!!!

    It looks and TASTES like the real thing.
  34. Jackdee

    Any idea on the girl or code?

    Wow. You are right, he doesn’t. It wouldn’t stop me answering, but I understand why you don’t want to.
  35. Jackdee

    Any idea on the girl or code?

    haha! Why don’t you want to help him?
  36. Jackdee

    Any idea on the girl or code?

    Try googling スーツ 酔っ払い 4p エロビデオ basically says- suits drunk foursome ero video. Search through images, it might help. AKNR series seem to have a lot in that genre.
  37. Jackdee

    the real meaning of damae ....that actress alway said in the sex scense

    Yeah dame means “no”, “stop” or don’t do that” (you hear Japanese parents screaming it at their kids all the time lol, it’s a very versatile word. They use it in jav (if they appear to be enjoying themselves) to mean something like “I can’t handle it” or “I’m enjoying myself toooo much”. Of...
  38. Jackdee

    What do you think about MIU and Nancy?

    It was this one
  39. Jackdee

    Hot library scene, help please!

    I think it’s NHDTB-444 Sougouwiki lists 4 or 5 actresses. Not sure who she is though
  40. Jackdee

    Mom catches teacher doing son

    Bump. Thanks
  41. Jackdee

    Who is she ??

    the link doesn’t work
  42. Jackdee

    The girl name or code, sex in a convenience store

    It’s from this movie. Neither DMM nor Sougouwiki list actress names.
  43. Jackdee

    Help me find a specific work of Akari Mitani.
  44. Jackdee

    who is this milf?

    Three actresses are listed here
  45. Jackdee

    Akibahara Visit

    I and some other members live in Japan. What are you hoping to do/see? What are your interests?
  46. Jackdee

    Best Hold-the-moan jav tittles or codes

    The Japanese for “silent” is 無言. You get a lot of results by searching that on websites. Maybe you can find some of what you are looking for.
  47. Jackdee

    Does Anyone Know Any tv/movies Actress that leave and goes into JAV PORN?

    This is probably the 10th time I’ve seen this question as a new post . Try searching around and I’m sure you’ll find a well developed thread on this theme.
  48. Jackdee

    [ask] list of bestiality JAV series/studioガマン-2