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    done Who is this beautiful young lady? Aikawa Rua 相川るあ

    I have a dvd by her but I can't find her name anywhere! I'd love to see if she made any other DVD's! Thanks for your help!


    Hi! I'm a 71 year old stat guy with way too much time on his hands. And I was looking over some star idols measurements. And looking at photos/videos some of the "stats" don't add up! For example, Ai Shinozaki's measurements for the last 5 to 6 years at least have been, B87G/W60/H88 and Saaya...

    浜川瑠奈 Runa Hamakawa scene…

    Looking for this scene on video.

    Anyone have Mai Yasuda DVD's/Torrents?

    I have become a huge fan of Mai Yasuda! I have tried to collect pictures of her and tried to get as many DVD's of her as possible but everywhere I search sells Region 2 DVD's which won't play on my USA DVD Player! So any help posting Mai Torrents will be greatly appreciated! And I would guess...

    Where are these lovely young ladies?

    I was going through some photos of my favorite girls and came across these 2! Anybody have the info on where they are now? Risa Shimamoto: Sayaka Tashiro:

    New Friends For Jackston THE ASSMAN!

    Jackston, I want to introduce you to a new ass friend, Emi Asano! She can't make up her mind whether she wants to share her beautiful big tits or fantastic, astounding ass!

    The Most Erotic Photos of Your Favorite Idols

    I have two of my favorite girls with the most erotic poses at least IMO that are really good! Runa Hamakawa & Saaya Irie. The Runa Hamakawa set is out of sequence but you can get the idea!

    Breast Work Done

    Maybe I'm just a naive 68 year old man but my Japanese Idol world has been shocked! I read an article with photos online saying a lot of the young beautiful young ladies I adore have had breast work done! Some I suspected Mio Takaba, Mai Nishida, Iyo Hanaki, Mamoru Asana, but then: Ai...

    [RF]2 Marina Nagasawa Torrents?

    Hi! Does anyone have these 2 torrents (#'s & covers below) of MARINA NAGASAWA? I have gotten 2 previous torrents, TSDS-42139 and TSBS-81031 here on AKIBA, and she has become one of my all time favorites! She is truly amazing! She has an unbelievable body, B82 (32)/W55 (21)/H83 (32) with an F...

    #2 For Jackston The Assman

    Hey Jackston I'm finding GREAT ASSES all over the place! 1st = UESUYGI TOMOYO 2nd= UMI

    For Jackston, THE ASSMAN

    Hey Jackston for all the tremendous asses you presented to the Akiba crowd here is a perfect Ass that belongs to Ai Sayama! The first one is a frontal to see her face and big tits the following 2 are of an amazing Ass! Thanks for being the ASSMAN who always delivers!

    Looking for U-15 Torrents!

    Hi I'm trying to get torrents for my favorite U-15 girls, Miyuu Sasaki, Eriko Mizusawa, Chika Shimizu, and Kana Takasugi (who is now 18), especially their most recent ones the last year to year 1/2! The titles listed under their names were all done 2009-2010 so they do not seed! Any help you...

    New to Akiba-Online!

    Hi I'm new to Akiba-Online in last several months and love the site but I have no tech/computer skills so I'm learning as I go! I'm interested in u-15 torrents! Especially of present u-15 beauties Kana Takasugi, Miyuu Sasaki, Chika Shimizu, Eriko Mizusawa, and Sara Mizuki! And past u-15 girls...