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  1. tylersailer

    The low-points of living in Japan

    Hey Shinjilll if you are in Tokyo (or surrounding) area and need some friends for beer, don't hesitate to hit me up! Or you can try "meetup" it's a social gathering site. May people use it for meeting new people or for English study. I'm sure you have a decent chance to meet with like-minded...
  2. tylersailer

    Tokyo night life

    It can scare you if you do not know the environment. Drunken assholes can start a fight without a reason. Hookers tell you about a nice place with hot girls and take you there, and you end up being surrounded by nice steamy hot Yakuza and be forced to pay 1000 dollars for entrance fee or...
  3. tylersailer

    Japanese tourist returns to Niagara Falls to testify against attacker

    Thanks for the share Ceewan. It's sad but somehow encouraging news. She is brave to speak out loudly. She could be the target of victim-blaming, especially in Japan. But she didn't shut her mouth. Great story. Now they have a murder case in Okinawa involving ex-military American man killing 20...
  4. tylersailer

    WW2 feeling when thinking about Japan

    I love the fact that sometimes we can talk about whose tits are better or if we like hairy pussy, or the implication of Clausewitz' study and the moral of war at the same time. Very very sophisticated people you all are. As for what I think about Japan and its history, I like to draw a...
  5. tylersailer

    Host in Japan

    Oh man your youth days sound rough. I hope you are good now. Take care of yourself.
  6. tylersailer

    Host in Japan

    Yes there are a lot of Hosto clubs in Shinjuku and elsewhere in Japan. But I am sure the case where the hostos are non-Japanese is very rare. Not that it is non-existent. They should be concentrated in large cities like Shinjuku, Shibuya, Umeda, etc. etc.. But to me personally, drinking and...
  7. tylersailer

    Host in Japan

    define "experience" and "lucrative". Yes you MAY earn way more money in short term than average office job. But it's not a career, unless you make it so. Google is your friend. This may be of your interest butler's cafe where the (white) foreign butler serves...
  8. tylersailer

    Do you want to visit Japan?

    Jumping on somewhat traveling ad campaign, late March is good time for cherry blossom flower viewing. You will see things like this: Sc1plpbt_08 by tylersailer posted Feb 27, 2016 at 12:55 PM (courtesy of blogger) I mean not just one place, but the flowers will be everywhere throughout Japan...
  9. tylersailer

    Japan police arrest 44 in nationwide internet piracy crackdown

    Wow thanks for writeup. I did additional research and yes, Sankei newspaper reported the raid in Japanese edition but not in English. I guess torrentfreak got it from there. It's interesting to know the community-feeling torrentfreak has, just like you said they share what they personally...
  10. tylersailer

    Japan police arrest 44 in nationwide internet piracy crackdown

    thanks for the share, Ceewan. Quick google news search gave me little results though. Looks like it is no big deal for ordinary people? Or it is just that police want to remind us once in a while that we can get arrested if we do too much piracy.
  11. tylersailer

    Moving to Japan

    It was not that serious I suppose but thanks for info WillEater. One tip for living in Japan: Don't get freak out by every earthquake you happen to feel. It is kind of everyday thing. You have to deal with it.
  12. tylersailer

    Hostess Girls

    Great share of article, CodeGeek. It is really interesting to learn the girl's side of story. You see this is the discrimination Japan still possesses (un)consciously. They talk about equality but at the bottom of heart they think some people are less equal than others. Just to contribute to...
  13. tylersailer

    Squeeze Boob Charity again Dec 5-6 2015!

    Nice video footage thanks again WillEater. Beware though, I saw one guy in front of me got caught as he was sneakingly videorecording the scene with his smart phone. He was dragged to the side way and never to be seen again... I wonder if similar projects are happening in other countries...
  14. tylersailer

    Squeeze Boob Charity again Dec 5-6 2015!

    Allow me to add my experience of this year here. Just as last year there were many participants, mostly male. As of two hours into the event already 1,200 people participated the event. That's a lot for sure. Some dudes took their girlfriends with them. Lucky guys for having such an open mind...
  15. tylersailer

    Squeeze Boob Charity again Dec 5-6 2015!

    Since this is not a "new" news as they do it every year, I post this info here. Dec 5 - 6 in Tokyo JAV actresses once again will hold the charity event for raising awareness of AIDS and STDs. By letting you squeeze their boob. You can read the last year's thread for detail of event...
  16. tylersailer

    Any of ya'll played "Monster Girl Quest?"

    Wow wow wait a second EzikialRage, did you say you can enjoy ecchi scene when you "lose" to the monster? Not when you "win" the battle? That's kinda new dimension of game to me. You know we play game to win, and get some rewards like exp. or bonus CG. But now you ought to "lose" the game to...
  17. tylersailer

    What's the most graphic JAV/Porno you've encountered?

    Not so graphic AV but anyway... More than 10 years ago when file sharing was getting popular I downloaded and watched this particular AV. One man cummed in her virgina and said "Oh I cummed inside you accidentally. From now on it does not matter if other men wear condoms or cum outside because...
  18. tylersailer

    Congratulations Japan

    Given the timing of post I thought Coolkevin was referring to the passing of national security law when I saw the title... Silly me :( Yeah Japan rugby rules!
  19. tylersailer

    need advice for buying concert ticket in Japan (i live overseas)

    Oh I never thought it is troublesome to purchase a concert ticket from oversea despite the fact that Japan (and music industry in general) is trying to sell their Cool Japan contents to the fans oversea. Several pieces of advice: 1. Check with KyodoTokyo if they deliver your ticket to your...
  20. tylersailer

    Live / life and work in Japan

    Disclaimer: As Codegeek said it is impossible to get an objective information on these topics. What I shall write should not taken as hard facts. They are merely my observation and such. 1. If you mean "open" by "more foregin residents" then Shin Okubo in Tokyo (Korean town) or Yokohama and...
  21. tylersailer

    who here lives in japan and/or has been with japanese girls?

    I wonder if "Butt" is typo of "But"... Yes "Butt generalizations" do not change over times... We all love butt after all no matter what :) Japanese females (girls/ladies) are more group oriented. They even start this habit from elementary schools. I do not know why or I've never heard of any...
  22. tylersailer

    Does anyone know how to have sex chat with Japanese?

    Try It is Japanese language chat room for adults. Just that you cannot know if the partner is really an woman in real life. They can fake their gender, you know. So you might sex-text with ugly butt middle age guy pretending to be a teenage pretty girl. And no, I never used it.
  23. tylersailer

    who here lives in japan and/or has been with japanese girls?

    Did Ukon no Chikara drink help you be ready for the one night stand? :p I never tried tinder, I thought it is for US or Europe. Not for Japan. But I got no guts to try it here anyway... One question. What is your opinion about the girls who only date with the foreigners (read: white American)...
  24. tylersailer

    Live / life and work in Japan

    As for the manga/art thing, why not try pixiv? I heard that the mobile game companies hire the artists through pixiv to draw anime/manga characters for their games. Your pixiv account acts as a showcase and contact point. Just that there are a number of reports of scam and bad contracts for...
  25. tylersailer

    Live / life and work in Japan

    Codegeek, Can I ask you a question? Why do you opt out the option of working at English schools? There are schools/companies that send their teachers to workplaces for lessons. At the class, you can be very friendly with the students (preferably HR type) and ask him if there is a vacancy...
  26. tylersailer

    What games are you playing?

    Winning Eleven is great only when you have Friends in the same room shouting and cursing at TV lol. I know you can play it online but still having players around is much better feeling. But seriously WE is great game. Not sure for latest ones as I only played ones for PS2. Controll is good and...
  27. tylersailer

    What It Means The Japanese Expression ? .... Thanks.

    It says "do-zo" not "do do". It means "please" in general term but in radio context it means "(I'm) over". See, when your turn of conversation is over, you say "over" right? (or so I learnt from war movies) That is what it is. This is the reason they always say "do-zo" at the very end of...
  28. tylersailer

    Tentacles, but no snakes--Why?

    That is interesting topic. Let me squeeze my head to give some inputs. Legality: As you see above, there are some videos with snakes. Or eels seemingly. Japan is the land where you can LEGALLY buy a dvd of super under age girls in super tiny bikini. How can they ban snakes before under age...
  29. tylersailer

    Game of Thrones

    Quick Google search tells me that it was aired on Star Channel in 2013. This Star Channel is a Satelite TV station so you have to pay to watch. Maybe that is the reason The Game of Thornes is not that popular in Japan. Heck it is funny to think that such a huge successful TV programme is not a...
  30. tylersailer

    Can someone help me translate some Japanese text?

    You gotta thank lochichuong2 for his generosity. I wonder how long it will take until we see some reliable progammes for image-translation. Btw, from the context of the text, or I should say, from the situation you got the message, you could guess what it meant... Especially you were watching...
  31. tylersailer

    Photos from Japan

    I thought Ceewan, intelectual yet funny dude, was referring to the two ramen bowls as ladies. We know they pose for you good, like those lovely gravure idols. Especially in midnight when you shouldn't eat any food for your health. Yokohama night view... Nice one. Where is this temple if you...
  32. tylersailer

    is n4 JLPT same as kyuu 4?

    Muz Thanks for insights. Seeing your photos on the other thread (the one with the receptionist), I assumed you went there on business. Well you spoke with them so I think your language helped somehow. The language test is somewhat the same for any languages. Concentration is key as you say. Hope...
  33. tylersailer

    is n4 JLPT same as kyuu 4?

    Muz you should do some research before posting something that just popped up in your head. Internet is not only for porn but for information as well. no offence but just my thought. I know you want to contribute to the discussion on the forum. Well...
  34. tylersailer

    Studying in Nagano Japan this Winter

    そうですか。それを聞いて安心しました。飲みすぎに注意してくださいね。 There may be another earthquake afterwards. Just watch out mate.
  35. tylersailer

    Studying in Nagano Japan this Winter

    MXS-, There was serioud earthquake in Nagano region on 22 Nov evening. I hope you just ducked and covered from the danger like falling debris.
  36. tylersailer

    Halloween In Japan

    Ceewan, thanks for interesting stories. Japanese ghost stories are uncanny as hell. Mixture of animism and spirituality... God I should not read these at night... As for Halloween, I think many business and industries are using the festive just to promote whatever the products they have. Candy...
  37. tylersailer

    Studying in Nagano Japan this Winter

    I guess the usual techniques for meeting people shall work for you. i.e. going to dance clubs, joining club/circle activities. If your school or university has some sports clubs or international community clubs, it should be worthwhile to pay a visit. I mean, back in my days in university, that...
  38. tylersailer

    Studying in Nagano Japan this Winter

    Sorry my friend I have never been there before (Wish I could!). Wiki tells me it is the home of anime movie "summer wars". Looks like quite a peaceful countryside. I am sure you will have a good time. Since it is countryside, the small kids may be surprise to see foreigners. You know, "wao...
  39. tylersailer

    JAV Translation

    Some thoughts on subtitles. Take this nothing but just addition to discussion... 1) By subtitle, do people assume to get "the subbed movie file" from him? I once made a video with subtitle, but it was pain in the arse. You want to synchronize the timing, choose the best words for context, care...
  40. tylersailer

    Gals Paradise (Japanese Race Queen Magazine)

    So your dream of visiting Japan came true finally? Pity that you did not grab the physical book at the shop and now you are looking for data/file. Anyway hope you enjoyed the stay. And the real/physical Japanese girls as well.
  41. tylersailer

    Squeeze A Boob For Charity

    CodeGeek, Wow, nice extensive research. Too bad that some girls were not on DMM list. Maybe they are new comers? Or maybe they used the occasion to promote their publicity (and boobs). The supporters were just there to arrange the queues or collect the money for merchendise (charity T-shirts...
  42. tylersailer

    blind by ignorance

    blind by ignorance
  43. tylersailer

    Squeeze A Boob For Charity

    I only saw one western dude. He had a really happy smile on his face after the touch. I am sure there should be more foreigners who attended the event. The boob volunteer girls: Rina Serino Iku Sakuragi Kotone Nishida Nodoka Otsuka Hitomi Maisaka Karin Natsumi Yui Kasugano Riku Nekota Yuria...
  44. tylersailer

    Squeeze A Boob For Charity

    Hi Akiba fellows. I attended this charity event this year again (I did last year too). The touch of boobs was great. Also I had fun seeing a lot of perverts including myself quietly patiently lining up for their turn. I arrived there one hour before the event ended. Still more than thirty or...
  45. tylersailer

    Moderators please delete this post if you find it out of place here on akiba. An open letter of appe

    Thanks CodeGeek for pointing out the perspective. Before I read your comment I was recalling my bad day. holdonthere, I tell you, it will not be nice to go fly to foreign country and look for someone so broken and miserable (if you ever plan to do it). I know it because I did it before. I had...
  46. tylersailer

    Finally going again.

    Safe trip mate. Kinda difficult to read your travel plan, maybe because one has to know the real geographical knowledge and some travel tips in Japan. Or maybe because I cannot get my eyes off from your avatar. From NRT to HND, as you mentioned, there are not many DIRECT trains. So you better...
  47. tylersailer

    Photos from Japan

    Oh man that looks amazing. From the present photo I cannot imagine that such a horrific event took place at the same place. But the time is frozen for the watch and its owner (maybe) all right... Thank you for your upload. Ah wait what is that Unknown Flying Object in the sky?
  48. tylersailer

    Photos from Japan

    Suvlaco: Yes indeed you are right. I just presumed anyone who comes to a forum like AO has more or less interest in Akiba stuff. Thanks for enlightenment. Or maybe we all are Japan Otaku in a way or another. Be it Anime, Manga, JAV, Historical sites, Japanese junk food or School Girls...
  49. tylersailer

    Photos from Japan

    hodsgod: Since 1987!? Do you mean you have been Otaku for 27 years? If so that is just hardcore my friend, considering the limited access to the Anime/Manga stuff back then (maybe I assume too much). It would be lovely if you have now-and-then sort of photos. You know, 2 decades ago it looked...
  50. tylersailer

    What Is it About JAV?

    Your name says it all! The boob is different :p Apart from boob (whether real/natural or surgical) I think there are many factors that constitute the difference. Some of the factors I can think of are like how much open/tolerant toward sex, sense of embarrassment on being nude, etc etc. See...