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    Question: Setting a default directory for HJ-Split ?

    Hello. Is it possible to set a default directory for HJ-Split ? I'd like it to always open one level above my downloads, so I won't need to drill my way down every time. a) I don't see an preferences option in the application. b) I've tried adding the path to the Short-cut Icon's...
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    What's the name of this chick ?

    What's the name of this chick, please ? Where-ever I've come across her pic(s), they've not been named. Thank you.
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    An Effective Way of Organising Your JAV Collection ?

    Does anyone have an effective method of organizing their JAV collection ? In an attempt to avoid acquiring the same title twice (a couple of instances), I began keeping a list in a Word document. As the collection grew, I added cover thumbnails, and some cross-reference hyper-links...
  4. [MIGD-137] 常盤りん – ドリームウーマン64 常盤りん

    Password to MIGD-137 ? Excuse me for being a bit thick, if I've missed it... May I enquire what the password is to extract these files ?