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    Please post all forum bugs here

    and both have the same code "giveup".
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    Question: Setting a default directory for HJ-Split ?

    Hello. Is it possible to set a default directory for HJ-Split ? I'd like it to always open one level above my downloads, so I won't need to drill my way down every time. a) I don't see an preferences option in the application. b) I've tried adding the path to the Short-cut Icon's...
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    What's the name of this chick ?

    Oh, I see. I was wondering why her tits kept changing size. A little squeeze-bulb under her arm - chuffa, chuffa, chuffa... And release, Ssssssssssssh. I've always found these 'one-word' names a nuisance for searching. Thanks, again.
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    What's the name of this chick ?

    Julia Hitomi, I'm guessing, from the cover. Thank you, 3nuts. :D
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    What's the name of this chick ?

    What's the name of this chick, please ? Where-ever I've come across her pic(s), they've not been named. Thank you.
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    Things that piss you off.

    Setting up the machine to catch some good Sci-Fi. Sitting down to watch it, and the network has put on some shit reality show that's run over-time. Who on earth wants to watch a show about some snotty nose eight year olds baking fucking cookies ?! And if it's a 45 minute show, what's it...
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    what are you watching? (tv shows)

    Mads Mikkelsen is ok. I've watched him heaps on Danish TV. Comparing anyone to Anthony Hopkins seems pretty pointless, really. In case it hasn't been mentioned above, Banshee is worth a look at. Person of Interest, Vegas (60's era), Golden Boy. The BBC's Wallander is rather dark and...
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    Kids Having Fun In The Dunes Ganman Style?

    Well, they do say it's in the eye of the beholder. :puzzled:
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    This website is from which country?

    Why is country so important ? This is planet Earth ! :grassdance:
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    Develop a fanless cooling system for laptops

    Perhaps I missed something but, sucking air in, then pushing it back in the opposite direction, doesn't seem to me to be the most efficient way of circulating air.
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    Giant Kuratas robot comes to life in Japan

    Heh. You ended up writing the same stuff I decided not to mention. :cheer: If I may, however - The term mechanised (mechanisation) originates from the 'upgrading' of horse-drawn units to vehicular units. World War I vintage. 'Tanks', as such, were actually developed to overcome the...
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    Giant Kuratas robot comes to life in Japan

    Fair enough. I do understand the terminology. I just meant that, from an engineering standpoint, I see the exo-skeleton as say, the 'basic' model, and the 'Mech' as the 'all features included' model.
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    Giant Kuratas robot comes to life in Japan

    I don't actually see much difference between the two. Granted, I'm not a follower of the genre that spawned Battle-Tech, Transformers, et al. But I feel that at the base level of engineering, it's all pretty much one and the same. Hydraulics appear to be the core means for movement, whether...
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    An Effective Way of Organising Your JAV Collection ?

    And here I was, just worried about which movie is on what disk... Your talk of a web server has my interest. I'm (at this point only vaguely) toying with the idea of establishing a server to host very small files, including images. Can you point me to some reference points at which I can...
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    Giant Kuratas robot comes to life in Japan

    They're already in use. I do apologise for not being able to recall the title of that documentary series I mentioned previously. What is being used by the military, and health services, are robotic 'exo-skeletons'. Not as large as Kurata's robot, or Ripley's walking forklift for sure, being...
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    Giant Kuratas robot comes to life in Japan

    Bouncing along the street, doing that 'horsey' dance - "Op, op, op, op..." Oh, wait... That's the other one... This robot appears in a documentary. Unfortunately, I don't remember the title. I remember Stephen Hawking did a series on technology, but there was another short series doing the...
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    These Japanese Disaster Shelters Look a lot Like Dragon Ball Space Pods

    This is the best 'helping-out' idea I've seen for yonks. In that case, Dragon Ball Space Pods look remarkably similar to the old single serve ice cream balls, from the '60's and '70's. As for dropping 25 metres - ever seen the life pods launched from a cargo ship ? That's likely where they got...
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    A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey

    There's never been any proven correlation between unauthorized downloads and so-called 'lost' sales. The majority (but not all) of my mp3 downloads duplicate what I've already forked out for on vinyl and CD. I also download a shit load of (e)books, but I still purchase what I can...
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    So I May Have Been Scammed...
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    An Effective Way of Organising Your JAV Collection ?

    Does jriver media center 18 operate across multiple drives (networked), and removable disks (CD, DVD, et al) ? Ah - Got the answer for the first part of that whilst I was typing. (Yes). It looks like a souped up version of iTunes (not that I've used that either...)...
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    So I May Have Been Scammed...

    So, she's complained to PayPal ? Surely, as you've indicated, they (PayPal) can't expect a reimbursement for consumable goods which have been received and consumed. I would also expect that access to any accounts by any member of the same household is her / their own responsibility.
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    Teen Commits Suicide After Seeing His Favorite Naruto Character Die

    Many years ago, I saw a 4 year old kid take a flying leap off a 4 foot high veranda, to land flat out on his stomach on the grass. He was playing 'Greatest American Hero'. He was, a short time later, bowled over by a car in the street, and he was really pissed off. "Bloody car didn't stop!"...
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    can anyone tell me how to use DOWNLOADS?

    Yes. Although I prefer to use 'open Link in new Tab', so I don't need to find my way back to the rest of the links. That's just a fact of life. Some posts offer you more than one file host (Mirrors). If not, search for the video 'code' (XYZ-123) to see if any other links are offered for the...
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    Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install

    It's as bad as when I went outside this morning - "Where's my fucking car?!" "It's gone into Ford - Firmware upgrade." "But I don't want an upgrade. I just need to get my shopping done." "Oh, you won't be able to do that." "Why not?" "You shop at Coles." "So?" "They don't have a valid...
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    An Effective Way of Organising Your JAV Collection ?

    That's only good for what's still on the drive. Once your collection spans multiple drives, and dozens of disks, it's not so easy. There's a windows utility that does the same as the old DOS pipe method. It covers sub-directories as well. I don't remember if it spans volumes - it has been a...
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    Metal Object On Mars. Curiosity Rover.

    I swear, this is my cat's litter tray ! :XD:
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    DVD Codes Do they stand for something?

    Dewey Decimal System. :study:
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    Could Hurricane Sandy Be Weather Modification At Work ?

    I'll have some of what he's having ! :joker:
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    Stop Using Imagecherry

    The last words of astronaut David Bowman. No. Hang on... That was 'stars', wasn't it... :evil:
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    Wait a minute... no seeds that don't... that means... All seeds must be downloading ! :gayprance:
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    Opposite Behaviors ? Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks, Antarctic Grows

    Every major problem on this planet comes back to one factor: Too many people. Zero Population Growth (ZPG) need not mean no children. Limiting two children per couple (1 for 1) maintains a baseline. Accidents, illness, disaster, reduces the overall population. Things will eventual...
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    AT&T set to start six-strike anti-piracy campaign?

    Who's to say: A. That you don't have permission. B. That the download content is subject to copyright. There's a real danger here. I could be targeted just because I store my own personal content at an IP that someone has alleged is connected with illegal activities. That's like...
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    Want to see and know what the inside the GOOGLE search engine ?

    There's a nice healthy paranoia. By the time the government processed enough of that crappy data to do anything about the average user, the user would have died of old age, and it'd be too late. If anything, the data has more value in being used to sell you something.
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    A study shows that the size of the screens is increasing .....

    It took a study to figure all this out, hmm ? No one mentioned it'd all happened before, with CRT ? That's just all part of growing up and, getting old. Um..unless of course, you get it caught in a drawer or, the neighbor's dog runs off with a piece, when you nipped out to grab the morning...
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    Samsung's Chinese manufacturing plant employs children in injury-prone environment

    70% ? That's a damn good wage for a kid. I got bugger-all, for years ! Standing all day at your post for punishment - a luxury ! Sacked after an injury ? - a quick lick from the dog, seal up the wound with superglue, and back to work. And it's the Thai's that eat dog.
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    Ban more image hosters

    Adblock Plus is a good FireFox plug-in for this sort of thing.
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    Want to see and know what the inside the GOOGLE search engine ?

    Nice. A tad fancier than my own setup, of course - but if you have the money... Uh-Oh, cooling tower's ruptured again - Snorkel and Flippers, everyone !
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    Digital cameras

    They screwed up with photo-copying as well.
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    Windows 8

    If win 8 is anything like 7, then God help us. I think Microsoft has long passed the point of introducing anything useful in its upgrades. Bogging down my machine a bit more - I'd pay double for that feature !
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    Nintendo 3DS XL (3DS LL)

    If they're making the thing larger, isn't that a move away from 'portable gaming' ? If the trend continues, you may as well go back to your desk.
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    The dual screen notebook ASUS Taichi. About $ 1,300

    It could be useful in meetings and conferences, I guess. The outer touch screen, with the notebook in 'pad' mode might be handy in enclosed areas - eg, trains, planes, etc. Still seems a tad gimmicky though. Just fuck off the windows 8, throw in another Asian chick, and I might be...
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    48÷2(9+3) = ?

    I've still got my 'Rotring' inkers ! A decent Rapidograph set of that's not seen the light of day in 30 years.
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    ViewSonic Intros Dual-Point Optical Touch LED Display

    That's not a bad price. Most LCD touch-screens are well over double that. Limited usefulness, however. You won't get anywhere near the precision of using a mouse. Stubby fingers just don't have the fine resolution required. You think you have a problem with dirty, mucky screens now -...
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    [R] 尾野真知子vs黒人 (ZEX-099)

    Torrent link found here:
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    48÷2(9+3) = ?

    No, you're fine with what you're saying. I as just adding my thoughts, but noting that I have no real knowledge of specialised or obscure branches of mathematics. (Apology 2, is that keeping up with the chat is difficult, as apparently I am only allowed 3 posts over a 72 hour period...)...
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    [R]強制フェラ奴隷4 若林樹里(SDDE-030)

    Not my links, but they appear active at the moment.
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    What Happens to Japanese Porn Stars After They Retire? Inside the Mind of an AV Model

    I've oft' wondered how it is that such a quantity of amazingly attractive Japanese women end up making porn. You'd think there would be plenty of 'better' avenues to pursue. Although, I once read "Sex is as natural to the Japanese as breathing". The original article is rather lacking in...
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    48÷2(9+3) = ?

    I can't comment on the mathematics aspect of contexts, as I don't have the knowledge base. However, I do know that conventions were introduced to handle this sort of dilemma. In regard to programming languages, and calculators, my feeling is that omissions were made earlier in the creating of...
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    Firefox OS has a great opportunity.

    Means nothing to me, I rarely use the phone, even the land-line. If I want to take a picture, I use my camera. If I need to use the internet, I use my computer. If I feel like having a chat with someone, I go and see them. If I want to see a kooky cat, I have the real thing - right here ...