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  1. EroMura777

    Who is this lovely trendy looking girl?

    Kururugi Mikan
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    english graffiti on body of jav star

    Is that a screenshot or a photo from the photoset? They are blurring the "ン" in チンポ. They ever do that in the titles, though
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    Cum on food

    I just found a very brief moment of cum on food in HYPN-005. HYPN is the SOD Create label focused on hypnosis and mind control.
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    Leaked (unmosaiced) vids listing (first post will be updated ad infinitum)

    there's always the private trackers way, such as PornoLab. They have quite good retention and it's free to sign up for an account.
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    how to download videos from javhub?

    command line
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    Cum on food

    Sounds like something Milky-Cat would do
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    Cum on food

    I recently stumbled into this title from 2006: It seems to have a scene where the girl eats a pudding with cum. What's funny is that they don't seem to mention it in the web description only in the back of the cover, so it's easy to miss this title.
  8. EroMura777

    JAV with Mom having sex/getting raped by son's friend or bully.

    About tags, there has been a rehaul in DMM/Fanza recently and some have disappeared and others have appeared, plus now they censor some words so it's a bit more difficult to find titles for some genres.
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    Can someone explain how JAV is filmed with a real-time screen depiction off-camera?

    Is it possible that the same camera that is used for recording sends the same signal to the TV as security cameras do?
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    宇都宮しをん Shion Utsunomiya aka RION

    It was only some months early.
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    Is anybody else experiencing issues with

    It works fine for me. Have you tried another browser?
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    Identify an original movie from a Best of

    My best advice is to go to the DMM page of this movie: And select every actress one by one: 桃瀬ゆり 水野朝陽 きみと歩実 山本エリカ 安藤かれん 美保結衣 藍川美夏 柊木のあ 佐々木あき 初美りん 美谷朱里 宝田もなみ つぼみ 大槻ひびき 秋山祥子 優梨まいな 君島みお 蓮実クレア...
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    I think it's decensored using javplayer
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    JAV Gossips

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    Ai uehara is back news 2019

    Nothing confirmed, but is at least suspicious if she comes back to social media in a public profile and with the same name she used for JAV.
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    JAV movies in Bus/Train/and other "public" places

    AtoM has a series where a girl is tied inside a bus:
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    In that Asfur series there is at least one scene with 3 or 4 loads, at least in most of the 19 previous installments. And by the way I just watched the trailer and it's awesome.
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    JAV star's streaming information

    I'm in the Abema TV broadcast and there's commentary in Chinese, is it normal? EDIT: I read the other thread. BTW, I've been using the VPN in this page: the SoftEther VPN method, there are some VPNs that don't work, and some others that do
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    JAV with Mom having sex/getting raped by son's friend or bully.

    I use the Google Translate website, it allows to enter text in Japanese, and just identified some kana that I know how to write, put it in GT, copied to DMM website and go to the result with Mio Kimijima, and copy the full title form there, where there's also the code available
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    JAV with Mom having sex/getting raped by son's friend or bully.

    the back of the cover says there are 5 titles and are listed below: 初イキナンパ!街で声をかけた奥様たちがカメラの前で初イキに挑戦!!一度イク快感を覚えた妻たちが超敏感変態覚醒!4名収録 (MADM-080) 「おばさんが何回でも勃たせてあげる!!」素人熟女妻たちによる童貞筆下し3 ALL2連続生中出し 4組完全収録! (MADM-084) 悪エロガキの巨乳奥様狩り 君島みお (NITR-388) ケツ穴見せつけ猥褻ピストンSEX 君島みお (NITR-403) 猥褻BODYべろキス中毒 君島みお (NITR-410)
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    JAV Gossips

    More like she will appear in a press conference and tell when she is expected to have the baby
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    JAV star's streaming information

    I see is the same broadcast of The Night that was available past week in
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    Yes, it looks promising, I posted the cover like 3 weeks ago :/ Anyways, you can watch the free sample HERE
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    Why is there less clitoral stimulation in Jav compared to American porn

    I think that male orgasm is clearly visible through ejaculation, but, how does a female orgasm look like?
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    Rena Fukiishi did her gokkun unban movie two years ago (December 2016): (14 shots) 2 years (and a month) later she'll be doing this one: (30 shots combined) What do you think are the chances she'll be going to Knights Visual or SPC/Asfur in the future?
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    No sample video yet, but screenshots look promising
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    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)
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    too many jav idols are retiring

    But high profile actresses didn't pop overnight, they needed some movies to get to that level. People, however, doesn't seem to give them a chance to become stars.
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    Investing in Porn Production.

    Not sure if you are still interested in that but maybe @Inertia could give some insights
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    I saw on Twitter that today they are filming the second part.
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    ITT: Mix and Match "game"

    Choose an actress, retired or active, and choose a series, currently active or long time inactive, in which she hasn't appeared and you'd like to see her. For example, I'd like to see Kanna Misaki and Arisa Hanyu in the 食ザーごっくんバイキング series I also'd like to see JULIA and Mako Oda in the...
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    Arisaka Miyuki is so hot

    They haven't watched enough Japanese porn
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    Petition to reduce watermarks in JAV videos?

    From what I gathered from knowledgeable people in here, Japanese studios press their disks in Taiwan, which is the main focus of piracy just because studios are too lazy to search for Japanese disk press, and Japanese people don't tend to pirate barely anything if at all.
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    Cum snowballing between girl-guy or girl-girl

    In SORA-071 they do a bit of that in the final scene
  36. EroMura777

    About Kana Ohori

    As far as I know she's still retired
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    JAV with Mom having sex/getting raped by son's friend or bully.

    When I watched the trailer for GVG-759 I thought they were a mom and a teacher.
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    JAV Gossip chatroom

    If you change "porn actress" for "youtuber" or "twitch streamer" it doesn't sound as glamourous.
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    JAV Gossips

    More victims reporting, broadening the meaning of "rape" That doesn't necessarily mean there are more cases, just that they are nowadays more visible.
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    The Ultimate Incapacitated Thread (Time Stop, Sleeping, Doll, Hypnosis)

    From what I got of a talk with @Inertia some time ago is that if you bring the money to a JAV studio, you may be able to negotiate a custom video.
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    Cum on food

    Sample video:
  42. EroMura777

    double anal in JAV ?

    Also, it's easier putting a black bar when censoring an H-manga than putting mosaic everywhere in JAV.
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    JAV star's streaming information

    Rena-chan ❤
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    JULIA: fans or foes

    From another recent thread:
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    List of keywords for looking fetishes on japanese sites?

    For boobjob look for パイズリ, and for buttjob I'd search for 尻コキ
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    JAV Gossips

    Stop master-baiting and start masturbating... lolololol
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    Discussion about DMM website
  48. EroMura777

    Discussion about DMM website

    I have to say that DMM Points are super-convenient. I bought some through Paypal, so I don't have to give my CC number to + I can use the money in my account
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    JAV star's streaming information

    She has very good pronunciation.
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    JAV star's streaming information

    She's playing Shadowverse in a Kizuna Ai cosplay.