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  1. RiceLover

    Young Champion 2016 No.12 DVD (柏木由紀 小間千代 鈴木ふみ奈 金子栞 西村麻依 窪田美沙 他)

    I appreciate the post, these are my favorite type of idol video, but none of these links seems to work. They all stop after just a few minutes, incomplete. Sigh.
  2. RiceLover

    [FRIDAY] 2020.01.03 Koume Watanabe 渡邉幸愛

    My current favorite. She's perfect.
  3. RiceLover

    FileJoker Exclusive [Young Gangan] 2019 No.11 DVD

    The problem was apparently on my end. Now they work. Weird.
  4. RiceLover

    FileJoker Exclusive [Young Animal] 2019 No.17 DVD

    I don't mean to complain but this set of links hasn't worked, at least for me, in several days. I get a "too many connections" error which may just mean there are too many of us!
  5. RiceLover

    FileJoker Exclusive [Young Gangan] 2019 No.17 [16V|4.85GB]

    I appreciate the work you're doing getting these up again. The video of Kome Watanabe is worth every moment!
  6. RiceLover

    FileJoker Exclusive [Young Gangan] 2019 No.11 DVD

    None of these links seem to be working. They start and then stop much too soon.
  7. RiceLover

    FileJoker Exclusive [WPB-net] 2019.02 No.227 Rina Koike 小池里奈 スペシャル写真集「25歳~おかえり里奈~」

    I get the same message: This file can only be downloaded by Premium Member Upgrade to Premium Account and download any files at unlimited speed!
  8. RiceLover

    FileJoker Exclusive [Young Animal] 2018 No.21

    I always like Nana Asikawa but Arisa Komiya is great too. Thanks for sharing!
  9. RiceLover

    FileJoker Exclusive [YS Web] 2018-10-17 Vol.823 Saaya 紗綾

    Thanks! She's never looked better!