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    [R]夫に内緒で他人棒SEX「実は主人の精液も飲んだことないんです」(HAWA-045) TIA
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    [IDed][SDMS-269]オトコのスケベな妄想シリーズ VOL.3 今まで知らなかった!?こんなにHな国民総選挙!!

    This is from SDDE-130, the previews at the end. Can someone help identify this video? Thanks. Even more grateful if you could find a link for it somewhere!! Thanks!
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    looking for jav video suggestions-oral,blowjob anytime, anywhere on demand

    does anyone know some jav videos where the premise is that your a powerful man, or ruler with a harem of japanese girls that will blow you/sex you on demand whenever you want in whatever costume or scenario you desire? basically the videos where the girls will follow your sexual requests themed...
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    Malware warning on Javtorrents - fetish jav torrents

    The site ahead contains malware Attackers currently on might attempt to install dangerous programs on your computer that steal or delete your information (for example, photos, passwords, messages, and credit cards). Google Safe Browsing recently detected malware on...
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    Studying in Nagano Japan this Winter

    I will be studying Japanese in Ueda Nagano, Japan. Anyone from there or know someone that could help me out from this community? I will be visiting tokyo and osaka in the coming breaks.
  6. MXS- and opinions and concerns

    Hi guys, Since ryushare is gone, has anyone tried I've used it in the past and i didn't get any major issues or copyright warnings. Speed is fast and it gives you the option of http and https in jdownloader. Price is 13.99usd for 30 days. The people i like who post stuff, at...