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  1. WillEater

    [HEYZO_2448]Saori Okumura - Erotic Massage for Saori

    Ten minute to D.L, I'll seed for a bit..
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    AV Star as prostitute

    Good news travels fast..
  3. WillEater

    Sad But True, Hooters Japan To Close
  4. WillEater

    How do you get your JAV DL's nowadays?

    @jane2man Hd JAV is free these days.. Yes, on pronhub. And, as a kicker, bing videos has HD JAv also.
  5. WillEater

    Lockdown Solved?

    Yay Team
  6. WillEater

    Lockdown Solved?
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    How to download from highporn

    I just viewed highpron, seemed ok, but not what I call "High Porn". The site has the best censored AND uncensored JAV available. FREE! You can stream it or use a video download app if you wish. They even have a few Jr. Idols there.. (They are not called Jr. Idols though)
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    Minimum-AV Collection [MUM-xxx] [I Love You MuM]

    On a related note.. Pornhub has MUM-160 available streaming.
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    Would Bill Gates disappoint the way I use Windows?

    No, and he has an eye on you..
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    Olympics Tokyo 2020

    Sad, but better safe as they say.
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    Olympics Tokyo 2020

    "Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing" to quote a Karaoke song. Canada and Australia both have pulled out of the Tokyo Olympics. As they say, "The End Is Near"..
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    People come and go in your life

    Some pay for sex, some pay to go away..
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    Olympics Tokyo 2020

    Got Flu? Word on the street, travel is down, Olympics is a "Maybe" until pandemic is over. Any news?
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    Was Japan an evil country?

    The early days.. Between the 12th and 19th centuries, feudal Japan had an elaborate four-tiered class system. Unlike European feudal society, in which the peasants (or serfs) were at the bottom, the Japanese feudal class structure placed merchants on the lowest rung. Confucian ideals emphasized...
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    Was Japan an evil country?

    Another View " Throughout the centuries, the cultural ethos of a particular social class has stamped its image indelibly on Japanese history. The tenth and eleventh centuries were the Age of the Aristocrat, when noble families in Kyoto amassed fortunes, took their leisure in palatial mansions...
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    Yumi (Japanese commedienne)

    She never calls anymore..
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    How do you get your JAV DL's nowadays?

    The website "" has almost everything indexed, and free to D/L. They even have a very large collection of "Mosaic Removed" videos. Enter any search string, and be amazed.
  18. WillEater

    Photos from Japan

    While I was in Japan, I managed to travel on every available transport method. Bus, Van, Train, Bullet Train, Taxi, etc. Not once did I see schoolgirls being fingered by male riders. And, I did not finger any school girls. Maybe next trip.. :)
  19. WillEater

    1964 Hondas S1000?

    Yes, an American "Hot Rodder" rebuilt a 1964 Honda S600 and slipped in a Honda 1000 motorcycle engine. Whee..
  20. WillEater

    仲村みう初AV!Miu Nakamura goes JAV!

    She does seem to enjoy her acting job..
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    Do Japanese girls care if you are rich?

    Here's A Rich Guy. 20,000 girls want to be his GF.'s-girlfriend-entrants-top-20-000?
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    Videos From Japan

    Time To Eat..
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    Life-sized Dolls

    As in most things today, quality counts. (A LOT) A cheap purchase may not fulfill your fantasy.
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    Life-sized Dolls

    Hmm, "Take The Mold From The Actual Girls".. There's a job I could get into..
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    How do you get your JAV DL's nowadays?

    On a related note, while I was in Japan last year, I rode on every bus, trolley, an train I could find. Not once did any school girl rub up against me and grab my junk. Maybe next year.
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    Life-sized Dolls

    They don't seem to talk much..
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    Digital cameras

    Well, after 2 1/2 years, the Nikon D500 has performed quite well. Although, the newer Nikon Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras are tempting me. Even the smaller Z50 has good reviews. And now, Fujifilm releases a full frame mirrorless giant killer camera with lens so sharp, they can cut you. What to...
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    Camel Toe Is Back Who Knew?
  29. WillEater

    How do you get your JAV DL's nowadays?

    About the same.. Micro$oft has the search engine, all the JAV on the interweb is indexed there and will download using any browser plug-in. Just turn off "Moderate" and it's all available...
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    Sex Dolls, Yay, or Nay

  31. WillEater

    I need help with my software project

    In earlier posts, you mentioned running Vista. Stat by updating to Windows 10
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    WiFi vs Ethernet

    Not sure if still trolling, but no, reducing power on WiFi only destroys your connection.
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    How do you play HD videos?

    And, make sure the hard drive is not full
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    Taking photo with phone vs digital camera?

    I always carry both..
  35. WillEater

    Does less space in hard drive means slower computer?

    If the bar is red, your system is dead.. As stated above, windows needs free space to correctly operate. ccleaner is a free program the can remove temp files and assist performance. However, move data files off you drive to an external drive. And yes, I'm a tech expert.
  36. WillEater

    Downloading porn in singapore?

    Just arrested 4 men, based upon trading pictures in a chat room. What a clustereff there. It's 2019 for most of the world.
  37. WillEater

    How to download from highporn

    Try this one. It works for me.
  38. WillEater

    Photos from Japan

    I had other pictures, but they were a bit too large.. I thought this site would have adjusted the sizes by now.. :(
  39. WillEater

    Photos from Japan

    Time flies.. I'm off to Cuba next March. Until then here are a few pictures from Japan.
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    [AVI / MP4 / 46.85 Gb] Minimum MUM series DVD-Rip

    Had to add an extra hard drive.. Whee..
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    仲村みう初AV!Miu Nakamura goes JAV!

    Looking for uncensored.. I'm not a fan of pixels hiding the action.
  42. WillEater

    VR Titles: Full Titles or Separate Scenes, Which Do You Prefer?

    I like the "parts" so I can use "Deep Fake" software to insert me (Pun Intended) in the action.
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    What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire?

    Too many re-directs there.. Caution..
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    And, here in the USA..
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    Day 4
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    [10musume_081019_01] Sara Haneda

    I do prefer my JAV uncensored. That being said, I wish the quality of production was closer to the censored titles.
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    Too many AVs

    On a related note.. Earlier today, I happened by "Adultdeepfakes" and browsed the content. Several kpop stars were there, doing the "Fake" porn thing. Now someone went to all the trouble to create the "Fake" and used a censored video as the base. WTF?
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    Day three
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    Second DAy