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  1. kunoichi

    Downloading 3DVR from YouTube (youtube-dl)

    Downloading 3DVR videos from YouTube and making them work on different devices can be quite a hassle. For example, at the time of writing most mobile cpus won't be able to handle 60fps 3D 360 at 4096x4096 resolution, but there may be other issues like video players not being able to handle...
  2. kunoichi

    VivaJapan - Video Management Application

    VivaJapan 1.2.0 (May 29, 2020) 1.2.0 - Upgraded and made project compatible with .Net Core 3.1 - Updated CsvHelper and other Package Dependencies to latest version Downloads: (8.3 Mb) (8.3 Mb) (5.2 Mb)
  3. kunoichi

    uTorrent Security Vulnerabilities

    A few security vulnerabilities has been found in uTorrent, make sure you download the fixed beta version: There are links in the article you can use to check if your version is vulnerable. If you use uTorrent, it is a good idea to download the beta version where the issues are fixed...
  4. kunoichi

    Managing your twitter feeds with TweetDeck

    Introduction Tweetdeck is Twitters free alternative website aimed at content creators and professionals, but it can be used by any twitter user without any cost. It is ad-free, more configurable and at the same time gives you a better overview of all your feeds. If you are following a lot of...
  5. kunoichi

    Introduction to ffmpeg and creating gif/webm clips

    Introduction ffmpeg is a very universal video tool that can be used to convert videos, extract clips, create webms/gifs, apply filters and much more. ffmpeg can handle almost all video formats, by default it will try to convert the input file to the format you specify in the output filename...