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  1. granatnik

    Haruka Momokawa 百川晴香 - ZFX theme no info given

    "Free" just like in "pirated" :D but we usually honor authors by crediting them (also indirectly), so at least we give that. Copying sources is easier than copying images, that's just a short line of text. Nothing of high importance, but then even collectors could take a moment to view the...
  2. granatnik

    Haruka Momokawa 百川晴香 - ZFX theme no info given

    Still, mere image sourcing in description or as a small tag on each photo would be welcomed. "For more look here."
  3. granatnik

    Haruka Momokawa 百川晴香 - ZFX theme no info given

    The most annoying part are missing sources and mixed images, I never save any of these. It's more of a game "such a great photo, do I have it? Oh yes, I recognize it from an old photoset".
  4. granatnik

    FileJoker Exclusive [LPFD-264] Nonoka Ono おのののか – ののまみれ

    Giving the cover a small bump.
  5. granatnik

    FileJoker Exclusive [LPFD-352] Tatsuya Makiho 達家真姫宝 – Treasure ~まきちゃんと初めてのデート(沖縄編)~

    Yay! Finally a release that seems to have some common sense included. And it likewise seems that I'm not the only one thinking in this way, as I rarely see sold out gravure movies. Books yes, but videos..? Here for the small details...
  6. granatnik

    Planned offline-time as well as server-move

    What is that thing with "Link Checker by AddonsLab: invalid license detected."?
  7. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    Not a specific, every post is undercounted. This is why a single like is not showing up, because board thinks there are none to display.
  8. granatnik

    FileJoker Exclusive [TSDS-42520] Kyouka 京佳 – 21の概念

    Bigger cover and details:
  9. granatnik

    [ENFD-5521] 小瀬田麻由 スプラッシュ (2013.12.20)

    Bigger cover:
  10. granatnik

    [ENFD-5412] Mizuki Moe 瑞稀もえ - もえぴーの夏休み

    Funny thing: it's an European Amazon that still hold good-quality images for a video with a fifteen.
  11. granatnik

    [ENFD-5221] [IV] 浅倉結希 [Yuki Asakura] 妄想少女クロニクル

    Only somewhat low quality scans:
  12. granatnik

    FileJoker Exclusive [ENFD-5812] Ota Aika 多田愛佳 - Natsu to Aika to... 夏と愛佳と、、、 [2017-10-20]

    Bigger cover:
  13. granatnik

    [ENFD-4167] 村上友梨 癒しのゆりかご (2014.06.25)

    Pixels! More cover pixels!
  14. granatnik

    [MMR-069] Asami Tada 多田あさみ New Kiss

    @isroco is it wrong to scroll up? Do your beliefs forbid such aggravations?
  15. granatnik

    [ENFD-5128] Nana Akiyama (秋山奈々) - Innocent Girl

    Amazon gives meaning to pixels again.
  16. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    Still being bugged by like undercounting - it quite well explains, why it is possible to have a like not showing up on post: if the board thinks that there are 0 likes, then it has no motivation to show who has already liked. Giving this like-related problem a bump, as it gives a solid share of...
  17. granatnik

    [ADVK-1001] Sae Miyazawa (宮澤佐江) -  彼女 (AKB48)

    @rasio2244 screenshots are for a different code.
  18. granatnik

    [R] TSDS-42084 (Minami Hatsukawa)

    I think that these scans can be edited (derasterized and color-corrected) to something better than you have in opening post:初川みなみ-生ぱら/dp/480190372X
  19. granatnik

    [MMR-043] Chihiro Ueno 植野千尋 - Topaz

    missing format of the file even on thumbnails (mp4) no bloody padding files, please there is an option to edit posts please attach cover of the movie in question, now it's mightly confusing to see PIXY-009 just below settings used in Topaz would be very useful for comparisons and future...
  20. granatnik

    Planned offline-time as well as server-move

    @claneksi, that's an old error - most likely the post in question has been deleted, but XenForo can't handle this properly, leaving behind a part of information. You may notice that such cases frequently happen to be either on threads potentially inciting controversial content or in torrent/DDL...
  21. granatnik

    [DSTAR-9007] 冨手麻妙 そばにいて・・・・ (2013.01.25)

    The only thing you can get for now is cover, the movie may follow or not...
  22. granatnik

    [] 2021-05-13 Hinari Sawa 咲羽ひなり Regular Gallery 01 [50P29.8 Mb]

    Quick recap: 誕生日:2005年12月23日
  23. granatnik links... links from last post (with links) are still alive; there was once a slightly LQ stream on, but it seems to have been deleted. Nothing else I know about.
  24. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    Another sinister thing I have noticed, related to likes: has right now reported FOUR likes on post, while after clicking the link to get the complete list, it has FIVE users...
  25. granatnik

    [KIDM-794]In And Out 星野美優 Miyu Hoshino(22GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

    Try these: udp:// udp:// udp://
  26. granatnik

    FileJoker Exclusive [cosplay] MaoJun 猫君君 - A Cool Summer 清凉一夏

    Her eyes don't look natural with side eyelids... what is that?
  27. granatnik

    Planned offline-time as well as server-move

    Thumbnailed attachments in consistently throw 504 error when trying to open them.
  28. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    The way likes work is creeping me more and more - I see three likes on a post, I add mine, two likes are left in total. Did I just delete two? WTF?
  29. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    Link is now reachable. Movie is very standard, no idea, why was its thread ever moved in the first place, but at least the bug has been exposed before an actual (and urgent) case. So there are auto-uploaders?
  30. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    Another synchronization problem: forum lists thread as existing and currently second from the top, yet it can't be opened. A dead...
  31. granatnik

    Change quotes in posts

    Just adding a sample for completeness.
  32. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    "Mark forum as read" (upper right corner in forum view) does not work, after a while there is only an error message "Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console.", while the said console shows a small HTML snippet focused on "502 Bad...
  33. granatnik

    [] Arisa 亜里沙 2013-06

    @zchzch00, do you really want to disturb peace of someone not seen for SIX YEARS?
  34. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    Noticed a possible syncing problem: thread asserts in forum view that it has a new post by @yuifan128 (with an ID of 4237536) along with appropriate marking like the "NEW" button, yet after entering this thread...
  35. granatnik

    FileJoker Sponsorship

    Is at least the user in question aware, what violations?
  36. granatnik

    Idols that did U12 who are still active today?

    Takanashi Ai, take or leave :oii:
  37. granatnik

    Planned offline-time as well as server-move

    Was there a glitch on servers? For a moment first images in threads have been given .htm extension when saving them, but it seems that after a reload they are back to their image selves. Observed for example here and there.
  38. granatnik

    [] 2021-04-22 Mao Imaizumi 今泉まお Regular Gallery 01 [39P23.6 Mb]

    At least one plus will be of her turning 15: 720p set videos. She is here for two years already...