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  1. barba

    JAV titles with mouth spreading and tongue out pose?

    i was rummaging through my files of arisa satou, aiyo sayaka, aishiro sayaka, ai mashiro, ai mairoi, and name-combinations thereof, and ran across the small scene above, which i believe is what the original poster was looking for. (it may be a bit late for him, but i think the fetish captures...
  2. barba

    truck or not truck

    oh yeah, i forgot... is a truck that doesn't look like a truck a truck?
  3. barba

    truck or not truck

    i’m having some problems with language. if someone knows the answer to any or all of these questions, please help out. is a fire engine a truck? is a big steering wheel a truck? is an empty trailer a truck? is a recreational vehicle a truck? is a big car with the trunk open a truck? is a...
  4. barba

    Bigger girls violated by smaller man JAV?

    this is not exactly what you are looking for, but if you drop the word "shotacon" in the akiba search engine, you will get lots of titles with full sized girls and short boys. they make the boys short in an attempt to make them seem younger. some get aggressive and dominate. you can put...
  5. barba

    Identity of Big Cumshot Guy

    ha-ha! random. yes, you stumped ‘em. i mean, you still got the lecture, but their heart wasn’t in it. no teeth. so i think i’ll respond. were this in ‘jav discussion’, not only would you get the lecture, but anyone responding would get his scrotum ripped off, then his balls stomped on, and...
  6. barba

    I hope that fan appreciation orgy/gangbang JAVs will come back

    after the olympics. everything will be better after the olympics. they will get rid of the mosaic after the olympics.
  7. barba

    Looking for old video's was posted on akiba-online years ago?

    you may download sddm-068 from the following: i don't know if it's what you're looking for, but at least you will see the incomparable nanami nanase in a pink bunny suit. nothing better. nanami was bukkake's greatest star due...
  8. barba

    Blood/Virginity prop

    this one comes to mind. not sure if it’s real blood. the guy slips in her without so much as a flinch from either party. a minute later, she looks like lizzie borden after a workout. might be ketchup. but ketchup is good stuff. they say, “if it smells like fish, eat it.” i say, “if it...
  9. barba

    Immersive 3D Content and Enthusiasts (oh boy...)

    sounds like an old high school girlfriend of mine who... well, let's just say, she got around. but soon after graduation, she decided that if she was going to keep doing it, she wanted to get paid. from then on, for anyone who joined the line, it was cash on the barrel head. but if you knew...
  10. barba

    Old SOD ‘amateur’ videos

    from time to time, i post links for websites that have old jav. (look around. they’d probably have some examples of your heart’s desire… or perhaps the desire of one of your other organs.) the trouble is, after a while, the links get old. one i haven’t posted is the website of akiba citizen...
  11. barba

    Does the receiver/participants smell the cum during a bukkake session?

    you can make bukkake movies during covid-19. you just need to wear a condom:
  12. barba

    english graffiti on body of jav star

    from time to time, i see jav scenes in which the naked protagonist is covered with lewd japanese writing, often with arrows pointing to her twat and unsavory pictograms added here and there. all that is fine. but if you don’t know japanese, the prurient dimension is largely lost. i suppose i...
  13. barba

    JOSHI PURORESU Japanese women's wrestling

    if i were a japanese female professional wrestler, and someone told me that i couldn't have a boyfriend, i'd beat the crap out of him.
  14. barba

    Have any weird porn fetish?

    bunny girls in diapers. not weird, from my perspective. but most definitely hard to find.
  15. barba

    SOD's new Tokyo venture An Adult Theme Park

    i hope they open a london branch of “sod land”.
  16. barba

    Top 10 "What were they thinking!?" JAV Blunders

    while jav has harems (and not harlems), out there in the real world a harem is pretty scarce these days and thus the word "harlem" gets far more general usage. given the limited means and motivation for an accurate translation, i believe that even if someone originally makes a proper title with...
  17. barba

    FileJoker Exclusive [KW-106] Kanazawa Bunko - 金沢文子 - I'll Dress Up For You (Cosplay) - 変身[コス]るわよ

    i haven't seen this one listed anywhere for the longest time. thanks for reviving this rarity of the great bunko kanazawa.
  18. barba

    Photos That GRAB Your Attention!

    i was rummaging through some old uncensored ran monbu bukkake from catwalk perfume cdrp-01 and discovered something i hadn’t seen before: not content merely to take it from both sides simultaneously, ran here discovers that she momentarily has a hand free and thus proceeds to reach...
  19. barba

    Sex jokes

    three men were drinking at a bar one afternoon. the first man was obviously angry about something… frowning, gripping his glass tightly, barely able to contain himself. the second man was quite self-possessed… peacefully minding his own business and staring ahead in silence. the third man was...
  20. barba

    Amputees JAV? Midgets JAV?

    this guy has made a splash here before: he's merely a midget. not an amputee. (although i believe he is a member of the lollipop guild.) i don't know of any amputees in jav, big or small. that's a rather disarming proposition.
  21. barba

    Where to find slightly older JAVs?

    it’s a jungle out there. it seems that every time i try to look for something on an old website, it’s now defunct or its links are deader than kelsey’s nuts. even here, a video posted more than a few months ago is not likely to work. (i own a pet snake named “file not found”.) between the...
  22. barba

    The Origins of Bukkake (JAV history lesson)

    at one point in the early 1990s, i got a japanese porn video (not sure if it was called jav back then) whose last scene was a harbinger of the great waves to come. the scene had a girl tied to a chair facing straight into the camera. off to the sides, four or five guys came running up to her...
  23. barba

    The Swimming Pool for JAV is no longer available

    i bet i've swum in a few pools that contained sperm and pee and menstrual juices. come to think of it, i know i have. it never hurt me any. i turned out just fine. and if you think they ever drained the pools after any of those raucous hollywood parties or at playboy retreats, then i've got...
  24. barba

    I like to marry a Japanese girl...

    i want to marry shuri atomi. yesterday, i wanted to marry bunko kanazawa. and the day before that, i wanted to marry ai mashiro. and the day before that, i wanted to marry sena kirari. and the day before that, i wanted to marry azusa hibino. that’s why i jack off. i suggest you do so as well...
  25. barba

    has this been done in a jav?

    well, what do you know? somebody out there in jav land took notice of one of my suggestions: Mutation! Third Nipple Girl! Because Of The Complex That Has 3 Beaches Even Though It Has The Same Sexual Desire As Anyone, A Hidden Debut Of Masturbation 365 Days A Year, A Bright Debut! !! now...
  26. barba

    The Swimming Pool for JAV is no longer available

    sounds to me like someone forgot to fuck the pool boy.
  27. barba

    What are some benefits in quitting masturbation?

    you get younger. your income increases exponentially. your penis gets bigger. you become more intelligent. all your problems disappear.
  28. barba

    Any sites where you can find older Soft On Demand content

    well, if you want to pay for it, there’s always they’ve been around since the days before browsers, when users would get there via arcane methods and upon arrival say “just surfed on in”. another that’s been around since day-one is
  29. barba

    has this been done in a jav?

    it has been over seven years since my original query in this thread. no one ever came up with a scene where a condom is filled with about a hundred loads of sperm then exploded over a girl’s head, resulting in a form of instant bukkake. it has been over four years since my follow-up post...
  30. barba

    JAV with Smoking

  31. barba

    JAV with Smoking

    there is a lot of jav featuring sun-tanned, dyed-hair blonds… “black girls”, ganguro, and the like. i was never much attracted to them. from a distance, they seemed to have a predilection for tobacco. i suggest you browse the videos of those types of girls. among the few i own is one...
  32. barba

    Himekawa Yuuna return in Jav industry ?

    yeah. i feel the same way about akiba-online. i never look at it at night. after masturbating all day, about the last thing i want to do is pick it up again in the evening, even if there are new and different girls to look at.
  33. barba

    Himekawa Yuuna return in Jav industry ?

    the snatch hair. unmistakable.
  34. barba

    what happened to

    hurray, t2jav is back! no official explanation. i'm so happy, i think i'll masturbate.
  35. barba

    what happened to

    i accessed it regularly until today. i use it as an overview site for browsing jav. it's not comprehensive nor does it specialize. just 10-12 pages of jav per day, new and old (including some real old vhs that people here profess to like) which allowed me to flip through possibilities with my...
  36. barba

    what happened to

    anyone know what happened to, a fairly straightforward general jav site with filejoker download links? all attempts to access it now are redirected to something called, apparently a torrent site. i went to “” and they said it’s just me. but they lie. what gives?
  37. barba

    Most impressive JAV cumshots?

    a new one from cjod-243, ichika matsumoto. shoot your eye out, kid.
  38. barba

    Videos with Very Stupid & Gentle Women.

    the squeaky wheel gets the grease. it might not be a preferred brand, but it’s better than nothing. and you can’t beat it at the price. some people look askance at insistence. but fortunately for you, “bump” is my middle name. actually, it’s also my last name… one well known in musical...
  39. barba

    S********l meaning /multi genre tag search

    scatological? slavegirl? shittybuttdoll? semicunnilingual? don't know... just trying to help.
  40. barba

    Jusat an Obervation nd Opinion

    shameful exposure of titular nomenclature is encouragement is to my prohibited brain delusion and harassment welcome. odor russia!
  41. barba

    I think I know the most important requirement for a JAV (porn) actor/actress

    and don't forget. aoi endo has a mole on her butt hole.
  42. barba

    sites like javbus

    you might try the torrent and download sections at: but if that’s not enough for you, determine the code of whatever jav you are interested in, and enter it in the search box here: the hd versions are the bigger files. it’s best for recent...
  43. barba

    I think I know the most important requirement for a JAV (porn) actor/actress

    i like my jav stars with warts and all. but yes, i do draw the line at dirty feet. there ARE limits, you know.
  44. barba

    I think Japan's censoring law hurts softcores

    i don’t know if the mosaic has ruined softcore. but i do know that it has ruined the vision of a large percentage of the japanese adult male population. the mosaic purposefully destroys any possible focal point for the masturbating male and without that, neither the iris nor the cornea are...
  45. barba

    My New Hero is... Antonio!

    for that matter, any updates on jugulear?
  46. barba

    Japanese last name

    and don't forget. the japanese say the last name first and the first name last. so what westerners call the first name is actually the last name. and vice versa.
  47. barba

    How to create your own AV studio and become the director/actor in Japan?

    @Veltiel mexican jav... you're sitting on a gold mine, son.
  48. barba

    How to create your own AV studio and become the director/actor in Japan?

    i once used a translation device to ask for a blow job from a japanese hooker, but my inquiry came out something like "wonderful shame is to forbidden orality and simultaneous delusional compensation".
  49. barba

    Videos with Very Stupid & Gentle Women.

    for me, one on-screen persona defines the concept of “air head”: that of hinata seto. being alive is a constant grand surprise for hinata. sex is part of that. if you don’t bully her, she’ll let you fuck her. heck, she’ll reach down in your underwear and marvel at what she finds there. tell...
  50. barba

    Something in between IV and JAV

    let’s see… you want something sexy, but not TOO sexy. (where is potter steward when we need him?) how about jerk off instruction (joi)? it is to jav what air-guitar is to rock-n-roll. there are joi videos done by big jav names in which no one bares a nipple. others have scenes where the...