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  1. TravelingWind

    You know what sucks? Being broke

    It's like every year ,the world just gets blacker and blacker ._.
  2. TravelingWind

    Underneath it all

    I guess from the beginning we all had no clue what the world was going to be like ,the only idea about what it might be was from television from depictions of pure joy to the hard rough street life of a thug but they never put what life is like in the "middle" ...The slow drag ,the stagnant pond...
  3. TravelingWind

    Morning Musume Maki Goto’s $1,000,000 AV Debut

    Former Morning Musume Maki Goto has shocked her many fans with the news that she has accepted a million dollars to appear in 2 hardcore porn movies. The 27-year-old ex-Morning Musume has signed to appear in 2 pornographic movies, having been paid 80,000,000 yen for the appearances, according...
  4. TravelingWind

    No fap september?

    Anyone else doing this? I'm only 2 days in and i'm about to break
  5. TravelingWind

    How do i get a red reputation bar?