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    K-On was okay. i watched the first 2 episodes and so far, all the jokes and such have been too predictable for me so i've found it quite boring. hopefully, it will get better and more exciting as they get better at music but i'm not expecting too much. what really annoyed me though, is...
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    YES! snes kicks ass. my brother and i had like 50 games for that but my mom sold all of it, including the system, when we moved and she didn't tell us until a few years later haha. that made me cry cuz i still enjoyed playing with it. but yea, they don't sell it in your local game stores? if...
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    So I really want an anime with a great story...

    Well, i wouldn't say that Gankutsuou is completely original since it is based on the book "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas. they do add their own touch to the story and the animation style was definitely something new at the time. I think i've only seen like 2 other animes with...
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    do guys watch sailor moon

    yup. watched it but didn't wait like a maniac for new episodes like i did with other anime. chances are, if you've either been living in japan since you were young or have been an anime fan since you were small, then you've most likely seen an episode or two even if you didn't like it because...
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    Gundam 00

    yeah i liked it. it was my favorite among the more recent gundams and i liked how they went back to having more bulky looking gundams the old series' instead of really sleek looking ones. but still, i'm also getting kinda tired of the gundam series. although there's a new plotline and new...
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    Scanlated Martial Arts Manga?

    lol, i thought this was the anime discussion thread. oh well. anyways, if you wanna check out all the martial arts mangas that are being translated, then i suggest you go to once you're there, on the top right corner in the search box, type in any series you want...
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    [MR] メイドさんと大きな剣

    or you could just look at the thanks for the up!
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    [RS] Vampanera 3D (Full)

    you have to join the files together using "hjsplit" or "FFSJ" both apps are free and don't need to be installed. just google them ^__^
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    Akihabara Chiropractor Clinic Vol. #8 (hidden cam)

    judging by the .001 etc at the end of each file, I'm pretty sure that you are gonna have to join these files together with program "HJsplit" its a freeware so just google it. have fun! ^__^