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    [R]如月カレン、初放尿!責めまくりオシッコ痴女(PGD-154) Rapidshare or hotfile will be better. Thanks a lot. :virtuous:
  2. ***** Mega Lesbian Massage JAV Movies *****

    Hello my friends, These are the movie-covers of Lesbian Massage JAV. (rather rare movies, because I don't find these movies in several forums.) Anybody who has the movie(s), please send to this thread, or send to JAV Downloads sub-forum & please make a note at here (post reply)...
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    Request please : Beautiful Mature Lesbian Massage (NHDT-723) Thanks a lot. :perfectplan: Ps : Rapid, hotfile, etc. but not Easysh4re.
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    [R]お漏らし女教師、恥辱の放尿授業 如月カレン(PGD-180) Rapid or hotfile would be better Thanks a lot.
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    Which JAV actress makes the most?

    Anybody know, who is the most expensive JAV actress? What I mean is, the payment/income for 1 movie? (how much?) and who is the JAV actress who has the most income/year? (how much?) How much the payment for : new JAV actress, average, & top JAV actress ? Thanks. :prance:
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    The Mistakes Which Always Happen in JAV

    I like JAV very much... But sometimes we see the weird things, or we can say the mistakes always happen in JAV, especially when the movie about Female Teacher with boy-student, or incest Mother with her boy. It's silly when we saw, the female teacher is pretty & young, but her student is...