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    "_______ Is Retiring" Thread

    Her management company’s Twitter released photos of her doing a shoot a couple of days ago. I also did a 引退 search with her Japanese name and didn’t find any official announcements.
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    Actress name of this title from Gogos (GBSA-041)

    Says her pseudonym (仮名) is Misuzu (美鈴) on the cover. Maybe you could try searching for AVs with Misuzu performing in them and try your luck that it leads to you finding a name. It’s also possible that this could be a case of one and done.
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    JAV Gossips

    I think she said near the end of 2019 that she was burned out after working on AVs for two years straight. She said she needed to take a break starting January 2020. I don’t recall her mentioning retirement.
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    What Happened to...

    Yeah, it's sad. The plastic surgery took away the things that were unique about her.
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    JAV Gossips

    Here's her filmography: If you click on the individual title links, the product code is next to 品番
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    What Happened to...

    She also did something to her face. Sad. When someone asked her about it on her Twitter she said: "I just changed my hairstyle." Who's she kidding?
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    JAV Gossips

    Thanks for the news, ding! Much appreciated!
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    JAV Gossips

    Yui Hatano? I thought we were talking about Yui Uehara. Did I miss something? Did Yui Hatano declare herself a lesbian?
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    Is Miri Mizuki (Sumire Mizukawa) doing uncensored?

    I was looking through the Caribbeancom site this morning and one of their new actresses, Emiri Momota, looks like Miri Mizuki (Sumire Mizukawa). Take a look: I think that’s her.
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    JAV torrent size

    In the past month or so, the SD version has been included in the HD torrent. Look in the contents. Uncheck all the files you don’t want. Check the SD file. From what I’ve noticed though, there has been a decline in the full SD version and an increase in the 360p SD that comes in at around 500...
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    IPX-121 Jessica Kizaki "Genuine Nakadashi"

    You are all right. I shouldn't have expected it. I guess I should say I am disappointed that they didn't put forth a better effort at faking genuine nakadashi. :D Some genuine nakadashi AVs are fake but they do a good job of making you believe it was real. This one didn't even really try.
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    IPX-121 Jessica Kizaki "Genuine Nakadashi"

    Just watched IPX-121 Jessica Kizaki. It's billed as her "first ever in life, sperm ejaculation in the vagina" AV. I don't know ... still looks fake as hell to me. In every scene, before the "nakadashi shot", they close up on Jessica's face then pull back to a wide shot then do the nakadashi. I...
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    JAV Gossips

    Who is that on your avatar, ding73ding?
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    Lezule Collection [LZxx-xxx]

    Maybe I just imagined it but I swear I saw LZPL-023 (Kaori and Rina Hatsume) posted here the other day. Came back to grab it today and it's gone. It was here, right? I didn't just imagine it?
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    Slimedog's Lesbian JAV (no ID request allowed)

    Thanks for all your hard work these past few days. Please come back again when you have the time!
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    Bibian Collection [BBAN-xxx]

    Yipman, If you have time, it'd be great if you could put up BBAN-096 through BBAN-099 in glorious HD. Only bad SD versions out there right now.
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    Slimedog's Lesbian JAV (no ID request allowed)

    Yesssssssssssss! Please put up the missing HD BBAN titles and CESD-237!
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    Filejoker exclusive threads

    Well said, SamKook. Very well said. You put into words what I, and I'm sure many others, have been thinking about the Filejoker Exclusive policy. While I'm sure that the Filejoker policy helps keep the board going, in the long-run, I think it'll do more harm that good. We have some great...
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    "Like" Button on Yipman's Posts

    When I click "like" on Yipman's posts, I get blocked because "there are no Filejoker links" in the post. However, Yipman does put Filejoker links in his posts, they are just behind safelinking. While I'm at it, I was wondering if there could be a time limit or something on the Filejoker...
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    Lack of HD titles as of late

    Yipman is back! Long live the King of HD Releases!
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    Lack of HD titles as of late

    Thanks for the link but how do you download? It says something about needing points but how do you earn the points?
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    Collection of JAV with white actresses (and a few black ones too)

    Was it my imagination or was STC-022 posted on here earlier this week? I remember skimming through the thread and seeing links for it and making a note to myself to come back later and get it. Was it here and got removed or was I dreaming? Maybe I'm losing my mind. :D
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    Superheroine JAV discussion

    If any of you haven't found an e-mail, check your spam/junk folders. That's where I found mine.
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    Lost in translation

    特典対象 - Bonus Feature
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    Discussion about DMM website

    Thanks for checking it out. Installed Firefox and did the cookie blocking trick. Works. Guess there's something with the cookie blocking trick that doesn't like Chrome.
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    Discussion about DMM website

    Anyone else having problems accessing DMM today? I've been using Adblock and blocking cookies like this thread suggested with no problems. It's been working fine for over a year but, today, I started getting that screen asking me to choose my language English (with the American flag) or...
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    [RBD-517] 痴漢電車 こんな所で…なのに、なのに私ったら…! 神ユキ

    Is it just me or is there something wrong with the audio on this one?
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    I've been watching the late night J-series called Minna Esper Dayo! In it, there's this guy who is obsessed with Tenga and keeps saying how great it is and how it feels better than a vagina. All that talk has me thinking I should get a Tenga to try. Anyone here have one? I'm thinking of...
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    Size of JAV Downloads

    Moderators, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this. Sorry if it isn't. Before I begin, let me say that I'm grateful that people post download links for JAV here. I'm not complaining here. I'm just curious why it's happening. Has anyone noticed that the file size of JAV...
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    So wrong! Mystery Mom Violated by Son's Pals

    This is the great Maki Tomoda. I don't know the movie.
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    Momoko Tani in AZSD-056

    Anyone download AZSD-056 starring gravure idol Momoko Tani? I was wondering if she gets naked in the video or if it's just the other actresses who get naked. Here's the download link (cover pic is there too):
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    Famous JAV Actresses who NEVER did Creampie or Nakadashi scenes?

    I'm pretty sure Kazuki Asou takes a cream pie in RBD-266.
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    Discussion about DMM website

    You can download both AdPlus Block and Stylish for free from the Chrome Web Store. Both solutions work.
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    Plot of JUC-689

    Did anyone who understands Japanese watch JUC-689 with Chika Arimura? Usually I don't give much thought about the plots (let's face it, they aren't hard to figure out) but in this one, I can't figure out why a seemingly happy married...
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    Risa Kasumi SOE-431 Revenge r*** Plot

    Anyone who understands Japanese watch Risa Kasumi in SOE-431 (Revenge r***)? I'm trying to figure out the plot. As far as I can tell, AV Risa is bullying assistant Risa (AD Risa). AD Risa gets sick of it and hatches a plot to get AV Risa. Now, what I don't get is if the plot worked and...
  36. Yumi Kazama - Married Woman Detective Captured - JUC279

    Yumi Kazama Married Woman Detective Captured (JUC-279) 1.02 GB AVI 720 x 404 1:55:53