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    Free downloadable GIF-making software

    I never recommend getting software this way, but I was desperate to find one of these last year myself as all of the other recommendations don't fit my workflow. It seems the company that made this is no longer in business, but it is still available on cnet downloads...
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    @MaxFJ Thank you for the replies. I guess I will give it a shot again sometime. The last time I joined was with a credit card and I was not informed of the steep fee before hitting the pay button, but it could have just been a fluke or prior to all payment processors displaying the fees...
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    Can you work with your payment gateway providers to make these fees transparent? It was a huge surprise to me when I finished checking out only to find out that my card had been charged nearly double what I thought I was going to get charged. In fact, if it wasn't so much of a hassle, I would...
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    Now that someone from File Joker is paying attention here... Has the problems with having to pay nearly double the advertised price been fixed? The last time I joined File Joker, I selected the $14.95 option and got charged $29.
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    I canceled my FileJoker premium. I clicked on the one for $14.95 and by the time they got around to charging my card by some wierd 3rd party site, I got charged $29 without ever being told that there would be extra fees involved. I would gladly pay $15 a month over and over if uploaders would...
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    ブラック・ブレット Black Bullet [BD-720p] [10-bit] (Dual Audio)

    I just finished watching this one. I have to say I went in with some skepticism, because I don't usually like "violent" anime, but it was a great story. I do agree that it seemed like they tried to fit too much into 13 episodes, but I didn't feel that way until the last 4 of them. Those last 4...
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    Animated lolicon hentai

    Not exactly tame, but other than nipples, that's as far as Shinmai Maou no Testament shows.
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    Animated lolicon hentai

    Garden The Animation (ガーデン THE ANIMATION) - 01 & 02 I think 02 is better than 01, both available on Nyaa torrents. Imouto_Paradise! Both 01 and 02, available on Nyaa torrents. (SubDESU-H ones had seeds as of 3 days ago) The recent anime Shinmai Maou no Testament (uncensored) is pretty close...
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    [AVI / MP4 / 46.85 Gb] Minimum MUM series DVD-Rip

    Thank you for these! They are now my favorite porn series!
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    What size monitor do you use?

    I've got a 20 and 23 inch screen. I use the 23 inch mainly and work overflows onto the 20 inch. If I feel like I want to watch a movie on a huge screen, I just move closer to my monitor :D
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    Boob Wars

    I chose "Flat" because it was the lesser of two evils! I like SOME breast there, B cup and under I usually say. I guess larger breasts aren't a bad thing. I just don't like them so big that they would knock me out during foreplay, or big huge areola.
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    Beware With Windows 10. He Knows Too Much About You.

    If it's corporate spying on your personal data that you are worried about, Ubuntu could be a horrible choice without some tweaking. Now, I'm not saying that I believe everything Richard Stallman says, since he does seem to have quite the...
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    [140627][Iris] しゅきしゅきだいしゅき!! 初回限定版

    Is there any chance at all that this can be reuploaded?
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    Life-sized Dolls

    The photos on plastic virgin are 2000x3000px resolution, and there is probably more nudity than is showing on his gallery too.
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    Life-sized Dolls

    at 10K XRP per set, that's 48.76 at this time. For 50 pictures of some dolls for $50, I doubt that very many people are paying.
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    SubyShare Promotion [Ended]

    I really want to buy premium, but both of my prepaid Visa cards and my prepaid Mastercard are rejected by your system. Is is possible you could get more resellers? Please don't tell me I have to go through all the trouble of obtaining some bitcoin for such a small purchase.
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    [R] Doll DVDs

    I don't know if the G-Mook ones are photo boos (magazines?) or DVDs. They have no run time listed anywhere I've seen them, so I assumed they were books. However the price on them is reasonable, if it happens to be photobooks, I wonder if Desioner would be willing to scan them up at a reasonable...
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    [R] Doll DVDs

    I don't know where else to put this, and as this is the doll forum, I figured it would be the best place to post. I saw these advertised on the trottla site, but have been unable to find them to download anywhere. The one place I did find with a cover was a fake site. Does any one have them and...
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    Digital cameras

    I have a Canon DSLR that I bought in 2006 and it's batteries are still functioning quite well. I can still find aftermarket batteries for it on amazon and ebay. I would say that if it's a name brand and was a somewhat popular camera, or used the same battery as several different models...
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    OSX & Linux users: something to help manage your 'collections'

    LOL, that is so true. I do have a lot of the SQL done, but I need to keep changing things that are taking advantage of MYSQL's unique features, because my friend who wants to convert it to an app can't integrate MYSQL into his program. The frustration of being somewhat limited is one of the...
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    OSX & Linux users: something to help manage your 'collections'

    For photos, the best thing I have found so far is an abandoned project called Pictomio It works great, doesn't call home like Google's option, but it crashes a lot. For videos, I've been working on a database and a web front end for cataloging, tagging...
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    Instead of direct / torrent downloads why not make Streaming / youtube videos type facility?

    I don't help run this place or anything, but I offer some more reasons that things might be this way. 1 Streaming sites also don't allow the uploaders to make a bit of cash like they do with the DDL file sharing hosts. The current format encourages people to share, even if they aren't exactly...
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    What's ur greatest fear?

    The penile swab test is nothing compared to a cystoscopy. Then there was the Ureteroscopic laser lithotripsy, painful as hell for a few days after the procedure. None of them compare to the pain of not being able to pass a kidney stone into the bladder. Since I've experienced some of the...
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    Ryushare Slow Download Speeds

    Generally speaking, I get at the very least 1.5 MB/s from them, usually closer to 3, but during high traffic and such it can drop as low as 100kb/s. I just put the links in jdownloader or DTA and let them run. During high traffic times they start out slow, but usually regain speed after a while.
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    [131025][Lose] ものべの -happy end- 豪華版

    Part 7 of your RAR is a smaller file size on ryushare and the resulting MDF image is broken.
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    Digital cameras

    This is a full size crop of a pic I took with the older version of that Lumix camera. ISO 800, 1/30 sec, Flash fired, about 12 inches away from the circuit board in a fairly dark room (only other light was from my computer monitor at the time). While you can not read the numbers on the SMD...
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    Digital cameras Mainly because it can take a beating and keep on ticking. And besides, if you ever want to make your own idol videos you sure will need something that can be dunked in the water for those shower/pool scenes, be rinsed off after getting...
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    Digital cameras

    In all seriousness, it all depends on your budget. Anything in Panasonic's Lumix line is great, the more you spend the better the camera will be. I own one myself, so there is some bias to that recommendation. But the proof is in the pics. I'll upload one later. Canon and Nikon have some great...
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    Thanks for all the great stuff you bring to this great place!

    Thanks for all the great stuff you bring to this great place!
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    Ryushare Support

    I emailed them several days ago, and still no response. I understand that they have to change payment processors once in a while, but their customer support has gone way downhill. They never visit here to update us like early on, and they hardly ever answer emails.
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    Life-sized Dolls

    I know that if he found them here that he would most likely remove the "dressing room" or at least disallow foreigners from viewing it.
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    after re-install Windows 7, Japanese characters does not display

    A little tip, if you install the language pack, and then start installing programs (adobe is famous for it) and all of a sudden you find that windows is no longer displaying UTF8 characters properly in explorer, you can rename your recycle bin to something that contains a Japanese character...
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    Japanese police target users of Tor anonymous network

    I' m thinking that the cat would not have played a role in the story at all if he was simply posting messages to forums using TOR. What many "hackers" do is simple. Create or borrow a program that will be "useful" to the end user. Something like Perfect Dark or Share for example. Append your...
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    Photography books - technical?

    I was being silly to be honest. It was a fun reason to use a lens calculator instead of using it for calculating which lens to install for a customer's CCTV camera install. I just recently took my 500mm out for some practice shots. I figured pigeons would make a good target. If I can see...
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    why akiba-online doesn't use https?

    I was just listing possible reasons that there was no SSL support. I've hosted, of course shared hosting, several small sites, and it was a pain to get a signed certificate so users wouldn't be threatened with bad things happening if they clicked ok for a self generated certificate. And the...
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    why akiba-online doesn't use https?

    A real (not self generated) certificate requires money... A self-signed cert is somewhat safe, but forgery is easy Many people would click okay anyway if presented with a warning that the certificate had changed Many hosts charge extra for supporting SSL. Not sure what is used here, or...
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    [Manual] How to check and sort your Photo collections quickly

    I would like to add one suggestion. Make sure if you are using a CSV that is not your own, that you are working on a COPY of your directory when you are sorting. TheChecker is VERY powerful program, and if sorting thousands of photos you will likely not notice someone else's mistake, or that...
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    FBI virus is rampart on this site...

    What is the exact name of this "FBI virus" that your antivirus is reporting? And another thing, why are you browsing for porn with scripts enabled any how?
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    Akiba Online on Retroshare

    Again, the problem with these types of systems is that to avoid a potential link with the particular activity, there has to be a fairly large base of non linked users using it too. The only way that is safe safe is a small group of personally known peers, using a completely darknet solution...
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    Photography books - technical?

    Well, using a lens calculator, to get 3 feet of horizontal coverage with a 1 inch lens system (most interchangeable lenses) you would need to have a lens that is roughly 11 meters long. But with resolutions being so high, it should be acceptable to have a field of view which is about 22 feet...
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    Nintendo Wii U puts his service of television with TVii

    I remember every one complaining about the Atari Jaguar controller being huge and clunky. I wonder what the same critics will say about this one. I personally loved the massive Jaguar controller, and the multipurpose keypad in the middle, as long as you didn't lose the overlay for your game...
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    How much space does your JP folder take up?

    Roughly 1.5 TB of sorted and cataloged IV stuff Porn: less than 50GB and shrinking
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    Akiba Online on Retroshare

    anonymous: from your ISP and routers along the way Reliable Identification and Authentication of your friends: it does this well I used the program that this is based heavily on for years, before it went out of active development years ago. It was the same thing basically. It's private and...
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    Akiba Online on Retroshare

    From everything I can find it's not really that anonymous. You have to be connected to at least one "friend" who then has your IP address. When you connect to their friend, and share keys, you then have another person who has your IP, and so forth. BT is not meant to be anonymous, it's for...
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    Ryushare Support

    I've sent exactly 7 e-mails since December 1st, with absolutely no response from them what so ever. Very polite in my usual way, and not even a list of resellers I could potentially use. It's odd, because I was once a subscriber, you would think they would return an email to those who are on...
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    Ryushare Support

    Any word yet on how we can join premium? Many videos I want to download.
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    Why do I want iso over mp4/mkv/etc

    You really only need the ISO if you plan to encode them yourself, or you can't find another version. To get 1080p stuff, you would have to get the huge BDISO. The reason that some of them appear crappy is that they are almost always interlaced videos, and all of the deinterlace options in VLC...
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    Mayan Apocalypse

    I voted rabies infected homicidal preteen girl outbreak. That would just be too cool to see!
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    Photography books - technical?

    500mm lens or longer... 'nuff said.
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    An Effective Way of Organising Your JAV Collection ?

    It is very "hard core" and so far I'm in the planning stages. This database will have several different tables so that it's easier to do drop down boxes for things like "Production Company" with an "Add new entry" available if it's not in the database. Names will be handled by how they are most...