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    [GRAVB-0004] 柳瀬早紀 - やなパイ LOVE ミルキートリップ Blu-ray (2016.03.25)

    I'm very grateful for the second title from that double-release!
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    Really no one could help me with CHAKUI-012 video?
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    It would be really great if someone could repost that video. I have only interest with solo/softcore stuff, unfortunately I was too late.
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    [UL|RS] [Graphis] 2013-10-07 Anri Okita 沖田 杏梨 『 nonstandardized 』 MOVIE 03 [304MB]

    Thank you warmly for all three clips with Anri. Btw, it's last scene from that series or there's one more?
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    [SF] [Graphis] Nana Ogura 小倉奈々 『 Seventh Heaven 』 (SPECIAL) MOVIE 01 [264.08MB]

    Aikonhey, thank you very much for reposting all those clips with Nana and also Ai & Kanon. :happy:
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    [RG] [Graphis] 2012-07-20 JULIA ジュリア 『 Back to the Future 』 MOVIE 02 [186.20MB]

    Thank you very much for sharing both clips with Julia! Btw, probably you forgot about them, but I hope that you could repost clips with Ai & Kanon Ozora (Summer Special) and Nana Ogura (Seventh Heaven).
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    [RG] [DynamiteChannel] MOVIE 潤音 Junne Okada Profile-1258 [ASF]

    Junne is a charming lady - thanks a lot for sharing those clips.
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    [SQ] [DynamiteChannel] MOVIE 七瀬愛 Ai Nanase Profile-1311 [ASF]

    If I'm correct Ai has already retired from modelling but it's great to see an older stuff with her - thank you very much for it!
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    [RG] [Graphis] Nana Ogura 小倉奈々 『 Seventh Heaven 』 MOVIE 01 [264MB]

    Aikonhey that would be awesome if you could repost whole series - Nana is a very popular model.
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    [RG] [Graphis] Ai and Kanon (SUMMER SPECIAL) 『 Great! 』 MOVIE 01 [158.60MB]

    I hope that you could repost also clips with her - I haven't seen them never before.
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    [RG] [Graphis] Ai and Kanon (SUMMER SPECIAL) 『 Adult 』 MOVIE 01 [149.77MB]

    I would love to see a repost of both parts because Ai is a fine lady.
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    [WU] [DynamiteChannel] MOVIE 岡田真由香 Mayuka Okada Profile-1257 [ASF]

    Aikonhey, could be possible for you to repost those clips with Mayuka? All links are dead including Oron's too.
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    [RG] [Graphis] Nana Ogura 小倉奈々 『 GLAMOROUS BODY 』 MOVIE 03 [175.54MB]

    Thank you very much for that fine series with Nana and I hope you could repost more stuff from Graphis.
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    [RG] [Graphis] Keiko Takashina 『 Feti Style 』 MOVIE 04 [145.77MB]

    I would be extremely grateful, if you could repost all that great stuff from Graphis which you've posted lately (in February).
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    [RG] [Graphis] Minami Kojima 小島みなみ 『G-motion』 MOVIE 03 [276.09MB]

    Maybe it work for you but not for us (including myself). IMO, it's a better idea to upload those clips on more friendly storage. Btw, could you say why you're using RapidGator?
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    [RG] [Graphis] Nana Ogura 小倉奈々 『 Seventh Heaven 』 MOVIE 01 [264MB]

    I like Nana and I'm really grateful for this post and whole series but I can't connect with Rapidgator. Could you check those links?
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    [UL]村上友梨(Murakami Yuri) - Premium Gravure

    Here is a mirror on MU. All credit goes to finging.
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    [BOMB-1010] 熊田曜子 Yoko Kumada - オトナバカンス [MP4/1.23GB]

    You definitely deserved a really warm thanks for sharing a newest title with great Yoko! :bow-pray:
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    [HDTV] 愛衣 AI - 女神降臨 #20 (MP4/MPEG2-TS)

    Thank you nicely for posting video with cute Ai (also Sayuki Matsumoto)! Btw, it could possible for you to upload also number 22 (with Sayaka Tashiro)?
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    [LPFD-213] 仁藤みさき(Misaki Nitou) - こんな胸はいかがですか? [MP4/1.12GB]

    Misaki Nitou - Konna Mune wa Ikaga Desuka? Here is a different (significant smaller) version of that video (released on 27 August 2010) with lovely Misaki. All credit goes to yamyedye.
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    [MMR-124] Yoko Kumada 熊田曜子 - Love ~face to face~

    Many, many thanks for rip of a new DVD with Yoko (and H.264 version). :happy:
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    [LPFD-222] 原幹恵 Mikie Hara - 監視願望

    Thank you very much for new title with Mikie! :bow-pray:
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    [LCDV-40439] 愛衣 Ai - あいたい Aitai

    Many, many thanks for a great post - Ai is simply a pure sweetness!
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    [HDTV] 杉原杏璃 Anri Sugihara - 女神降臨 #3

    Thank you very much for creating (of course upload too) a smaller version!
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    [TSDV-41304] 青島あきな [Akina Aoshima]飛び出すマンゴー乳

    Akiva, thank you warmly for video with pretty Akina. Unfortunately, there's no sound track - could you fix that?
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    [FS]西田麻衣(Nishida Mai) - Premium Gravure

    Thank you so much for video with very sweet Mai. Btw, I'm glad to see that you've used a different storage.
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    [UL]ミラクルひかる(Miracle Hikaru) - Premium Gravure

    You are posting some fine stuff but IMHO isn't acceptable - not only slow but also has a low download limit. You must remember that storage should be good not only for uploader but also for downloaders. Anyway, thank you nicely for the video with her.
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    [TSDV-41283] [IV] 滝沢乃南 [Nonami Takizawa] ヒミツ遊戯

    Akiva, I want to thank you very deeply for sharing both latest videos with gorgeous Nonami! :love:
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    [WBDV-0053] [IV] 山本梓 [Azusa Yamamoto] あずスマイル

    I like Azusa very much - she's definitely among my top favourite models. Akiva, big thanks for great post with that awesome beauty! :love:
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    [TRID-133] [HF/MU] 熊田曜子 Yoko Kumada - Dignity meguIV Version

    Mm6eri, thank you very much for excellent quality rip with latest video with beautiful Yoko!
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    [LCDV-20122]Hoshi Hitomi - Hcup Passion Fruit

    Hitomi is a really nice lady - many thanks for the video with her!
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    [LCDV-40382] [RS] Namiko Takegawa (嶽川奈美子) - 「月桃」 [AVI]

    I'm very glad to see a new DVD with Namiko - she's a really nice lady IMHO. Illuminatus, (of course ripper too) thank you so much for this great post!
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    TOD-193 Mature Housewife Lesbian [RS]

    I've connected and enjoyed. Thank you for the good post.
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    [RS] Lesbian Madams JUC-049

    Ah, newest title from the series - nigeria70, than you very much for excellent post!
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    Lesbian - Madams (JUKD-974) [RS]

    I'm big fan of the lesbian stuff and that series is one of my favourite. Thank you so much for great post!