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    True Blue series

    This is not a request. I was just wondering if there was any release of subbed versions? Hot anime but no subbed. Strange because they're .mkv files and they're small files but it isn't subbed.
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    Your Christmas

    Ok well... I'll start off. The presents I got are all awesome. But the thing that actually made my Christmas was.... You guessed it... The new H-Anime releases. So tell me about your Christmas! Sorry about the space in between. -.-
  3. Mama Puri!? Ep 1

    Mama Puri!? Episode 1 Screens: Size: 229.53 MB Format: .MKV Censored Unsubbed
  4. Chinetsu Karte The Devilish Cherry Vol. 2

    Chinetsu Karte The Devilish Cherry Vol. 2 Episode 2 Size: 287.27 MB Format: .AVI Censored Unsubbed
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    Been here but...

    For some reason, I disappeared. I just randomly found it somewhere in my bookmarks and ought to check it out since it's been almost a year since my last login, I believe. Anyway, glad to be back but unfortunately I might not be uploading h-mangas anymore. Maybe...
  6. Hatsu Inu - Strange Kind of Woman Hatsu Inu - Strange Kind of Woman epi 1
  7. Vietxmikey's Doujin Thread Dead or Alive - Enh Dead or Alive - Reopal Hon 2 Dead or Alive - Fuuka Dead or Alive - Sirogeshou
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    Somewhat new

    Well I joined on the 10th of June but I didn't look around enough to find this section but anyway since I found it I shall introduce myself. Hi Akiba! :D My name is Mike, Mikey, or Me-shell(friends got it from Dodgeball D:) which ever. I'm Vietnamese and I love hentai, fetishes are...