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    looking for JAV where woman get r***ing but "desperately try to act tough"

    Secret Investigator Girl: Facing a Baby Faced Agent Aimi Yoshikawa SNIS-243 At first she resists and tries to act tough when she is captured but eventually loses it. Very hot! One of my favorite JAV titles.
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    Maria Ozawa, beauty is going down

    Sadly its the drugs. Lots of porn stars get that WTF happened to their look looks. Its usually associated with drugs like cocaine, it messes them up and makes them look ugly.
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    What Happens to Japanese Porn Stars After They Retire?

    I would be surprised if they got married and had kids. I find that social stigma is multiplied 100 fold in Japan when compared to America so I doubt they would be able to marry anyone.
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    Collection of JAV with white actresses (and a few black ones too)

    I was searching and the girl on the front cover is Rita if anyone was curious. She is also in PTKS_016.
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    Help ID

    Anyone know who she is?
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    perfect back nice boobs

    Top one is Shay Laren playing with Wii.
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    Collection of JAV with white actresses (and a few black ones too)

    Who is the girl in NPS042_H. I assume they are all pornstars.
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    Multiracial JAV Actress

    Emirie Yoshikawa
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    [IDed]松嶋れいな Reina Matsushima

    Anyone know?
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    Scanlated Martial Arts Manga?

    You can also try Vagabond which is a manga about Miyamoto Musashi by the same author that wrote Slam Dunk.
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    favorite anime

    X'amd Lost Memories: I never really heard of it before but when I started watching I couldn't stop. I thought they had a decent balance of action, story and character development. This was probably the best anime I would have totally missed out on because I don't think it got that much...
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    favorite anime

    Gintama is by far the best.