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  1. ShogunXXX

    Should I delete Facebook?

    As it says: "If You're Not Paying for It; You're the Product ", think twice ;) The FB addicts can always look for alternatives Diaspora is certainly the most interesting: open source and...
  2. ShogunXXX

    The "ransomware" attack spreads globally. 74 countries affected.

    "Please, clean your computer always." Or use Linux ;)
  3. ShogunXXX

    Download vs Stream

    Streaming suppose to be online, depending on what site and on your security settings (or lack of them), some being real nest of virus. Sites come and go over the years. With a downloaded video, no bad surprise, no virus, no need to be online, etc.
  4. ShogunXXX

    WiFi vs Ethernet

    If you do have the choice: cable, cable and cable again. Better for both your health and your computer too.
  5. ShogunXXX

    Does Powerline Adapter causes Dirty Electricity?

    Unfortunately we do live in a world filled with many kinds of waves, the natural ones and the human induced ones, for the latter its impacts on health is still controversial, the most studied are probably those emitted by GSM, and it is recommended to use them moderately or at least with...
  6. ShogunXXX

    How do you make GIF from JAV movies?

    Eviosoft AVI to FLV-GIF Converter, or, better, iWisoft Free Video Converter are not too bad.
  7. ShogunXXX

    Hack-Proof? China Launches World’s 1st Quantum Communications Satellite

    Seems a good news :D I wish China would be manufacture and market more hardware for PC, so that we can be less depended from the US made.
  8. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance Movies

    Some months ago clashoftitans has initiated a generous release of his collection through torrents. Where you guys are you finding those torrent links ? I have been searching in the classical search engines (KAT, PB, Torrentz, etc.) but found nothing, is there a better search engine specialized...
  9. ShogunXXX

    US military in Okinawa tightens discipline Fucking imperialists spreading deadmocracy all over the world since 1945. Happy end for this one You may disagree with the politics of the system, as do I. But there is no need to revel in...
  10. ShogunXXX

    Rapidgator billing disaster just order PaySafe cards from internet to subscribe.
  11. ShogunXXX

    I can't open some JPG files.

    Usually happens when the file is corrupted (then have to be downloaded again) or when its name is written in special characters (non Ascii characters), like in Korean, Japanese, etc., then you simply have to rename them.
  12. ShogunXXX

    Rapidgator billing disaster

    When something like that happens Rapidgator is not responsible, looks like someone was able to get your CC details and tried to use them, but usually the frauds or attempts of frauds are quickly identified and stopped. Paying with PaySafe or NeoSurf is advised when available. Usually the host...
  13. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance Movies

    The producers should not mix the genre, or it must be about sex or about dance, but not both. The best dance series remain "Club Naked" and a few others, all without sex. Happy to see this thread back to life again thanks to mx70 :D
  14. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance Movies

    Thank you for keeping this thread alive, thanks to all contributors.
  15. ShogunXXX

    Dark Side of Japan's 'Schoolgirl Culture' The US has also a culture for "schoolgirls", no one porn site without its sections for schoolgirls, petites...
  16. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance Movies

  17. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance Movies

    Before starting this project that could take 5 or 10 years (you have so many videos), wouldn't better to be a "requests project", only providing videos that are requested, therefore avoiding to share videos that nobody needs (already have them or simply not interested). This would save time...
  18. ShogunXXX

    Do you like hairy pussy or shaved?

    some hair, and some fat too (she is a bit too skinny) :D
  19. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance Movies

    It was a suggestion only, but a list would be cool too, unless there are already included in your paste (apparently yes): My access to internet is more than limited, so could not get anything from torrents, p2p (even less from freenet), so don't have the choice...
  20. ShogunXXX

    A way around flash?

    Try to regain some of it ;) h.....p://
  21. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance JAV only mega thread

    There is a project here
  22. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance Movies

    Could not agree more with those watermarked movies, it transforms a jewel into a garbage, same is true when a HD film is reduced to a horrible .flv. But the culprits will not read those lines but if ever will not care anyway, so their garbage factory will continue to work on. The original...
  23. ShogunXXX

    Change of Forum Name?

    Akiba got a reputation and has a name, changing it would not be a good idea at all. That's ok, let us change it : Welcome to Ajinomoto-Online :D
  24. ShogunXXX

    A way around flash?

    Flash is perfectly safe as long as you don't use it :D
  25. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance Movies

    Yes, why not. The big advantages of the mentioned hosts is that they are compatible with "debrideurs" like real-debrid, for a few $, then you have access to Premium accounts of 75 hosts, instead of being forced to pay for dozens or just some Premium accounts. Cheap, fast, very effective. You can...
  26. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance Movies

    @clashoftitans: personally I registered in this forum for those dancing Japaneses series (only the nude ones :D), but missed a lot because of files issues (impossible to dl without a premium account or quickly deleted). If your kind enough to share, please use standards hosts like...
  27. ShogunXXX

    Error 451: There’s Now an HTTP Code for Internet Censorship

    You wrote elsewhere in this forum that you fully support what agencies like the NSA is doing, as should do all good patriots blah blah blah, so don't complain, enjoy what the State does for you, they think for you, etc., to keep you safe and free (or let you believe so). " without putting your...
  28. ShogunXXX

    Error 451: There’s Now an HTTP Code for Internet Censorship

    Just to keep you free and safe. Be a good patriot, listen and obey.
  29. ShogunXXX

    Merry Christmas 2015

    Hairy Christmas :D
  30. ShogunXXX and opinions and concerns

    Yes, for some years now, and (I prefer the first however, having used both), that's really a cool service, and cheap (you can opt for just 1 month, or 3 months if you don't have much to dl). Never been cheated. Sharing communities should be more harmonious about...
  31. ShogunXXX and opinions and concerns

    People should use hosts that are supported by hxxps:// for instance, so that we don't need to pay for 50 premium accounts. You can pay with gift cards like Paysafe, etc. Popular hosts are
  32. ShogunXXX

    Beware With Windows 10. He Knows Too Much About You.

    Hi, This software is open source, available at and supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10. It works without perturbing anything installed and a backup is created. But you may...
  33. ShogunXXX

    Beware With Windows 10. He Knows Too Much About You.
  34. ShogunXXX

    Do you like hairy pussy or shaved?

    What a forest Blade Runner, like it too. :D (must be a Thai or a Pinay)
  35. ShogunXXX

    Countries you'd like to visit other than Japan?

    Any woman costs, prostitute or not ;) My countries ? Everything exotic, but not the West: South America, Africa, India, Asia, New Guinea. May be New Zealand for their forests and visit the Maori, at least what remains of them (culturally).
  36. ShogunXXX

    World's oldest person turns 117 (Japan)

    Agree, all countries collect data, yet there is still nothing like the NSA, so far. And, unlike the US since 1945, Russia, China or France, do not have the ambition to rule the world. Anyway, it becomes off topic, let us return to our old Japanese ladies lol. The Prisoner, great series indeed...
  37. ShogunXXX

    Windows OS Data Collection
  38. ShogunXXX

    World's oldest person turns 117 (Japan)

    "Collecting data is collecting information", yes, and the West remains the champion, especially the USA with its CIA/NSA. Information is a tool of power, and we still like to rule the world, so we need information. Number Six: Where am I? Number Two: In the Village. Number Six: What...
  39. ShogunXXX

    World's oldest person turns 117 (Japan)

    These are just those that are known, but it is very possible that others may have existed (or exist) even longer. It's surprising that no records come from China or India with their huge populations, but in these two countries populations census, recording birth date, etc. is not their priority...
  40. ShogunXXX

    Beware With Windows 10. He Knows Too Much About You.

    Not new, at least around since 2012. You may shift to Debian. Or Tails ;)
  41. ShogunXXX

    Beware With Windows 10. He Knows Too Much About You.

    Like privacy ? - ;)
  42. ShogunXXX

    Erotic Dance Movies

    Thank you ! :D
  43. ShogunXXX

    Maxthon Releases Maxthon Nitro, the Fastest PC Browser in the World.

    Thanks, will have a look. Aside from speed, other elements must be taken into account too, like safety, privacy, etc. ;) You may also try ComodoIceDragon (from FF) and KMeleon -
  44. ShogunXXX

    New Board Software, New Server

    Thanks guys for the efforts and improvements ;)
  45. ShogunXXX

    Ariana Miyamoto (宮本 エリアナ 磨美子) Miss Japan 2015

    Of course that's political, don't be naive. The girl is beautiful, that's not the point. As a Miss Japan, she is supposed to represent Japanese people, the "ideal" Japanese woman according to their standards of beauty, and not those imposed by the West or influenced by Western values. The...
  46. ShogunXXX

    Premium uploadhero Give away

    Hope it's okay to make the offer in this section. I am giving away a Premium account on with 29 days left as of April 11. I am searching for a Premium account on keep2share, as a give away (1 month or even just two weeks should be enough, I don't dl that much)...
  47. ShogunXXX

    Crypto currency miner ‘quietly’ bundled with μTorrent

    At least there are still open source software
  48. ShogunXXX

    Crypto currency miner ‘quietly’ bundled with μTorrent Are you in a hurry to install the newest version of μTorrent? Be careful of what you hit agree to. Users of μTorrent are fuming after it came to notice that the newest version of the popular file sharing app (version 3.4.2)...
  49. ShogunXXX

    Weirdest Things You Have Eaten in Japan

    I hope someday :) Japanese girls seem cooler, not pretentious or pretending this or that like in the West or even with other SE Asian girls. PS: we eat horses, rabbits, and many other stuffs that look weird to other peoples.
  50. ShogunXXX

    Weirdest Things You Have Eaten in Japan

    Hi isityours. Curiosity and sometimes lack of choice, if you go in really remote places, you have to adapt to the food of the natives (when you feel angry, then almost everything is good to eat, and refusing may also offend people). Most of the time the experience is positive (especially with...