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    Texter arrested for inciting train groping case

    Well, I now know what to tell the cops next time I go to Japan. :thief:
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    Is there a terms for this fetish?

    Follow up. Has anyone found a term for this fetish?
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    Troubled lives of Japan’s male porn stars

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    Troubled lives of Japan’s male porn stars

    Is there a limit, or is it that there's only 70 men that past mustard? Also, does anyone have a torrent of this, hopefully with subs?:please:
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    Japanese Porn Industry Documentary Premieres February 23

    So, is there a torrent of this floating around somewhere yet? Hopefully with subs?:please:
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    Don’t Let Your Family Find Your Porn Stash After You Die, Let “Keepers” Do It For You

    This was from The Man Show, they did a commercial for this service. I don't remember which season though. Sorry.
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    SubDesu Website problem?

    Never mind. The sites back up.:harp: Apparently they were the subject of an extended DDoS attack.:puzzled:
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    SubDesu Website problem?

    Does anyone know what happened to I've been trying to access it for about a week now, and I can't seem to access their website. When I check downforme it shows that the site is up. Does anyone know what's up?
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    JAPAN - Charity Breast Squeeze (to stop AIDS)

    And this, among many other things, is why I LOVE Japan!:notagain: Why can't America do things as awsome as this?:puzzled:
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    Is there a terms for this fetish?

    I found a game, Henshin - Become The Underwear, where the main character becomes the clothing that girls are wearing. He uses this ability to molest and r*** the girls. Is there a term for a fetish were someone controls the clothes of a girl to mess with her? If so, is there any hentai out there?
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    Japanese man cooks, serves own genitals

    And this is how the Human Centapede started.
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    Loli Master List [moved]

    Any that place would be?
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    Need name and examples of certain fetish

    Would that be Ahego?
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    Sweet Buttery Jesus. Where can one find/buy those?
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    My fetishes are tentacles, r***, ahigo, beastiality, loli (to an extent), slime/goo/oil, and leggings/stockings.
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    I believe so. I had sent a message to X-death, but he hasn't been on since 7/5/11. I really hope that the site doesn't go away. I love that page. Ever since browse hentai got sapped.
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    Does anyone know what happened to I haven't been able to access it since Thursday.
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    I was wondering if anyone had any music by the band 369. I haven't been able to find out much about them since their name is 369, but they did the opening music for Daughter of 20 faces, and I really liked their music. If anyone has any more of their music, please let me know, or even better...
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    Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2

    My Theory Since the show keeps saying that there's nothing after August 31st, that they're gonna keep doing the Endless eight until after the 31st of August.:perfectplan::perfectplan:
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    Hentairu is offline

    They're down again. Does anyone know if they're down for good, or it they're just down while updating the website?
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    [R]TVチャンピオン TV Champion

    TV Champion DVD set I was wondering if anyone here had episodes of a TV show called TV Champion. It was recently on TV in Japan. The show has people demonstrate various talents. Example, one show was dedicated to figures and miniatures and they had 3 contestants with a certain time limit...