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    Is anybody else a fan of Oosawa Kasumi? I think she was in her late 20s, she leaned into the MILF persona a bit. Her scenes were a bit on the rougher side (gokkun, BDSM, anal). Unfortunately, she seems to have come and gone pretty quickly, lasted just over a year. I really wish we got more...
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    Ask pornstar

    Cute face. I'm curious now too
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    Girl crying during scene

    IPTD-619 - Drinking 100 Shots of Sperm - Ichinose Ameri Ameri is crying in multiple scenes as she's doing gokkun from multiple men
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    Looking for similar sites to

    Anybody know what happened to JAVBus? It was my backup place to go, I was never registered. It looks like it's Chinese characters now, did it get bought out and turned into a private tracker? As for similar... I know this isn't ideal, I use to follow new...
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    Agreed, those are some of my favorite movies. MZD-005 (Yurikawa Sara) and MZD-001 (Shirosaki Aoi) are fantastic.
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    Hi @MaxFJ There were technical issues as I mentioned here in this thread: Is there anyway to get those 30% extra days of Premium still?
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    April 2023 Filejoker Promotions

    Hi @chompy the link to the promotion doesn't seem to work My membership is due, so it would be nice if this could be fixed and I could use the referral as intended.
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    April 2023 Filejoker Promotions

    It doesn't seem like it's actually working in any manner to recognize that as a referral link for me to extend my membership. The green banner at at the top (above announcements) has a link to: But all it does is redirect right back to...
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    April 2023 Filejoker Promotions

    uh... there's no link and no detail on how to opt in.
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    Yeah, I was wondering the same. Seems a bit odd that it's still not released.
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    FileJoker Exclusive [KIRN-001] Miku Abeno 阿部乃みく - A Cum Swallowing Video Of The No.1 Cum-Loving Girl In Japan

    Any chance this could get a rehost? The Filejoker links are dead
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    I was wondering if this thread is still active Or I just can't access it because my account is new?
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    Video Playback Help Please - .ts Files - Stall When Skipping?

    I've noticed that a few months ago, some video files were being released with a .ts extension. This is new to me. I haven't seen this file extension used by any western release groups. I've been using MPC BE (Media Player Classic - BE ), and it never has any issues except for this. The...