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    Are there any sites that list the movie set a movie is a part of? This feature was on R18 and made it easy to see if there were any other parts of a series. I haven't found any sites (in English especially) that list the series.
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    They eventually fixed my issue, after almost a month of emails.
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    Used Bitcoin to pay for a year subscription to FileJoker and I received confirmation they that received my payment but they have not upgraded my account (almost a week) and have not responded to emails either. Can't do much but I am going to try and cost them business.
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    Anyone know of a AI decensoring program?

    I heard there was technology out there currently that could remove the blur in Japanese porn and I was curious if anyone knows of any good software to do it?
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    JAV scraper for Kodi?

    I found a scrapper called JavMovieScrapper which is a Java program and is quite impressive. It's not a Kodi live site scrapper but does a great job as a standalone program and generates the NFO files for Kodi. I have a massive collection and it's what I used to scrap all of it.
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    Anyone knows about a real time upscale program for windows?

    The upscaling relies on the power of the video card. If you have a very good video card (NVidia recommended) it will go much faster. I recently upgraded to a 3080ti which is close to top of the line and it's almost real time. My old card though (a 3060) would take almost 4 times as long. I...
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    Any sites where you can find older Soft On Demand content

    I was curious if there are any sites for older content (primarily from Soft on Demand)? R18 seems to only go back to 2005 and there's a lot of older stuff from 2001 and such I can't seem to locate anywhere.
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    I was wondering what are the best sites (outside of) AsiaMoviePass for finding content

    Thanks! Asia Movie Pass is no DMM but DMM doesn't offer download to own on every title, or any, from what I gathered. Plus even though they implemented more English a lot is in Japanese and will swap back sometimes. Thanks for the suggestion of actionjav. I stumbled across them before but I...
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    I was wondering what are the best sites (outside of) AsiaMoviePass for finding content

    I'm looking for sites that carry imports with the id numbers. I currently like AsiaMoviePass but there's still a ton of content out there that's not available and due to the megashare deal a lot of older content is now very hard to find. I'm primarily a fan of Soft On Demand. I saw...
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    Is there any uncensored porn with weird formats like soft on demand does?

    I'm a big fan of Soft On Demand, Rocket, etc. due to their weird themes they do in their videos. I was looking at uncensored porn but it all seems rather generic. A lot of pure sex videos. Is there any uncensored porn companies who do weird themes?
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    What are the best places to find japanese porn in English?

    I recently discovered and but I was wondering if there's any other good sites to find japanese porn? I'm primarily a fan of weird shit like Soft on Demand tends to make.