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    Most Challenging Game?

    lol - Got to love [Prototype] - Wanton destruction, carnage and blood; what a great combo. :pandalaugh: That aside, the last boss on the Aircraft Carrier is actually pretty fun - The main problem is ensuring you kill it before the countdown (although this only happens when you lower it's life to...
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    Most Challenging Game?

    Yeah - I've been through quite a few titles, and I would agree - They are challenging and some are frightfully annoying until you get the hang of it. I personally don't find that game all too challenging. Then again, I have played many similar titles (like A.C.E. 1,2,3 etc.) Mecha flight-sims...
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    hello from ...

    :hi: and welcome.
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    Hello every one here =)

    :hi: and welcome. We can always use some more artists; and it'll be a pleasure to view your works.
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    Hentai Chat

    :wait: Although I have not been part of the community too long and have not had a chance to get to know you as well as I may have liked - I have always enjoyed your intellectual takes on many subjects and respected the fact you always stood for what you believe in. I wish you well with all...
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    Sakunyuusha says hello

    Although I have not been part of the community too long and have not had a chance to get to know you as well as I may have liked - I have always enjoyed your intellectual takes on many subjects. I can appreciate your reasoning - I personally also take offense to the material in question, but I...
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    What games are you playing?

    As far as the official sources state, it's still TBA. In an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, he concluded with: This is still a ways off, he said, but he added "We're making preparations for a big announcement." You can read the above interview in full here. From the screenshots this...
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    What games are you playing?

    Yeah - That was along the lines of my reaction when I first saw it. And for those of you who want it in English (subtitles): EsCdtS8pVxM Anyway - I just imported Persona 3 Portable and am playing that now. So far I would have to say they have improved on the original. A new soundtrack for the...
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    Hallo everybody

    :hi: and welcome to Akiba Online! And despite what you may have heard, we do not all cum. :joker:
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    how to completely "Clean" my hard drive?.

    Precisely. What's more, if you compare the features side-by-side, DBaN certainly is superior to the free version of KillDisk, and even against the pay-for version, it does not lack the USEFUL features in relation to KillDisk. Why pay $40 for a program which supports a few more security...
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    What games are you playing?

    Sorry that I'm going a little off-topic - But in response, I can appreciate that. In Cross Edge it is pretty much the same (although you can transfer a limited number of skill points etc. from a normal play-through) but all the achievements, items, weapons etc. that you have synthesised are all...
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    Hime-chan no Ribon

    I think you may be surprised by some of the later episodes, so hang in there. Not really a spoiler - See if you notice a certain demon-dog cameo in episode 44 (It is about Kimodameshi, so I'm sure you can see where this is going.) Sorry of my short responses - It's just difficult to avoid...
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    New and wanting to share...

    :hi: and welcome to the bosom of goodness - AO! I hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Thread that had external image link containing virus

    I can whole-heartedly sympathise with everyone who has lost important data (and especially Sakunyuusha - Losing an entire laptop to a virus is devastating.) I lost close to 100GB worth of data about a year ago (only 20GB was backed-up) simply because of a payload script on an image-site (which...
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    Acc was delete by redrooster . Why ?

    If you had read the rules, you should have read this: Warnings are at the Staff's discretion, but I am sure there would have been comments made in your posts which could tell you why you were banned (I am sure you know yourself). As for the how the banning system works: I do not know you...
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    siam shade tab

    Don't let HarutoAsou catch you saying that - He might punch another kitten. :scared: As for your request - I am no expert when it comes to guitar music, so I can't be sure if it's exactly what you require: Tabs for Daita - Ammersee Siam Shade Tab Listings (Although I can not see the ones...
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    how to completely "Clean" my hard drive?.

    The file is an .ISO - Which needs to be written (or burned) to a CD-R in order to work (It isn't an executable which runs from your OS.) You will need to use a program such as Nero, Alcohol, Roxio, NTI DVD etc. (If you have a CD-R, CD-RW etc. you would normally have a program which accompanied...
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    Hentai Chat

    :innocence: ... I feel like a complete idiot - I really shouldn't reply to anything when I'm tired. I must have seen the word 'Rei' and unconsciously linked it with Ayanami - My apologies. :bow-pray: (I have seen the series though - Always great to see Ayane - She is much better than Kasumi...
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    What security software do you use on your PC?

    Very true - Sorry, I just couldn't resist the temptation.
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    What security software do you use on your PC?

    There's your problem right there. :joker:
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    Things that 'you like.'

    :pandalaugh: I love lamp - I prefer candlelight :joker:. While we're on the topic of images: :scared: I work with them, everyday...So you see my point...right...RIGHT!? Anyway. :prance: Moving on. I like: Strong women Sushi Music Debates/intelligent discussions When a plan comes together...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Certainly the most unique answer so far. (I hope it doesn't get you too down.) As for me: I'm listening to the DVD for Persona Music Live - Velvetroom (I really wish I could have seen it live.) :cry:
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    Hentai Chat

    Ayanami will never die! In my personal opinion, you can never get enough of her. :perfectplan: A very good series indeed, but you can't portray Rei as a slut! No matter who degrading the acts depicted, she escapes the tarnish through pure will of character. :joker: Anyway, moving away from my...
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    What games are you playing?

    It's actually a surprising good game, but when I see that game written anywhere I immediately think of this GameTrailers clip. :joker:
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    What security software do you use on your PC?

    If only more people could come to this realisation, the Internet would become alot less of a security threat to businesses. Physical security is important too. The best tools which I keep around are Task Manager (surprising how keeping an eye on it helps) and HiJackThis! I have also been...
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    Pictures of Real Hentai Comics. Also, Discussion about Digital vs. Paper.

    :study: Where to begin? First of all, thanks Sakunyuusha, once again you raise a thought provoking topic with many good points. (And not to forget the other users fine contributions too.) From my own personal experience, avid collectors tend to want to own the physical product and...
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    Hime-chan no Ribon

    Any series with more than ~26 episodes has to work hard to retain the viewers. Of course there are exceptions to this, as series like Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist have proved. I can't specifically account for your preferences, but if you enjoy a change to the stereotypical 'save the...
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    大家好 我来自中国

    I know - I was playing the ignorant card. :joker:
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    Hime-chan no Ribon

    Yes, albeit some time ago. This series is really a world apart from the atypical 'magical girl' genre, as it is more focused on the character's imperfections and interactions with Himeko. The heroine is therefore far easier to relate too, rather than the 'without-fault' variants which populates...
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    I can only find one listed on AO: Dorei Onna Kyoushi Keiko 3 Volumes 2 and 4 can't be found using the search feature, but I am sure I can find them from external sources. :perfectplan: Enjoy the Manga and I'll have a look around for the other two requested volumes.
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    To save some time, here is the link. (The download link also seems to be still active.) Enjoy.
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    大家好 我来自中国

    We're right here . :joker: :hi: and welcome peiwendong, I hope you enjoy this forum as much as we all do. :gayprance:
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    Any Hentai flicks like Queen's Blade?

    As reingiolt and Syobon have already mentioned, although Queen's Blade does contain almost constant 'fan-service' and a multitude of extreme scenes, it is still consider 'ecchi' and not 'hentai'. :joker: As for suggestions, have a look at this Anime News Network list which is sorted using the...
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    Multi account - question

    :exhausted: Um...Even if you originally did not create multiple accounts, from your post it is obvious that you have now; therefore you are breaking the rules of these forums. If your account is banned (due to multiple accounts) and you feel that it is in error, the best thing to do is contact...
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    how to completely "Clean" my hard drive?.

    It's impossible to take data packets from a stream unless you are either between the two communicating devices (i.e. physically connected between you and the server), or if there is a program/service running on either end which either copies or redirects the stream to another destination. As...
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    I Love Japan

    I never said he was wrong; and I somewhat agree with that sentiment. I wouldn't go as far as to punch a kitten - Maybe the person saying it, but leave the poor kittens alone. :please:
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    What games are you playing?

    :pandalaugh: Thanks! The whole 'evoker' implementation is certainly confusing for those people who can't grasp the concept that as your Persona is 'another self', the 'gun' is used to shed your mortal coil and make way for your other self. It is symbolism and not a prelude to suicide. Of...
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    I Love Japan

    These people's only encounter with the Japanese language is in high-school Anime, where those words pretty much form the basis of the vocabulary. As for the original subject, I entirely agree; Japan is a great place to visit (I would say live, but I haven't had the opportunity to stay long...
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    What games are you playing?

    I'm currently playing: Cross Edge - Synthesising is so fun...but collecting materials takes forever Trinity Universe - Tongue-in-cheek all the way, but I do wish they would stop adding lines which aren't said in the Japanese audio; it entirely alters the portrayal of the characters (btw, I...
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    Firefox or Internet explorer?

    For me it depends on what I am doing. For buying things, research, business - IE. For general browsing, forums, downloads - Firefox. The way I see it is when I am operating under my 'sensible business' persona, I use the Microsoft offering; and for when I revert to a 'normal person', I want...
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    1 more

    :hi: and welcome to our little hide-away, I hope you stick around and see all there is to offer.:tea:
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    Purchasing from a japanese website

    True. I personally love a bargain, but when it comes to something I want - I just pay for it. Negotiating gets you so far; the rest is cold, hard cash. I somewhat sense this topic is dead and now the subject of ridicule; perhaps it would be a good idea to close it?
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    It really would help if you gave us some form of context - As in where you originally heard this. I say this because there is a bizarre usage of the word 'Hnng' (one less 'n' though), which I quote: “hnng” is also a code word being used on popular chat service Omegle to gain followers on...
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    Most Challenging Game?

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll take a look at all of them some time this week. :tea: And nreisvu, by 'challenge' I mean anything that takes a certain amount of skill and more often than not patience to complete fully. It's anything which you feel a sense of accomplishment from...
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    Yuri Gallery

    You do know we have a Yuri social group here at Akiba? But thanks for the link.
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    Watching too much porn..

    Porn is just a means to an end - It helps facilitate fantasies which we as adults ultimately will have. There is nothing wrong with it per-se, but the main problem is when it impacts your psychological disposition i.e. you become addicted. Many healthy relationships have porn integrated into the...
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    How to download Stream-Files from a Pay-Site?

    Although I have never used it for a pay-site, you could try Orbit. It's a great program which can capture streams either by downloading the source file directly, or by recording a stream as you watch. It is mainly designed for social sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion etc., but I have used it...
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    No more adults, please!

    First off - This topic has really made my day, so thank you for that! :grassdance: This just goes to show how much interpretation is a part of any language, and especially one such as English, known for the over abundance of sarcasm. :joker: And the next post (please don't...just don't) has to...
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    No more children, please!

    I personally have no interest in the Junior Idol section what-so-ever, which is why I never frequent it - Simple, huh? I think the real interpretation of "No more children, please!" should be applied to people who obviously operate at a child's level and have an equally limited mindset. If...
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    what's your target until the end of 2010?

    You certainly don't paint yourself as a shady character; not in the slightest. :joker: I'm not sure about a specific target to last me until the end of 2010 - But I guess I'll just follow my philosophy of living life to the fullest and helping anyone I meet along the way. :virtuous: (It may...