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    8.8 Richter earthquake hits Japan: Tsunami, nuclear meltdown, many dead

    The colloseum was built long after caesar's death and christians were never killed there. But I agree with your overall message: Christians are beyond persuasion. :evil: Sorry for continuing the offtopic thread, but such is the lack of "new" news on this subject of the tsunami-quake-meltdown...
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    What's this fetish called?!

    Well the Japanese term for the creampie is to all intents and purposes is 中出し NAKADASHI This multi-guy thing seems pretty specific, but it certainly falls under the 中出し umbrella. I would very much like to see that video :nosebleed:
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    'Living doll' phenomenon

    or 3) You just want something you wouldn't normally be able to have under normal conditions Like a woman with the proportions of a giant barbie doll Or a little girl :nosebleed: it's a shame about the face
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    japanese keyboards...!!!!

    Input methods are determined within your operating system. Simply plugging in a different keyboard won't change your keymap. In windows you can change your input methods in the "Keyboards and Languages" tab in your "Regional and Language Options" section in your control panel. For Japanese you...
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    Japanese Items For Sale

    OK. In your own time then. I still kinda want that buffalo pad though. I'm sick of the d-pad on my 360 pad. What colour is it?
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    Japanese Items For Sale

    What's the cost+shipping for 2 suntory and 2 kirin 2l bottles?
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    Japanese Items For Sale

    I'll take that Buffalo control pad. PM me with whatever details. Also, how much for Suntory Vitamin water and Kirin afternoon lemon? 500ml and/or 2l prices.
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    Japan Related News

    This is less interesting than a minor car crash where someone got a sore neck. Talk about media hype.
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    Yea, that'd be some http usenet reposting service. They're a waste of time to be completely honest with you. They just index a usenet group and charge people to access it. Usually far more than it would cost to just get access to usenet yourself (some ISPs offer usenet for free, though the...
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    forever loading

    It's one of the ad services running on this site. You can block ads with browser extensions such as adblock or adblock plus for firefox. You can also block globally by going to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc open the 'hosts' file with a text editor and adding the following to the bottom...
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    News stories ... deviant sexuallity.

    UK Artist arrested for having "indecent images and pseudo-images of children". Read baby art links for more information. via baby art [1] [2]
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    Life-sized Dolls

    You can always buy used children's clothing on ebay or yaj. Probably some thongs there.
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    Life-sized Dolls

    Speaking of generalisations about Japanese culture (which are at least appropriate when discussing the laws of the land: the only morals which are by definition universally agreed upon) I find it telling that sex dolls of both adult size and child size are equally as scandalous and acceptable as...
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    Fleshlight sex toy

    $68 from Jlist. I'll post a full review. I sure hope it lasts a long time. Or at least, if it does wear out, that I can find inserts instead of shelling out for the whole thing. I suspect I could do 50 uses in a week...
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    Fleshlight sex toy

    I just placed an order for a tenga flip hole. I'll report back when I've given it a spin.
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    Is possession of CP legal in Japan?

    Just so you're not confused (one yes and one no) here's another no. No.
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    Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school

    Saya, the female humanoid robot, taught a science and technology lesson to a class of 10-year-old pupils at Kudan Elementary School in Tokyo. With her neat brown hair, pink lipstick and skirt suit, the robot, created by scientists at Tokyo University of Science, has been designed to resemble as...
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    Show your desktop here !

    Post your desktop thread Post a screenshot of your desktop
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    Hayashi's death penalty finalized

    It's crazy that there are still places in the world where they hang you.
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    Dragon Ball-Z HD Remastered Coming April
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    Nana Ozaki (尾崎ナナ) aka Aimoto Akiko (相本あきこ)

    AKA Ozaki Nana 尾崎ナナ DOB: 1982年9月12日 Does this count as nude or non-nude?
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    Fleshlight sex toy

    I am curious what people's feelings are on the fleshlight. I'm thinking of buying one. I know there's a stigma attached to male sex toys that doesn't exist with female one, but I'm more interested in how good they feel. Anyone have one?
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    Dragon Ball-Z HD Remastered Coming April

    Dragon ball-Z is being remastered to high definition, including edits to the Dragonball world. (Prepare for angry protests lol) It is set for broadcast in HD starting Sunday April 5th at 9:00am on Fuji TV Via: [dqnplus]
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    Japanese schoolgirl to play pro baseball

    16-year-old schoolgirl is making a unique pitch to become the first woman to play professional baseball in Japan. High school student Eri Yoshida was drafted by the Kobe 9 Cruise, a professional team in a new independent Japanese league that will...
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    70% of Japanese inns without foreign guests wish to keep it that way

    More than 70% of inn operators responding to a survey whose lodging facilities were not used by foreign tourists last year are not willing to accept such guests, an Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry survey showed Thursday. The poll, in which the ministry received responses from...
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    Tsutomu Miyazaki, the "Otaku Murderer" is executed

    TOKYO, Japan (AP) -- Japan has executed a man convicted of killing and mutilating young girls in the late 1980s...
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    Life-sized Dolls

    Could anyone translate or give me an idea of what this says? Is this how they make life-size dolls? And where can I buy one?
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    Poor girl...

    She needs a hug :innocence:
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    "Share" only! 素人着エロ倶楽部 まなちゃん 現役中○生

    I've torrented it here: if anyone's interested.
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    Faster, new look, new features

    vroom vroom :XD:
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    Japanese Poll: 87% Accept Manga Child Porn Regulation

    91% say that material should be regulated on the Internet The Japanese government's Cabinet Office issued on October 25 the results of its Special Opinion Poll on Harmful Materials, in which 86.5% of those who responded said that manga and art should be subject to regulation for child...
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    Hi hi everyone

    Thanks :)
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    Hi hi everyone

    I am Bologna. よろしく。