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    bring back the old layout in JAV download and torrent section plz!

    The new layout is actually cool, but maybe if you can bring up the thread summary like in the old ones that displayed with preview picture will be neat... Nice improvement btw...
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    We're back

    :hugethumb: aaaand you guys are back....
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    We're back!

    Finally you guys back online again... hail to Akiba-Online... :cheer: Why there are hackers attacking this sites???:please:
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    Saori Hara small mkvs and picture thread

    Wow such a thread... all of those pictures.... That evil saori Hara is really kewl btw... what movie is that?
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    Thanks god its okay, i thought you were a goner.... :murder: welcome back onlineee :relief:
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    I dont know if Mini Skirt and Shorts is fetish ... but i really fell for it... and its so hard to get this kind of movie... ... and i like loli...
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    Rooneys from Bogor-Indonesia

    Hello too rooney.. theres so many nice torents here... so seed well
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    Haloo, ada Orang Indonesia ???

    *double post*
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    Haloo, ada Orang Indonesia ???

    wah ternyata ada kedubes yah disini.... *daftar dulu pak* salam kenal semua... tapi bukannya rule nya semua post disini harus english ya? english translation: wow there's indonesian embassy here.... *register here* ... and hello to you all... :trance: