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  1. _2old_

    Image Viewing Software - Looking for crack\keygen\serial for ThumbsPlus 10

    As per the title. I'm a photoset archiver at heart and have been using ThumbsPlus in one form or another for years. I've just had to upgrade my PC and in doing so have lost access to my preferred image viewing software, ThumbsPlus 10. I have been able to download a copy of the app but have had...
  2. _2old_

    Cosdoki subscription

    Is anyone able to help me out here? I was previously a member of Cosdoki ( but haven't been able to renew using my new card. Is anyone here able to purchase a membership on my behalf? If so please PM me so that we can thrash out the necessary payment details etc. A one...
  3. _2old_

    VR headsets and VR movies on a budget.

    Thanks for the tip. Games will be a fairly large part of the reason for purchase (second behind the fact that Lovepop is now doing VR <3 ) so I'll check out Meta Quest as a potential first step into the VR world but keep Pico 4 in mind as an alternative. I'll assume both platforms have a list...
  4. _2old_

    VR headsets and VR movies on a budget.

    I'm looking for recommendations for VR headsets in the price region of 400 Euro. The only real requirement is to be able to view 3DVR, but being compatible with VR games would also be a bonus. Does any have any experience or recommendations they can share here to point me in the right direction?
  5. _2old_

    Cultured Men's Club (Gravure Group Buying)

    I use JDownloader pretty much exclusively. It's great app.
  6. _2old_

    What are you listening to right now?

  7. _2old_

    What are you listening to right now?

  8. _2old_

    AIKA Uncensored?

    Downloaded and seeding. Does anyone have a list of any leaked\uncensored works featuring AIKA? I'll even settle for more of her 'Mosiac Removed' content
  9. _2old_

    AIKA Uncensored?

    Leaked or real, both are of interest to me. That torrent is a fantastic start, thank you. (With the added bonus of it being posted on my birthday.. gotta be a good omen) ;)
  10. _2old_

    AIKA Uncensored?

    Thank you! That's more help than i could have hoped for.
  11. _2old_

    AIKA Uncensored?

    I'm looking for any Uncensored or Leaked movies featuring AIKA. Not had much luck yet. There are plenty of releases claiming to be uncensored but these have all turned out to be AI mosaic removal. Does the holy grail of a genuine uncensored AIKA release exist anywhere?
  12. _2old_

    Cultured Men's Club (Gravure Group Buying)

    Should that read 'maximum 1500 points'?
  13. _2old_

    What are you listening to right now?

    Frontline Assembly - Tactical Neural Implant
  14. _2old_

    Cultured Men's Club (Gravure Group Buying)

    You should be able to use the Fast Pay method for this.
  15. _2old_

    Cultured Men's Club (Gravure Group Buying)

    Is there a specific code or way of referring to the subscription tracker we should be using? In light of the current situation I wouldn't be comfortable using the word 'subscription' when sending paypal funds.
  16. _2old_

    What are you listening to right now?

    Navicon Torture Technologies - Pariah
  17. _2old_

    What are you listening to right now?

    Navicon Torture Technologies - The Stars And The Scars
  18. _2old_

    Cultured Men's Club (Gravure Group Buying)

    Thank you. (I didn't have signatures enabled!):oops: __ And so it begins! Thank you Meliadoul for the tip. And of course huge thanks to the mastermind behind this venture, lifeisgook. Absolute legend!
  19. _2old_

    Cultured Men's Club (Gravure Group Buying)

    So now I'm kicking myself hard for only just noticing this amazing thread. I love the Spice videos and have spent far too many days\weeks\months of the past 10 years or so trying to find decent, clean rips to download. (being a paid up member of Lovepop helps, but there are gaps in their...
  20. _2old_

    [FILM-0011] Arisa Kotobuki 寿ありさ- 極彩フィルム ~私の在りか~

    Either the links are already dead, or there's an issue with Filejoker. Shame, I'd love to grab a copy of this. :( __ Links are fine again, Happy days! :D
  21. _2old_

    Merry Christmas 2021

  22. _2old_

    Looking for access to Digi-Gra & Lovepop

    If you have a credit card you can join Lovepop regardless of where you are from. Use Google Chrome for automatically translating the site and select 'Free Registration' to create a basic account: You can then upgrade the account to paid\premium membership once...
  23. _2old_

    Best Video Game You've Played?

    Stick a 2 on the end of that and I'm aboard ;)
  24. _2old_

    Looking for access to Digi-Gra & Lovepop

    This has now been sorted. Please ignore the above.
  25. _2old_

    Looking for access to Digi-Gra & Lovepop

    Not sure if this the correct place to post this request, but here goes. I am looking for somebody who can supply log\pass access to & I am initially after a one month access to each site with the potential to extend on a rolling basis. If you can help with this please...
  26. _2old_

    Any Akiba Fans from Europe here?

    UK. I'm just here for the panties ;)
  27. _2old_

    [LOVEPOP] KURIEMI くりえみ Sheer sailor MOVIE (gset0011) - PPV

    Love this. A little bit of naughty, a large amount of cute. Simply stunning.:cinta:
  28. _2old_

    [OMGZ-043] 石坂こひめ [Kohime Ishizaka] おパイパン

    For anybody just browsing. Stop, download and watch. This is amazing. @winodano, thank you again for the re-up.
  29. _2old_

    [OMGZ-043] Kohime Ishizaka 石坂こひめ (Kana Nagasawa 長澤果奈) - おパイパン

    Thank you for the share. Possibly the best release from this label to date. Her scene in the bathroom is fucking incredible.
  30. _2old_

    Happy New Year 2020

    Happy New Year! (2020 is my ten year Akiba Online anniversary!) :p :cool: :D ;)
  31. _2old_

    Who is your top girl from the last decade?

    Idol or JAV star, who made the biggest impression on you in the last decade? I'll start the ball rolling, (although my Avatar and Sig probably already gave the game away). Aya Hirose. I'm besotted, she is so, so perfect. There's something really appealing about her face with those cupid bow...
  32. _2old_

    [PIST-012] 佐山みき [Miki Sayama] 乙女の限界 ~17歳! Gカップ Tバック~

    I humbly second this request. A re-up would be appreciated.
  33. _2old_

    [MWKD-5024] Shiori Tsukimi 月見栞 - ~・・裸舞 らぶ。~

    Any chance of a Re-reupload? ;) If any single Idol Video can claim responsibility for my love of Idol Video, this is it. The playground panty flashing scene is perfect.
  34. _2old_

    アロマ企画 Aroma Collection [ARM-XXX] [ARMD-XXX] [ARMG-XXX] [ARMM-XXX]

    Perfect! Can anyone share Part 1, ARM 744?
  35. _2old_

    FileJoker Sponsorship

    I'm constantly getting around 126 Kibs average download speed with a Premium account. (For comparison my Rapidgator account sits comfortably at around 9 Mibs.) Any ideas on how to actually get Premium speeds with Filejoker?
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    What are you listening to right now?

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    Last updated seven years ago, so yes, gone.
  39. _2old_

    [LOVEPOP] Gravure No.46 - Mahore Himemiya 姫宮まほれ Photoset 06 [35.8 Mb]

    Very nice. Thank you. @ aikonhey, sometime next month we can get Lovepop back.
  40. _2old_

    What are you listening to right now?

    Amebix - Beginning Of The End (War Minstrel Remix)
  41. _2old_

    What are you listening to right now?

    Les Tambours Du Bronx - Delirium Les Tambours Du Bronx - Extreme
  42. _2old_

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Grey Wolves Catholic Priests Fuck Children