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    Hey China, Thanks For The Smog...

    Complete BS. No way "smog" can travel all the way to Japan. It dissipates into the atmosphere. And Fuck You Japan for your radiation and your continuing to dump your water into the Pacific Ocean.
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    OpenNap and Utatane FAQ

    I get "error corrupt data" when trying to "link"..
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    Tina Yuzuki - Big Magnum FUCK

    Thanks for the mediafire links
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    Can anyone recommend a good ISO to mkv, mp4, etc etc. Converter?

    Tried Xilisoft DVD ripper but keep getting "failed". Anyone else have a good dvd ripper?
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    Share FAQ

    OK, fixed it. It was user error. I confused the upload / download box and entered the wrong numbers.. My UL rate was 900kbs, and DL rate was 50kbs. I just switched it and its now getting up to 600-650 kbs.
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    Share EX2 (english) download and tutorial

    SHARE.exe (english local/help already included) SHARE Plugins ------------- First, click on Settings, Clusters, and type in five words that describe...
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    Share FAQ

    Anyone know why my DL rate won't go above 30kb? While upload rates hits 50kb+
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    Share FAQ

    Anyone have that wikipedia site for the lists of Plugins available for share? I can't seem to find it
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    Why JAVs girls have long public hair???

    Yeah that Rio or Tina girl needs to wax her pubes.. American's don't shave, they wax. "Brazilian wax". Others keep a landing strip or a small triangle. No hair thread. ----
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    Can someone name all the girls in this JAV (who is this women?)

    Io Asuka - High Class Lesbian Soap (dvdes089) Can anyone list all the girls that performed in this video? Besides Io Asuka. Namely this women, who I believe is the only decent looking JAV girl so far.
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    Hardcore porn are boring. Need Moar SOFTCORE

    No, the problem is, a lot of the JAV porn stars are mad ugly. Just check out the JAV torrent or download section. Not 1 pretty porn star. I mean, fake tits and a beat up face. Most of them look 40 years old.
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    [RS] Io Asuka - High Class Lesbian Soap (dvdes089)

    Can you guys name all the actresses in this video? Thanks.
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    [IDed] 高岡紗英 Sae Takaoka

    nm. sae tanaka
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    Futanari ふたなり - Lesbian Strap-on Dildos

    lol. censor the fake pee pee. haha