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    The G-spot may be a myth

    i always did think that there was a certain spot in women where the nerve fibers were very sensitive and that was well considered the G-spot...kinda like umm a area that swells up inside the vagina when arousal takes place and when stimulated gives extreme pleasure due presence of many nerve...
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    What's ur greatest fear?

    fear of dieing with out doing everything i want to in this life time...oh and snakes they scare the shit out of me lol
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    what do you listen to?

    what kind of music us pervs listen to??? humm well pervy music i guess hahaha naw i like mostly anything but im always in the mood for some good drum 'n' bass or some really nice techno non of that euro trash shit thank you very much
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    pertamaxman (local superhero from indonesia)

    ........who the fuk??!!
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    What Car Do You Drive?

    dude.....thats a nice clean ass car plz tell let it be a manual and not some pussy bastard*cough*
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    why do east asian do those things?

    to each his own...diff things turn diff people on...welcome to the work of S&M haha
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    Your most memorable movie.

    i think it was The little rascals...cuz it was one of the movies when i was a kid i remember me and all of my friends went now i guess the movie really sucked but its one of the 1st things we did as a group of friends.
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    HEY hey..

    im sure ur gonna love it here!!
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    Dr. Comet - Kemono Islands Collection (uncensored) (furry)

    torrent link not working pleas fix:)
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    Ever got a nosebleed cause you were aroused?

    when im aroused, all the blood in my body goes to my dik and i stands up.....thats about it.
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    Do You Have Friends into "This" Stuff

    i wish i could find people into this stuff as sister found my stash of jav hentai and other stuff...she branded me as a total loser and a fuckin prick...that all changed after i fucked her friend:happy2:(she doesnt come over any more:runintears:)
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    Japanese Girlfriends

    dude that any and all exception.
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    What's ur greatest fear?

    im afraid of bridges...i mean driving off a bridge only to be drowned by the water in my own car
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    Japanese Girlfriends

    best of luck to u on this long distance relationship...they never really worked out for me, cuz i guess i just fuck around a lot and not having a girl next to me make it hard to be in control epically when ur at parties and around other hotties .
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    Ever tried stopping?

    i usually dont feel the need or the urge to bust a nut when im in a relationship, which means i stop sometimes for months, as long as my gf services me. during the transition between relationships i do(often), or to relieve some tension thats been built up inside me. i dont think theres anything...
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    Turning 18

    i really don't see the difference between any of the teen years, whether its 13 16 or even 18, i just doesn't feel like it makes any difference except maybe u get ur driving licence, and are about to get the hell outa high school and are getting ready for prom. the only age worth looking forward...
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    The secret of hot asian girls revealed?

    holllly shit!! dam i really didn't think that makeup can such a difference, the miracles of modern science. now i guess i really shouldn't get pissed off when my girl takes forever to get ready for a party or an event(still cant believe makeup makes such a diff..for this girl anyway)
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    The secret of hot asian girls revealed?

    holllly shit!! dam i really didn't think that makeup can such a difference, the miracles of modern science. now i guess i really shouldn't get pissed off when my girl takes forever to get ready for a party or an event(still cant believe makeup makes such a diff..for this girl anyway)
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    Achmed The Dead Terroist

    i just love how jeff incorporates all of his material into one great unbelievable preformance that because of his puppets produces a far more enjoyable and humerus effect.
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    FFVII Crisis Core

    ya cant wait for this
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    What`s your downloding speed and how much do you pay for it ?

    the fastest that i ever hit was abt 5mb/sec but i usually get around 20-100kb/sec
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    jujo... Hiotoko is here...or no???

    welcome to akiba!
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    Achmed The Dead Terroist

    jeff dunham is the man..or should i say mr.Hurricane (according to walter)
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    Achmed The Dead Terroist

    im surprised that no one has posted here yet...its just too fucking funny, gota love it thanks a lot leechasd
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    Greetings Everyone!

    yo more the merrier. i know ur gonna love it here
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    Where to download non japanese porn

    um downloading porn i really dont know about, but u can watch it on its like a youtube but full of porn vids. works for me since i have a fast net connection.
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    Oil, Mud, Wet Wrestling

    Do i like mud,oil,wet wrestling??? hell ya i love it..well not so much mud but i love oil wrestling a lot:beautiful:. i remember i was in a oil wrestling match with these 2 hot ass girls in college:snicker: i got my ass kicked but loved every minute of it:shy:, and don't mind barging about...
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    Faster, new look, new features

    This just KICKS ASSSSSS!!!!!! I just love the new akiba, looks great and is responding faster, and i just love the new features...thanks chompy thanks all..hell ya
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    Look how cool i am thread

    Dam thats a lot a HDD...Now all of you motivated me to do my best!!
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    handyman looks like ur avatar suites the festive season very well
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Hello everyone on akiba, i just wanted to wish all the users, mods a very happy Christmas and one hell of a new year
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    go granny go granny go granny go go!!!!
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    Street Dancer

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    What sex do you wanna be?

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :rofl:
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    A lil' research

    1. at about age 10yrs 2.19yrs 3.well me and my gf(ex) have been friends since like 6th grade and really became gf at about 9th grade. she was going to go to a out of state college(UCLA), we been together for so long and we decided to have sex mutually before she left. kind of like a parting...
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    What sex do you wanna be?

    i think i would like to be a man nooo matter what, i just dont think i can handle that whole 9month pregnancy ordeal. besides i love being able to wear the same cloths for more than 2 days in a row being able to fart/belch in public and just laugh about it being able to scratch my balls and...
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    Online games + spoiled kids

    WTF...thats all i have to say!
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    Australians Hate Hentai [AHH]

    well i really do enjoy hentai..the first time i saw hentai was when i ended up watching one of those porno pokemon tapes that were mixed with the real ones and went into circulation....well anyway been hooked since then.
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    WOW! this looks really fun!!

    people do this type of stuff in s&m clubs.....there are some in NY by the village.
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    well im "uncut", with the head peeping out when it "stands". at this age i really cant think let alone imagine haveing it cut(it sends chills down my spine).well with women...i haven't had any complaints yet, as for me i like being uncut because it give better sensations when im having sex. i...
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    What Car Do You Drive?

    thanks man, i always wanted one of those gtr's, but sad to say it wasn't what i expected. to me its the most over hyped car in japan, but still nice to have one:evillaugh:.
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    Hi all, new here!!

    good to have you sure ur gonna enjoy ur stay
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    wellcom to the community
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    Hi to All from chrystELLE

    hey hey hey, im sure ur gonna love it here
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    What Car Do You Drive?

    hell ya, a fellow scooby driver..i got a 04 too....oh and a gtr in japan:goodboy:
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    Just though I'd share this about cars

    wooow...that looks actually pretty fun. dude was that a minivan? this gives me all kind of ideas....:snicker:
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    What Car Do You Drive?

    thank you zheel for returning to the topic at hand. oh by the way those sentras are just like the acords right?
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    Achmed The Dead Terroist

    ROFL...ha ha ha ha ha ...lololololololololol now thats some politically, racially and religiously incorrect shit. but funny as all hell:evillaugh:
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    What Car Do You Drive?

    wwwwoooooooowwww.......a big rig:please:, i always wanted to drive one of those.