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  1. albaalba

    [BUNO-031] つかさファイナル! 神前つかさ (22.6GBBDiso + 720/1080m4v)

    A fit looking lass. I would certainly not kick her out of bed if she wanted to join me for the evening.
  2. albaalba

    [SAT-001B]艶夢 渚野洋子 (17GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

    My school careers advisor never told me about this option!! I remember thinking something similar when I saw an off shoot clip of a Rio Natsume video and saw a guy spraying mists of water over her breasts - great work if you can get it!
  3. albaalba

    [MNR-009] - 夢の続き - Mio Mito (美東澪)

    Great movie - the poor girl gets a very hard time of it throughout
  4. albaalba

    [BUNO-026] Kanzaki Tsukasa 神前つかさ - もっと触って

    Amazing I had forgotten what a goddess she is Can someone tell the producers however that sexy girl playing the recorder is not 'sexy' same goes for idols playing Twister' (immediate fast forward for me)
  5. albaalba

    [LCDV-40731] マニス~甘い誘惑 河瀬杏美 (1.53gb/mp4)

    Before I download what exactly is 'not cut' in this version?
  6. albaalba

    [LCDV-40747] 菜乃花 君と一緒に (1.77gb/mp4)

    My friend you were too fast. I was actually going to log on today and amend my post as on second review I have changed my mind. She does have a sweet, cute face. But who is looking at her face when she has a paid of puppies like those?
  7. albaalba

    [LCDV-40747] 菜乃花 君と一緒に (1.77gb/mp4)

    Maybe not the sweetest face but just look at those ripe melons!
  8. albaalba

    Maki Mizui Hardcore

    Torrent is here Now where to find Chapters 1 - 6?
  9. albaalba

    Tsukasa Kanzaki 神前つかさ

    Oh Yes!!!!
  10. albaalba

    Tsukasa Kanzaki 神前つかさ

    It's sad she is retiring but good luck to her. One thing to remember however (and I am not sure of the exit number) but I am sure there are thousands of girls turning 18 every week in Japan so I am sure there will be others soon taking their place in our affection.;)
  11. albaalba

    Maki Mizui Hardcore

    Attached scree cap of first scene Now at 86% following a recent burst of activity. It's definitely Ms Mizui as the 3 large freckles on her left cheek are clearly visible
  12. albaalba

    [BKOH-004]18の想い出 西野小春(mp4)

    Is this the IMOM-180'Plenty of' release? What's her DOB?
  13. albaalba

    [BKOH-004]18の想い出 西野小春(mp4)

    Did she ever have an u15 idol career?
  14. albaalba

    [BKOH-002]あなたに首ったけ 西野小春(mp4)

    She's got a great ass!
  15. albaalba

    Maki Mizui Hardcore

    I have a partially downloaded torrent of what seems to be Miss Mizui, Starts with the title 'Chapter 7' and has her wearing red t-shirt and red checked miniskirt. Guy appears who feels her up a bit and then they get down to business (so to speak). I have no other details, no catalog number and...
  16. albaalba

    Tsukasa Kanzaki 神前つかさ

    Yes good luck to her and thanks for the mammaries
  17. albaalba

    Rina Nagai 永井里菜

    Note sure if a new title - but new to me Torrent for PNPK-003 below
  18. albaalba

    Maki Mizui amazing caps

    From what I can the release LODC-003 seems to be a double bill of MOR-9015 followed by MOR-9018 There are other versions of this torrent around Update now the file has completely downloaded:) It...
  19. albaalba

    Tsukasa Kanzaki 神前つかさ

    A week ago I had never seen or heard of this I think she's my favorite. Never thought anyone could surpass Rina Nagai but this girl does
  20. albaalba

    [BUNO-008] Tsukasa Kanzaki 神前つかさ - もっと見つめ Turret here
  21. albaalba

    [BUNO-008]もっと見つめて 神前つかさ(mp4)

    Stunning - You certainly do see her from every possible angle!
  22. albaalba

    [TSDS-42061]天女の羽衣 三田羽衣(4GBiso+1GBm4v)

    Maybe it's the slightly bushy eyebrows but there's a strong look of Izumi Asuka about her. The shiny silver outfit and her wandering hands at 25 mins pushed me' over the edge' Many other highlights as well, the tongue action on the ice cream, the rough massage and the thigh length leather...
  23. albaalba

    Does Rina Nagai have the best butt in gravure?

    From what I remember the beach scene is fairly short
  24. albaalba

    Rina Nagai 永井里菜

    Sadly Miss Nagai has never come up to me and offered them up for inspection but I am 99.99% sure they are the genuine article. What next rumors of 'butt implants'?
  25. albaalba

    Too many AVs

    Too many is a good thing. I do wonder however how big the prom industry is in Japan. Japan is by no means a small country I terms of size and population but the quantity and variety of seemingly daily AV release still seems enormous. Also coming from rather conservative western country I am...
  26. albaalba

    [MMR-426]虹色の天使~大島珠奈・引退作~ 大島珠奈(1.48GB)

    Not so sure about that...usually lovely hands. It's provably a cost issue if her face is shown she's 'in' the movie so maybe gets paid more
  27. albaalba

    [MMR-426]虹色の天使~大島珠奈・引退作~ 大島珠奈(1.48GB)

    ....,now I have seen! Wonderful video. Can I ask why we never see the faces of the ladies giving the massage with wandering hands these sort of movies? Would be nice to at least get a quick glimpse so the imagination can run away a bit more. Oh an the massage has to be done by another lady...
  28. albaalba

    [MMR-426]虹色の天使~大島珠奈・引退作~ 大島珠奈(1.48GB) cream in her panties?..........this I must see!!
  29. albaalba

    Any other series like PGOD?

    Thanks now at least I know my addiction has a name!
  30. albaalba

    Mizuki Otsuka goes AV?

    Found this, for me a bit unstable with playback but Ok if you patient
  31. albaalba

    Does Rina Nagai have the best butt in gravure?

    Another fine contributor confirmed to me release April 29
  32. albaalba

    Does Rina Nagai have the best butt in gravure?

    best butt? - who can's certainly spectacular She's certainly the complete package - pretty face, flawless skin. slim, bust and great butt. Can anybody confirm her DOB as 1990?
  33. albaalba

    [ENFD-5664]ナインスコード 高崎聖子(4GBiso)

    Pasted on her twitter feed on April 8th
  34. albaalba

    Mizuki Otsuka goes AV?

    I have read this thread in full a few times and I am still unsure id she ever did appear in JAV. Can anybody please confirm the DVD number? I also found this link - is this the same girl?
  35. albaalba

    [mp4/2.59gb] BXDR-018 縛虐調教 保母さん折檻編 イラマチオ SM

    Who watches stuff like this?........... ...................Oh I guess I do
  36. albaalba

    Asian Women in American Porn

    Cindy Starfall all day and all night long... Honorable Mentions to... Asa Akira Annie Cruz Evelyn Lin Tia Ling Sharon Lee Lily Thai
  37. albaalba

    Maki Mizui amazing caps

    Maki is my favorite. I think she's the prettiest. It's the combination of the eyes the flat nose and lips. She's irresistible! A yahoo search will find some of her movies (full length) to enjoy - example below